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  1. we gave 20 bucks to each server/bar tender.... you'll have to ask someone in the family to do it. not sure that the wedding coord feel comfortable carrying your money around all night. we gave 50 to the DJ... 15 to each of the dominican trio members, and 20 to the violinist... hope that helps! I also gave 50 to Sarah and 50 to Andrea (Romance) because they did such an amazing job the day of! (All of the waitstaff and romance tips were last minute- we were not planning on it, but they were SO AWESOME, my husband walked around with a wad and handed out cash after the last dance!) Chelle
  2. also, - if you are on a budget- bring stuff from the dollar store for your decor! We can get stuff so much cheaper than they can down there. stick to basic flowers and bring items to decorate with that travel well. lanterns, paper goods, material, picture frames, etc... chelle
  3. Hi NeveWhite, the pricing at PPR was confusing to me, and it was somewhat late in the planning process when i learned i'd have to pay extra for things i assumed would be included. i was so happy in the end with how things turned out, i do feel like it was worth every penny, but leading up to the wedding, it really stressed me out. PPR is BY FAR the nicest hotel i've stayed, so i think you should stay! a few notes.... - if you pay with CC, they will charge you 3%. Make sure you send a check ahead of time so it makes it there in time. - tax in Dominican Republic is high. everywhere. alcohol is 26%. everything else should be 16%! Make sure you read it correctly. - The Romance department told us we did not have to tip the wait staff because they are paid on salary, so you can save tip money there if you choose... (we werent planning on it, but they were so great, that we tipped all of the waitstaff at the end of the reception anyway) I was most confused about what costs what and what is included and what is not. if you ever have questions- send me a message- i'll answer as best i can! chelle
  4. Thanks! Wow! 55 that's AWESOME. we had 42 and it was AMAZING! I loved every second. email me at mhagmaye@hotmail.com- it's quicker to get back to you! The veil blew around, but it was cool for some of the pictures. i wore it for the ceremony, then took it off for pictures and wore a flower instead. There was no question for me... my sister was married in a Catholic church with that veil - and all of my 4 sisters are going to wear it to their weddings. beach or church!! i couldn't find a way around the extra guests... i paid per person for them. what package are you doing?
  5. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150435254135079.351693.192807220078&type=3 I'm not sure if this link will work, but i got married on 11/18/11 at PPR. I brought my own photographer, and if you "like" him (RHM Photography - Cape May NJ) you can see my pics. Look for his album December 19, 2011!! Michelle
  6. Micheleann, We did a booze cruise the night before, and it was one of the highlights of our wedding weekend! We all met at the beach for a rehearsal walk through of the ceremony at 330, and by the time we were finished there, the guests met at the lobby bar for a quick drink before the bus came to get us at 4:30. We were sailing by 5, and back by 8. We paid ~$50-55 per person for the booze cruise, for open bar beer and vodka, and rum. We had light snacks - fruit, chips and salsa, on the boat, and then had dinner reservations back at the hotel for 9pm (set menu with 3 options for dinner - for free). I brought my ipod, and everyone drank and danced. I have some contacts of excursion companies outside the hotel if you would like, But i heard the company the hotel uses, La Barcaza is very professional. I wanted to use them but the wedding coordinator did not reserve the boat in time, and they were not available. message me if you have more questions! Michelle
  7. Thanks Kari! Do you have any pics of your wedding posted anywhere!? I'd love to see!!!
  8. Hi Miss sunshine! Thanks for the info. Can i have your POC for make-up? How did you find her? Did you have any photos of her work?! Thanks! Michelle
  9. Lesee- I'm trying to figure out where to get my hair done... I'm at PRR in Nov- and seriously considering the resort spa.... Who should i NOT go to?? THANKS!
  10. Thanks Kari- Sorry it took me so long to write back. It's been a drama filled week. Invites on the way to print with a travel agent and package info- AND i see this crazy cheap deal online, and had to email everyone and let them know to book, change my invite, cancel contracts UGH!!! Crazy- but worth it. saved a bunch of money. and it's over now. So i want the beach for the ceremony. i know ppl will be able to see, but i figured it is roped off or something... or at least not like IN THE MIDDLE of the layout beach?!? is it?? tell me the truth. haha Where do they do the ceremonies.. i have a map- if you call out a landmark of what it's near... Did you see the beach ceremony? Was there like people laying out right next to the alter? I'm worried i should change it.... The Olympus Terrace looks good for the reception... i wont have to pay for a dance floor and it is private with a nice view...but i dont have a good idea for comparing flamingo foyer or apollo foyer... it's so hard to know. It's so overwhelming to choose when you havent seen it!! i just have to go down and do a long weekend! I was going to do the fantasy with the carribean BBQ.. i dont think i want a sit down.. i have a dancing crowd.. drinkers.. we dont want to sit!! I really have all the details to figure out! I will keep all of your recommendations in mind as i start with the next stage! Thanks so much!!! We're staying in the Reserve. All our family is- i was debating whether it was better to do Royal service in the regular section or get the upgrade in reserve... we're doing a 3wk honeymoon after, so i may want to spend the time over in the reserve with the fam and friends! I want to go off site for hair and makeup. i'm having a bridal party, so i want to keep the costs down for our primping . I heard the malls may have some salons. i need to do that research too! I am flying my own photographer down. Did you do a videographer? I still need that too! Thanks Kari! I appreciate all your help! Michelle
  11. Avong1228- - I've been working with Teresa. teresa.calcos@paradisuspalmareal.com She is very helpful. Her son actually got married at PRR recently- so she has a lot of insight! - I can send pricing and pictures of the locations to you. i also have recommendations on travel agents...shoot me an email. i sent you a private message Michelle
  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH kmhg!!! Where was your reception/cocktail?! I wanted Gabi, but when i first booked i thought it would be too much $$... at this point- once you add in all the upgrades, i am probly spending enough that i should just book there!! i only have 60 ppl at the most tho- so it may be too big. I'm not going to be able to travel down ahead of time to check the place out.. based on what you know... where is the best place for ceremony? cocktail? reception? I want my ceremony on the beach- hopefully without people all around! Then i want a short walk for cocktail at sunset... and i was aiming for a hard floor outside location so i didnt have to pay for a dancefloor on the beach... but i'm not sure that's the best choice- given this privacy thing... All i have gone off is pics online, and you just can't tell!!! This is "Naos Beach" https://picasaweb.google.com/romanceatparadisuspalmareal/LocationsAtParadisusPalmaReal#5512480273525168802 Does Naos = Gabi?! The pics of Olympus make it look private. i'm bummed! https://picasaweb.google.com/romanceatparadisuspalmareal/LocationsAtParadisusPalmaReal#5447951346393211650 I'll def do the 350 lanterns. it makes me sick - but they look awesome! I will def ask my travel agent about the upgrade to the Reserve.. i didn't realize how separated it was!
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