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  1. Very cool! We'll be there at the same time...getting married three days apart!
  2. Congrats Mrs. Davis!!! Can't wait to see your pictures and read your review!!!
  3. Hi Wedbliss, We're getting married in August also! Don't worry. I don't even have a wedding coordinator yet! I still don't know the locations or ANYTHING. How many guests are you having? When did you send out your invites?
  4. I do have a TA but the flight is not included. Grrrr.....She's flying out of Canada so I'm not sure why it's so different.
  5. My invites are going out today ladies!! I hope that I am not too late. We are sending out 80+ invites and I'm already getting many verbal "we don't have the money" excuses. Looks like it might just be my "immediate family" my FIs family won't fly. UGH I'm getting nervous now!! We wanted a beautiful beach wedding and to avoid all of the family drama we were having here BUT we wanted SOME people to come!!!
  6. My FI's mother wants to book on her own through Moon Palace....NOT through our group. She says it's cheaper and it comes with airfar. She lives in Canada and we live in NY. Can this be true????
  7. Blondy! It looks like you did purple and green! Thats the exact colors we're doing. I hope we can touch base so I can pick your brain! PS the pics look great! We are also using LaLuna.
  8. Mocha! Thank you so much for sharing!!! YOu're day looked like a fairy tale!! Also, thank you so much for being such a big part of this thread even AFTER your wedding! It really helps us bride to be s!!!!!
  9. Mocha , did you write a review yet? I can't wait to see and hear all about your wedding.
  10. Some of the sites have preserved flowers....they look so much better than the silk. Do you think it's okay to travel into mexico with them?
  11. Did anyone get travel insurance because they booked their destination wedding during hurricane season? We are getting married in August and someone suggested it. If you got insurance how much was it and who did you get it through?
  12. Also, Do you know if we can bring "preserved flowers" to mexico??
  13. Isn't it true that if you book $75+ nights you get the private party for FREE???
  14. If you click my name it will have a link to PM. I can't wait to see!
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