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  1. 3 weeks tomorrow now until I get married can't believe how quickly it has come around :-) Nicole - I have booked 3pm for our wedding not sure if that was a bit early though.... x
  2. Hi Marls, I have been sent pricing informaiton if you let me know your email address I will forward on what they have sent to me. They have not given me the prices for the flowers though as it appears they are priced individually so once you have selected the ones you would like they will price them up for you. x
  3. Think the Steakhouse is off the list now. I am down to the Italian and Mexican now drama. x
  4. Hi MJKH, That you for your reply :-) There are 16 of us in the group and we have narrowed it down to the Steakhouse, Italian or Mexican, Just not sure which one had the nicer food? We would love the Japanese but were concerned people are seated in 12, so decided not to go for that one. xx
  5. Hello ladies, I was wondering what restaurant you are all going for? Araceli has sent my all the forms to finalise the last few bits as only a few months to go. Selina x
  6. Hi Foreighnbride, I have booked the holiday with Thomas Cook and then the wedding direct with the hotel. The communication I have had with the hotel has been great. All I've been told we need for documents is our passports. Good luck. Selina
  7. Hello I wondering if anybody has any costings for the presidential suite, cold fireworks costings and DJ? Thank you Selina
  8. Hi Kerry, The dimensions of TC's hand luggage is really small. It works out about the size of a kids trunkie if you have seen one of those. My dress will definately not fit it one, I am in a bit of a panic about putting my dress in the hold but I have tried everything with them but they are not budging :-(. I went to a wedding in Cuba last year and my friend put her dress in the hold and was fine but still a bit scary letting the dress out of your sight. How big is your dress? No not been to Mexico before have you?
  9. Hi Kerry, Who have you booked with? I have booked with Thomas Cook and then won't allow you to take your dress on as hand luggage :-( So if it's not TC maybe worth giving them a call. x
  10. Wow your pictures looking amazing. Glad everything went well :-) Everytime I read the reviews and see the photo's it makes me more exited. xx
  11. Hi Jo I have only been told that we need our passports, tourist cards and blood tests too. I was quite worried about it as TC were saying one thing and the hotel wedding co-ordinators something different. I have decided to go with what the wedding co-ordinators advised me as I have spoken to some other brides and that was all the docs they needed. Selina x
  12. Wow I am quite nervous now about going to GS. I have a lot of females in my party.
  13. I have bookde for 3pm as I had no idea what time was best just hoping there will be a breeze as I have not got a destination wedding dress either. I went to London yesterday and have bought my wedding band just cant wait till I can wear it now. Hope everyones plans are coming on well :-)
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