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  1. I hope u had a beautiful day. Can't wait to see ur review.
  2. That is so great to know. I'm glad u had a great time.
  3. Did u ever get the checklist? We could use one too.
  4. Everything looks great, u did a wonderful job. ur guest r going to love it.
  5. Ur teaser pics were great, it looks like u guys had a beautiful day
  6. That's good to know my brother and his FI r using the steel band for cocktail hr as well.
  7. Thank u so much for posting the map, it is going to be very useful
  8. Bree, Love ur planning journal. Did u ever start the blog that u had mentioned awhile back? If so what's the address. can u tell me how many yards of the colored fabric u used for the chuppha. Thanks -Cammi