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  1. We did the plated dinner the main was chicken or beef. Our guests raved about the food. I don't think people were expecting good food since they were feeding so many and it wasn't near a kitchen. I had chicken and completely enjoyed it. The one thing I would have done is when I gave them the seating chart add which person wanted what instead of just numbers of beef and chicken. We didn't have a cocktail hour we were given a credit. In the end they didn't put the credit on paper but they gave us way more in add ons. We had 4 children and some adults that they didn't charge us for, they didn't charge us to rent vases and other decorations and included the extra hour for the bar, there may have been even more. In the end we were under what we had budgeted for based on previous pricing. Hope this helps
  2. ok so I'm finallygetting around to writing my review...if there is one thing I would do differently it would be to not worry about Gina getting back to me. They are crazy busy and extremely good at what they do.We couldn't have imagined it or planned it better, there wasn't a single hitch. We got there on Saturday our wedding was Wednesday.Our room was automatically upgraded, it ws beautiful!! We met with Gina on Monday she had a file with everything we had discussed. She asked to clarify anything we hadn't thought of or things she wasn't clear on. She was thorough and completely on the ball. At that time we gave her our chair bows, knapkins and center pieces. We are fairly easy going so anything that may not have worked we told her to do what she thought was best, they are the experts and we aren't overly creative, artsy people. We were concerned about the DJ, we met with Mauricio on Tuesday. He was friendly, professional and went through the entire reception for what we wanted, didn't want etc. We also went to the spa for our included treatments, they gave us a couples massage that was excellent. The day of I went to get my hair and make up done at 12pm, she did a great job! It was raining in the morning but it cleared up by the time my hair was done. My husband and his son were swimming until just before 2pm. Anel met them in their room at 230pm for photos before coming to my room. The ceremony at the Gazebo was amazing, our daughters danced down the aisle so they caused more people to watch. The person doing to the music for the ceremony had great pre ceremony music and faded the music at all the right times. Our ceremony was 330-4pm. Our bouquets were gorgeous. Originally I had asked for calla lillies but they are out of season so Gina suggested alcatraz, which look like calla lillies to me. The bouquets and table arrangements were exactly like the pictures I had emailed her. Anel was efficient, friendly and professional with our photos, I'll rave about her after. The mariachi band played from 430-530pm at the Barracuda bar while we took photos. We didn't have a cocktail hour. They were a huge hit with out guests. Anel asked if we had any other photos we wanted taken before she left to download them before the reception. She came back at about 545pm for the reception. We had our reception on the pool terrace. It waws like our own private party. Thre is a sheet that comes out every day with the next days activities. It had said there was going to be a Mexican buffet on the pool deck the night of our wedding. When I asked Gina about she said they move it into the buffet if there is wedding, so nothing to worry about. , better than I described to them. The tables were set up beautifully We had multiple guests comment on how glad they were that we had our reception there instead of on the pool deck or beach. It had been windy all week but our night was perfect. They gave us the light up dance floor, our colour was blue and the dance floor matched when we got there. The only negative was the dance floor is squares so it was raised on some of the edges which made it difficult to do our dance, we took dance lessons. It was still great for regular dancing. We had a sit down dinner, the food was excellent everyone raved about how good it was. The staff was unbelievable. I definitely had my concerns about the DJ, Mauricio was awesome!! He put on a song that cleared the dance floor so he immediately mixed it with another song and got everyone up again. Everyone danced non-stop and we had added an extra hour on to our reception, we should've added two. The wait staff, Anel, Mauricio they were all amazing. I can't say enough positive things about them. The next day we met Anel at 1030am for our trash the dress. Originally we weren't that into it but we had fun doing it and the pictures are amazing. Anel was busy when we went back to look at our photos. The man that was there tried to upsell us to buy our extra photos, when Anel came back she was great to deal with. She was always happy and friendly. There were so many great photos it was hard to choose only 250 of them. Our dvd was just emailed and our photo book should be here in a month or so. I almost forgot we gave OOT bags, people loved them. It was great to see them around on the beach so you knew where the group was. We liked that the resort was small enough that we could always run into people. All the staff at Dreams were fantastic. We went to the Excellence resort after, there was no comparison. At Dreams we felt like royalty, even though there were so many weddings we felt completely special. I won't go on about Excellence but I would go to dreams over Excellence any day. I'm sure I've missed stuff so send me your questions. Like I mentioned at the beginning don't spend time worrying about the WC getting back to you, these people are amazing at what they do!!!!! It's been a bit hectic coming back a week before Christmas since we weren't organized before we left but well worth it. Relax, enjoy we had lots of people say it was by far the best wedding and the best way to have a wedding. Happy planning!!!!
  3. We just got back from our wedding/ honeymoon. I'll write a more thorough review in the next day or two. It was amazing!!!! Better than we could've imagined. Anything we worried about wasn't worth it. There wasn't a single thing I would change. The staff were fantastic!! Ill try get my review done quick
  4. They may not have replaced Ana yet, maybe that's what the delay is. I spoke to the manager yesterday she has emailed me 3 times clarifying things. We meet them Sunday morning!!!!
  5. just find a picture of what you like and they will make it work. We don't have any bouquets or table arrangements from their options. They were really great, they told us which flowers were very expensive at this time and suggested reasonable, pretty alternatives.
  6. We leave tomorrow!!!! I haven't heard from Gina in 2 weeks which I think is odd, although most things are sorted out. They included my ceremony music, the light up dance in the DJ price. They gave us our cocktaill credit which is more than the few extra dinners we need. I found lots of people said they were going to come but when push came to shove and it was time to pay numerous people didn't pay. I don't mind paying the extra since you have your own staff and a different meal. We figured people are spending lots of money and taking vacation time to come to our wedding as well. Just our thoughts... We are gone for two weeks but I'll write a review when I come back as a Mrs
  7. We leave a week tomorrow and Gina still hasn't replied to me...anyone heard from them? I still haven't heard the end of our DJ dispute, so far they've offered the light up dance floor for free except that they already said we could have a dance floor if it was available. I've been completely happy with their service apart from the DJ issue and now only one week to go and no answers........
  8. I haven't heard from Gina as quickly as usual either, maybe they are extra busy. Let's hope since we have two weeks to go!!!!!!
  9. I forgot to add that we didn't book that early, we booked at the end of May for December.
  10. We are paying $48 per person I believe but we aren't doing the cocktail hour. They gave us a credit for the cocktail hour. I think we picked from the Ulitmate menu.
  11. We had a couple of guests book at the wrong resort. Dreams is at full capacity 4 of our 7 day stay...after a little panic since the reservation department was closed yesterday. They were awesome!! They accommodated all 4 of our misplaced guests by adding them into other rooms. We told them all they owe us a drink
  12. Anel drercphoto@vallarta-adventures.com Gina organized it with her but I emailed her directly with some questions, she was fantastic. I can let you know when we come back how she is but her reviews are great!
  13. So I got a final No to my my DJ, they offered me the light up dance floor included. I told Gina I wasn't happy and that wasn't good enough. I asked her if I needed to talk to Yasmina so we will see what happens...the on going DJ saga. It's been so great and easy up until the DJ issue.
  14. For anyone who has already had their wedding did you tip extra? I know our 15% on top of everything is adding up quickly, we are at over $800 just in service tips. Thanks for your help
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