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  1. Trisha, I love the picture you posted of our Trash the Dress session! I can't wait to see the rest of them!
  2. I'm starting to look at weather forecasts for my wedding date and right now patchy rain is predicted! I know that 12 days is plenty of time for the weather forecast to change but I'm starting to get nervous. Did anyone have less then perfect weather predicted for their wedding day? Did it change? If you had rain, how did it change your plans? Thank you!
  3. Yeemein, what a wonderful video Thank you for sharing! You are such a beautiful bride!
  4. Thanks everyone! I did get an email from Jazmin last night, it was such a relief!
  5. Thanks, Kristen! I've used that email a few times and usually I get a response, not today though : /
  6. Tink, it looks like we have the same problem! Would you please share how you contacted the hotel manager? Thank you!
  7. Did anyone fly out for their wedding without getting replies to their emails from Jazmin? I haven't heard from her in almost 2 weeks and our wedding is in 18 days. I have emailed Paloma regarding this but still no reply from Jazmin. I need answers to several questions in order to complete orders with some of my venders. Did any other ladies have this problem? What did you do?
  8. Did anyone who had a poolside reception have problems with mosquitoes? I'm wondering if I should set out bug spray for our guests
  9. Hi Louise, I have a pdf document with all the spa information that Jazmin gave me. Is it possible to post a pdf here? Or if you PM me with your email I can send it to you
  10. Did anyone get a manicure while they were at the resort? How did it turn out?
  11. J-me, I would love to read a review of The Makeup Pros if you have time to write one! They are doing my hair and makeup for my wedding in August.
  12. I have a question for other Bahia brides. Jazmin said to pick 4 songs for the ceremony, Prelude, Processional, Interlude for the signing, and Recessional. I emailed the pastor and the sample ceremony that he sent me has the signing of the ceremony as the last part of the ceremony. Did you have one song for the signing and then start a new song as you walked back down the aisle? Did anyone pick 3 songs and use the same song for the signing and walking back down the aisle? Thank you!
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