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  1. Sorry Everyone- They are $55.00 dollars for 60 of them not $65.00 for 65 of them. pm me if interested. Thanks!
  2. Iv got 65 Clear Rigid Luggage tags available for sale. They came out amazing, for my pre- departure package to my guests. They are perfect! They are frosted on one side and clear on the other for contact info and name. I used a credit card size card to fit inside them and personalize them. Ribbon or any other fabric can be used to tie the end of the tag to luggage to make it go with your colour scheme. Everyone I have shown has fallen in love with them, and I am sure will too! I would like to sell all 65 to one buyer if possible. They are a dollar each, plus shipping if you are outside of Toronto, canada. - Shipping ranges between 10- 30 dollars depending on the distance. I will check with canada post for your exact shipping rate if seriously interested.
  3. Thank you so much Traci7642 for that info! This is super helpful!! im gona check out that link right away!!
  4. I have just recieved my order for clear luggage tags, and they are fabulous! I ordered too many, as they came in a larger quantity then needed. I have up to 65 extra and would be willing to sell all to one person or smaller amounts (depending on need). They are perfect, because you can customize them with a business card size insert and add different details as I have seen on this website. Other brides here did an incredible job creating these and I wanted to make them after seeing how well they came out for others. They come with a clear insert to protect the card insert and are clear on both sides, with one side a little frosted. I am willing to sell them for about a dollar a piece, but with a minimum of 30 pieces per order. 30 luggage tags for 33.00 all 65 luggage tags for 66.00 I am really glad I got them, and I know you would love them too! Shipping is extra, I am in Toronto, Canada but can ship anywhere. I will make sure to keep the shipping costs as low as possible and can ship in various methods wanted. I have paypal, so that would be your best payment option.
  5. Hi! Looks like you had a lot of fun, and congrats on your wedding!!! I am going down to the mayan in a month for mine, and have nothing done.... so im loving the fact that you have these things for sale to save a few trips to various stores! I am in Toronto, canada and wanted to know if you could ship to me. If you can I would love to purchase the following 2ft. Rhinestone looking bouquet wrap/ribbon. Used only 1 ft for my bouquet. Looked awesome. $5 30-individual TYLENOL pits. (2 pills per packet) doesn't expire 3/14. $10 70- Clear bags. 8x6 in. Seals and folds on the 8 in side. Goes with labels. $4 for all 1-"BRIDE" robe. One size fits all. Perfect condition. Comes with long matching camisole (didn't even wear that part) nice because it was light and cool. $20 1- fujiFilm Instax 210 Polaroid camera. Black and used for our photo guest book. This was a huge hit! The hotel lost the box but I have the magnifying thing that came with it (didn't use that part). It also has some left over film in it. So comes withs a few pictures! Paid $60 plus ship. $40 Thanks so much, D
  6. This is the cutest idea! I would absolutely love to have a copy of this template, but I have 2 months till the wedding, and Just started looking around on this site, after knowing about it for way to long. If i could get a copy emailed to me I would be very greatful! fortheloveofshoes@live.ca
  7. Hi there, have you ordered these yet? I'm in toronto and I would totally wana include this. I would probibly get anywhere between 15- 25 white ones depending on whats available. leme know
  8. Hi J-me! Congrats on the upcoming wedding! its sooo stressful to make a decision. I am planning a Jan 2012 wedding in mayan riviera and saw that you took a look at the grad velas- how was it? im loving what i see online, but would love to hear your first hand thoughts. Any info would be so apprecaited. My TA is telling me to go with ocean coral and turquesa, however im not seeing such amazing things about that resort. If anyone has any info on it i would love to hear it! Thanks in advance for any help
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