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  1. We are getting married in exactly two weeks and fly into Mexico on 4/15/12. The countdown is on and I am definitely freaking out. There's so much to do and not enough time. I can't wait to get to the RIU and I will definitely do a review when I get back. This website has definitely helped me and I planned to return the favor!
  2. I ordered my FI's suit and the groomsmen's pants on 02/7/2012 and we got them today!! We ordered everything in the Hawaiian tropical beige. I was alittle leary about the fabric since there is a plaid pattern but he really wanted it. I am so happy that we went with it. The suit fits him perfectly and the plaid is so subtle you hardly notice it. It's also a little softer to the touch than the 99 suits, however, I don't think you could go wrong with any of the fabrics. I was also shocked that it wasn't more wrinkled coming out of the box since they crammed 6 pairs of pants and a suit into a very small box. We ordered our shirts in ivory from islandimporter.com. We couldn't be happier with those as well!
  3. I haven't gotten any information regarding salon prices. I have thought about this a lot in the last week but just don't know who to call. Have you been in contact with anyone from the actual resort? The only person that I've talked to is Ana Hernandez and she works for Riu but doesn't work at the resort. I can't believe how much different the costs are. The information they gave me was for 2011 so I wonder if they are going to say that the 2012 rates are $50 a person?! Either way it's ridiculous. We are making OOT bags. It seems like all of my time lately is devoted to them. I just hope they turn out nice since so much work is being spent on them. As of now, I have travel glasses, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and playing cards. I also got hand sanitizer (if you have a Bath and Body Works near by GO THERE. I went last night and they had the travel hand sanitizers on sale for 75% off so they came out to .37 a piece) and kleenex. We are also doing room key holders and survival kits as well as hangover kits. I am trying to keep the bags around 10.00 a piece so I might be cutting one of the kits out if I need to. I am already 10k over my overall budget so I gotta slow down the spending How about you? Are you making OOT bags?
  4. We are flying in on April 16th and getting married the 19th. Our ceremony is at 4 pm. Our plan Is to have a mariachi band play directly after the ceremony. After that the bridal party will take pics and meet up with everyone around 6:00 for appetizers and cocktail hour. We are having an AHR and paying for a band so I really do not want to pay 1200 for a dj. We are going to bring our iPod and Bose system and just play music ourselves. We are going to use the cocktail hour as the dancing part of the reception. Not the norm but it'll save me money. Who knows maybe this will all change once I actually hear from somebody from the resort. We chose a destination wedding for several reasons. One of them being the cost. Silly us... I'm still excited and happy that we are going to get married there. I've been to the RPRM before and loved it. When are you flying in?
  5. I just reread my post. I meant 3 months away. If it were only 3 wks I would be having a heart attack. @tereandren-- we'll be there at the same time! I can't believe you are having over 50 people and they are still wanting to charge you an additional 50 a person. Ridiculous. Have you heard anything about them charging an extra 10 dollars a person for open bar? I haven't read anything in the info that Riu has given me but I read something that was posted on here a couple of years ago. I'm hoping that it's changed. I agree with you....everyone is paying for all inclusive so we shouldn't be charged extra.
  6. We are getting married at the RPRM on 4/19/12. We are expecting about 35-40 to come and since we are having an AHR we don't want to pay the extra 20 bucks a person for a private dinner. After talking to our videographer we've decided to do the bridal party entrance, first dance, toasts, etc before dinner at our cocktail party. We are also bringing an iPod and a Bose docking system. It won't be the normal wedding schedule but then again we are doing a destination wedding because we didn't want norm. Its less than 3 weeks away and I'm freaking. Sooo much to do! Congrats girls! Can't wait to hear how your planning is going!
  7. Has anyone ordered the Hawaiian linen suits? How do you like them? My FI wants the Hawaiian beige linen and I just don't know how big the pattern is. I don't want it to look like a plaid suit. I didn't think it would be a problem until my FMIL put the idea in my head.
  8. I am getting married there 04/19/2012. I'm nervous/so excited. I'll post a review w/ pics once we get back. Congratulations!
  9. Hi all! We are getting married 04/19/12 at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya and then spending our honeymoon at Secrets Maroma. I sent out the STDs in June and so far my 4 bridesmaids have booked along with 11 other people. Unfortunately, none of them have been from my FI's side. He isn't panicking but I'm starting to. I know we have plenty of time but I would like to know some of his family/friends are coming. I am glad that I started reading this forum because I hadn't even thought about a photographer yet. It has now made it to the top of my list! Can't wait to start planning and to hear about your experiences!
  10. I'm so excited after reading everyone's posts. We just booked our wedding date for April 19, 2012. I was bouncing back and forth between Dreams Tulum and RPRM. As of now I feel like I made the right decision!
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