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  1. Hi Everyone! Im getting married in less than 2 weeks! April 17th, 2012. I will write a review etc when I get back. However - quick question... for anyone who has had a private reception already in the Bamboo room - I just found out that there is not a private bar included. It is an additional 350 bucks to have one in the room. Just wondering what the speed of people getting drinks was (as the waiters apparently run and grab them from the Carnival Buffet) - and if it is worth it to get the private bar vs not. Any help would be appreciated! Jill
  2. Hi! I sent Pilar a picture of a couple of options i wanted and she responded with a quote. Im paying 50 dollars extra and am getting different color purple roses, white roses and the purple/white Calla Lilys. I would go that route - just send her a picture of what you want and she will give you a quote from the Florist!
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions on the appetizers?? Im struggling with what to choose! I have the divine pkg. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi Can you let me know who you used for the Justice of the peace? Im trying to find one to do exactly what you described below and am not sure where to look (Im in Calgary). Thanks!
  5. Hi! Im getting married on April 17th... and right now I have the ceremony scheduled for 530pm, the cocktail at 6pm and the reception at 7pm (ish...) Was also looking for some feedback on timelines for April! Im doing the pergola, the blue beach bar and then I have the bamboo room for the reception. I originally wanted the terrace but accidentally booked the wrong place and now can't change. However - Im thinking the air conditioning after people being outside all day would be welcoming. I have approx 30 people right now coming.
  6. Im also really excited to hear all about it! That list sounds very handy
  7. Does anyone know what the vegetarian options are? I don't eat much meat or fish and am struggling with the menu choices quite a bit....
  8. I totally agree! I looked first off and they looked 'fine', but then with each additional set I looked at they were all identical and definitely not creative. I have checked out Sacha and another photographer who seemed reasonable. Pilar told me it would be an additional 900 bucks anyway to use the resort photographers and get more than just what the package included - so I feel like its worth it to spend more and get something I really like. Thanks!
  9. Hi All I have Pilar as my WC as well and she told me the same thing - it was just a day pass for the photographer. Ive been looking around to see what is in my budget for photos etc vs using the resort photographers. Its quite expensive from what I have found so far - but am struggling with what to do since pics are pretty much the only thing Im really concerned about. It sounds like most people aren't using the resort photographers. Any particular reason why? I checked out their work - it looks ok but it definitely didn't blow me away
  10. Hi All Just out of curiosity - has anyone ever done just a cocktail reception instead of having the traditional sit down dinner? I think perhaps this might be an option just to keep things casual and fun - get everyone intermingling... not sure if anyone has done this before and how that would work with the wedding packages in lieu of the plated dinner...?
  11. So turns out the bamboo room is inside only - and this terrace is a completely separate location (yet somewhat attached). I am not able to have my reception outside there... apparently its not available. Im bummed - this is what happens when you have no idea what you are booking! I didnt specify the terrace, I said Bamboo room - yet I thought the terrace being attached was the same thing. Not so... so now I have to find a new location for my reception. Has anyone used Castaways? Pilar sent me some pics - it looks ok - but still quite a large room. I dont think I will have that many people (25-30 maybe... max...) so I dont want a huge room that we aren't really using. I also don't want to be in the 'garden' where it looks like the entire resort looks into that area, and people walk the paths through there. Doesn't feel quite as private as I would like. I originally thought having a beach reception would be great, but then had visions of people trying to eat with sand blowing in their food. Does anyone have any suggestions? Im a bit lost... Thanks!
  12. Hi Ladies Just out of curiosity - can someone tell me what the 'festival terrace' is? I am getting married at the Pergola, and have the cocktail at the blue bar (its underneath right?) and then I thought I booked the terrace or bamboo room for the reception. I can't remember - but I wanted to be outside. I thought the terrace was outside of the bamboo room? Or how does this work? Thanks!
  13. I can email you the document if you want - Pilar sent it to me after I asked for it. I think its only possible for 50+ people.
  14. Hey All Just put my deposit down for April 17th, 2012. Haven't even started thinking about much yet (although I did indicate the middle pkg) - but depending on how many people end up coming might switch it up. Just curious how flexible they are around the food. I looked at the menu options that were sent to me - and to be honest - nothing really looked great. Im a pretty picky eater and dont eat much seafood or meat and am just hoping that they will be able to accomodate outside of what was presented to me for menu options. Again - not sure what we are going to be doing with dinner yet (will depend on #'s) - but just wondering what everyone else's experience was like? Thanks!
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