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    I used Ismael for my wedding on 8/23 at the moon palace resort!  He was FABULOUS! I could not tell you how happy I was with the photos!  He is very flexible and will do any types of photos that you want.  He is a great artist!

    I strongly recommend him!! 




    Originally Posted by MrsMom View Post


    Has anyone used Ismael Pacheco before?  He's really reasonably priced but I haven't heard of anyone that has used him.




  2. I'm sorry I must have worded this wrong.  YOu cannot use your credits for decor.  I got all my linens from ebay.

    Originally Posted by DiamondGirl View Post

    Thank You. I didn't know you could use your resort credit for decor! That's great! Now I can request colored linens. I'm going to ask my wedding coordinator first because we all know how they tell everyone something different. What they may have done for you, they may not do for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though :)



  3. You will not be able to use your credits to upgrade the complimentary.  Unfortunately, they will not make any exceptions with this.

    There are MANY other things to use your credits for here.  It all depends on how many days you're staying.

    We stayed 8 nights.  This gave us $300 credits to the spa, which we used all of and then had to pay cash for our couples massage.  My FI and his groomsmen golfed and used their credits.  Many people got the tequila that you can use your credits for.  There are nice creams in the spa that you can buy with your credits.  You can also do many tours.

    DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR ROOM WITH THE CREDITS.  Chances are they will probably do that for you anyway.  

    Some of our guests also did the lobster dinner and liked it.

    I'd advise you to buy a few table runners and or chair sashes.  Buy some decor to put on the tables.  We used our bridesmaids bouquets for the center pieces and it looked great.

    Also be flexible.  We were supposed to have our reception outside on the Tucan Terrace and they moved us to the ballroom.  I was not happy about this at first but my WC said there was a chance of rain.  All of my guests really preferred being in the ballroom because there was AC!

    Everyone had a fabulous time!

    Originally Posted by DiamondGirl View Post

    I'd like the answer to this too because I choose the complimentary. I don't understand why you can apply your resort credit to all other packages and not the complimentary package. I don't care that it's complimentary, some how we're paying for it so it really isn't free. Besides, the complimentary is a package and I feel you should be able to upgrade using your resort credit with all packages.


  4. She will do airfare but it might be cheaper for you to do it on your own.

    Teresa was really nice but be careful and double check everything.  Deanna, Teresa's assistant helped us a lot and made a ton of mistakes.

    First she had my FIs mother and aunt at a different wedding.  Then they booked my friend on nights that NO ONE was going to be there.  She wasn't even going to be there during the wedding and they tried to blame it on me. (Why would I book my friend when I wasn't even going to be there?)  Deanna also never responded to many of my family and friends e-mails. Just call at least once a week to follow up.

    It was all good but just ask for a summary often and double check it.  Also, make sure to remind everyone to get the transfers.


    Originally Posted by Sdamian1 View Post

    I just got Teresa as my travel agent today! So awesome to see other brides have had such a good experience with her so far...I feel much better :) Does she also do airfare or do you have to do that on your own?


    Thanks girls!


  5. Hi Mrs JDH

    I believe he touches them up but I am not 100% sure.  I know that he responds to e-mails very quickly and will help you anyway he can.  He's been great so far!

    Shoot him an e-mail.


    Originally Posted by mrsjdh2b View Post

    Hey rae12vb,

    I looked at his stuff. He does really good work. I made my FI sit down last night and we decided it will more than likely be between him or Octavio Montes. His work is really good and his prices are pretty good to for both prints and digital. Question for you though, have you spoken to Ismael on the digital negatives? Does he to any touch ups or is it just the raw photos that you get on the dvd? That's one question that I wanted answered prior to making our choice. Are you going to do a TTD with him as well?



  6. We picked the complimentary package since you cannot change ANYTHING on the packages.

    There is a lot more flexibility when you do it that way.  


    We are having a AHR.  My future father in law has offered to take care of everything because I felt the same way about money.

    People think that just because we were having a destination wedding it was cheap!

    Our AHR will be on Sept 10th and will just be heavy appetizers all night.   We will have a tent and dancing.  Even though I didn't want it we're excited to celebrate with the 180 people that couldn't come to Mexico!


    Originally Posted by Mellisay123 View Post

    Hi Mrsjdh2b


    Could you send me the lists i will pm my email addy thanks :-)


    I dont like the colours on the other packages but diamond seems to suit me but not sure whether it would be cheaper to do comp then add some if the things i like on!


    Have any of you had pressure to have an at home wedding from Family members? Future MI trying to bribe us with this and doesnt seem to realise its a big day and we have picked mexico because its what we want nothing to do with money or anything else! So annoyed! Ha




  7. Yes, and it seems as though my WC works for both.  The e-mail on the attachment said contact Lily Sanchez at deco cancun.

    But when I contact her she works for Moon Palace.  I just found it interesting. (Unless there are two Lily Sanchez's which is very possible.)

    Originally Posted by coconoir1908 View Post

    Deco Cancun/Xuniga are approved vendors so your WC can handle both.  But you can contact them directly (no vendor fee will be accessed).



  8. Have you looked at Ismael Pacheco's photographs ?  We're using him. He was $1000 and I really liked his photos.  Since he was so cheap I didn't mind paying the $300 for the room.  Now I can use that room for something else I guess.  

    I was going to do the $1500 packages with smile market so it worked out better for me.

    Ismael gives the CD with all of the negatives and is there for 7 hours.  He's done a few weddings there.  They are on his website.

    Originally Posted by mrsjdh2b View Post

    Hi Ladies,


    Send me your email addresses. I have tried to attach the documents to the pm but they aren't opening when I click on them to make sure they are there. I'll just email them to you.


    I went back and looked at the dates. I asked Janina about reserving areas and it was exactly one week later when Lizzie contacted me. So again not a super fast response but a response nonetheless.


    Rae12vb I wonder if the Palace Resorts also owns Deco Cancun or if they are partners or something and maybe that's why Lily is listed as the contact? Or I guess there could be more than one Lily Sanchez? But I do agree it's weird. It would make sense for them to be one of the "allowed" vendors if they were somehow connected. Just like the photography, David Pena does some of the Smile Market photos for the weddings at MP, but he also works for himself. That was one of my questions to Lizzie was if we could "reserve" David through Smile Market or if I could hire him and just have a day pass for him. I'm kinda thinking he might be easier to get into the resort rather than having to pay the $300 vendor fee.


  9. It's nice that they gave this to you.  I wish that I had gotten something like this.  I feel as though I have been up in the air just going from recommendations from on here.  

    What I found ironic was....it said to contact Lily Sanchez from Deco Cancun.  

    That's my WC!  Does she do both?


    Originally Posted by mrsjdh2b View Post

    Well when I asked Janina about it she said she would forward it to the group. I guess I heard from Lizzie a couple of days later. I didn't see her email until yesterday morning and she sent it on Friday. I replied back to her immediately. I got an email back from her today but it was in Spanish and had the name Lucy on it so I don't know if it was a mistake or not. I'm going to give her a few days to respond back and if I don't hear anything I'll respond to the Spanish email and ask her about it.


    She did include the document that has the pictures of all the wedding sites and reception areas. I have attached it so you ladies can start looking.







    Moon Complementaria from resort.pdf

    Private Events MPCancun.pdf

  10. Here's yesterday's drama girls,


    Last week we did the quick switch to the catholic ceremony. ( I know that it's probably our fault for the timing of our last minute switch )


    I e-mailed both Janina and Lily about the switch.  They said it shouldn't be a problem, that the time was still available.  


    In the meantime I have gone to my local parish and set up private pre cana sessions to get all of our paperwork and pre marital work done before we get married.  They have been great and working extremely hard to help us meet all of our requirements.  


    On Sunday night I got an e-mail back from Fr. Benito answering some of my questions.


    YESTERDAY I e-mailed Janina again because I never got the contract for the switch.  She told me that the time might not be available because they haven't heard from Fr. Benito.

    Something is strange!  I called Moon Palace four times, everytime they went to look into it I was disconnected.


    I made all of my programs last week saying that it was going to take place at the Immaculate Conception Chapel.  I AM PRAYING THAT THEY WILL GET BACK TO ME ASAP AND ALL WILL BE GOOD. 


    THe problem with planning a destination wedding is the waiting for everyone via e-mail!!!

  11. Oh no! I won't be able to carry my wedding dress and hang it!

    What did you brides do???


    We are flying jetblue down and american back.



    Carry-on Requirements

    Each customer may bring one bag that fits in the overhead bin plus one personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop, etc.) that fits under the seat in front of you.

    Your personal item must not exceed 17"l (43.2 cm) x 12.5"w (31.8 cm) x 8"h 20.3 cm) in order to fit under the seat in front of you.

    To fit in the overhead bin, your item must not exceed:

    • for our Airbus A320: 26 inches (66 centimeters) length x 18 inches (45.72 centimeters) width x 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) height
    • for our EMBRAER 190: 24 inches (60.96 centimeters) length x 16 inches (40.64 centimeters) width x 10 inches (25.4 centimeters) height

    If you have a medical assistance item, it will not count as a carry-on.

    Closets for hanging garment bags are not available on our aircraft.

    Carry-on baggage is the sole responsibility of the customer and JetBlue will assume no liability for property carried onboard the aircraft.

    For TSA information on carry-ons, click here.

    Bringing more than just carry-on baggage? Be sure to review our Checked Baggage Requirements


  12. Yes but the flowers that line the chapel aisle cannot be moved.  (They aren't calla lilies but some other similar flower.) I was hoping to use them for my reception and she will not allow it.

    Originally Posted by nabreu7 View Post

    You have to pay a set up fee of $65 and they can move your decorations from one spot to the next. So I am using chair sashes, table runners and 2 table top flowers and those are getting moved from the ceremony to the Reception. :o) I am paying $65 twice, which is fine with me bc they are setting up both locations and I'm not having my family/friends doing it for me when they are suppose to be relaxing.




  13. Okay, I"m going back to the questions about the Catholic Ceremony.  I just went and met with my local parish and they asked what diocese the Priest was in.  Does anyone know that?

    If he is and "independent contractor" practicing on his own it will not count for my church.


    I e-mailed the priest and never heard back from him.  Does anyone know his name and or contact info????


    I'm trying to call Janina now too to find the answer.

  14. She just answered me back and told me that I COULD NOT move the flowers from the ceremony to the reception.   Grrrr......

    Does anyone else have Lily?  What do you think of her?

    Originally Posted by Amara3CUS View Post

    Dont worry abot making a switch. even in my meeting with my WC she was offering other packages to me and that was like 4 days before wedding. When I was going to do the same package I was going to have them move the calla lillies from the ceremony to place on my tables for the reception. THey were ok with this. otherwise the calla lillies would only be in your ceremony and there goes $700 worth of flowers just for a n hour. 



  15. Has anyone done the immaculate conception package?  Are you allowed to use all of those Calla Lilies for your reception too?  

    Can you used friends and families "credits" towards your wedding package?

    I am thinking that I should use my grandparents credits since they probably won't use them to upgrade and have the immaculate conception package. 

    This way all of my flowers are included and I don't have to worry about outside vendors for anything but my bridesmaids bouquets.


    I can't believe I"m making this switch with only 16 days until we leave and 20 days until our wedding! Eeeekkk!!!

    Originally Posted by rae12vb View Post

    Shoot! it's JUST too small for me to read.  I think that I can make out your names on the top. :(



  16. I'm using Ismael Pacheco . I liked his pictures and he's VERY reasonable.  He answers all of your questions quickly. He has a website and some brides have used him on here and have reviews.

    Originally Posted by ahenry14 View Post

    Where are yall getting married? we are on the beach playa capilla at 6!  We will have to find each other!!!  I have Karlena and she's great, when I can get her to email me back!! the only thing I have to figure out is photography... seems like all the photographers in Cancun have a 5 hour minimum!  so expensive!


  17. Thanks ! Us too I am going to call the diocese today .  Fingers crossed.  I am sure they'll make it happen we might have to go into NYC for pre cana though.

    Originally Posted by krsmith View Post

    No problem!


    That is true (about it always being rosary beads), but I think in Catholic ceremonies they usually do use them. You do not have to do a Catholic ceremony to have one of course, and in those cases that is usually when they use something else for the Lasso. We will probably end up having my Mom do it as she is the most "Catholic" out of us! Haha! 


    I know! It does add up to get married in the Catholic church! We had to pay for our counseling sessions ($100 each) for Pre Cana, the paperwork to get it all going, the test they have you both take, and then more fees once it is all done so they can "process" it through the arch diocese! DANG!!! Its crazy! 


    Good Luck! I hope you can get it all done and changed at MP! :)



  18. This definitely helps! Thanks!  

    Originally Posted by krsmith View Post

    I'm assumig you are refering to a Catholic ceremony right? This is what it says on our contract. Either way Catholic wedding require Pre Cana no matter where you are. What they have you do usually depends on the parish. For ours we could chose out of 3 options: 1) Attend 7 weekly meetings with other engaged/married couples 2) Attend a weekend "Engaged Encounter" retreat 3) Go to at least 3 counseling sessions with a counselor that they designate. We ended up doing the counseling sessions...



    Documents required for Catholic weddings:   Home address and occupations (bride & groom)   Couples must make arrangements at least six months prior to the date of marriage and meet all sacramental requirements.   The Catholic Church makes certain requests of the bride and groom to help the couple with their spiritual preparation. There is no uniform set of rules for all catholic wedding preparations. Therefore, please check with your local parish priest to find out what your dioceses requires for Catholic weddings.   Once all requirements have been completed, your local church needs to send these documents directly to the following address and send us a copy for our records:   Padre Benito Aguilar Blvd Kukulcan KM 3.5 Zona Hotelera 77500 Cancun Q.Roo (998)8493003 baguilar@palaceresorts.com   Important: The priest has final say on granting official permission for the wedding to move forward after seeing the paperwork. Palace Resorts does not have authority over religious regulations. (NO EXCEPTIONS).   Bride and Groom must arrive in Cancun at least three (3) working days (Monday –Saturday) prior to the wedding ceremony to meet with the wedding coordinator and submit all documents. Bride & Groom must be at the resort by check-in time (3:00 PM) or earlier in order to consider day of arrival.   The above refers to a couple that has never been married previously. Please take with you to the resort your marriage certificate or marriage license. If you have been divorced and your marriage was not officially annulled you cannot marry in the Catholic Church.   Catholic weddings in Mexico are not legally binding. All couples must be civilly married prior to the Catholic ceremony. Please inform your wedding coordinator if you are interested in one of our civil wedding packages. Additional charges may apply.   All weddings will be performed in either Spanish or English.   All documents become the property of the Immaculate Conception Chapel, Quintana Roo, Mexico.   Reservations should be made at least 6 months in advance to guarantee preferred wedding date.   Hope that helps!! :)



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