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  1. We registered at the Bay and I hated the process. They discontinue items far too frequently and you have to really stay on top of keeping your registry up-to-date. But the nice thing is the discount card that you get. If you want to buy (almost) anything at the Bay, first go put it on your registry, then buy it and get an extra 10% off. We got a really nice food processor that was on sale for 50% off, plus the 10% off from the registry. Afterwards I discovered the Bed, Bath and Beyond Registry. You can register online and it's really easy. The only problem is that there aren't nearly as many stores as there are for The Bay, Sears, etc.
  2. Anel has also been hit and miss for me. I have a few big questions that are outstanding, especially regarding the photographer. Since I leave on Sunday, I've decided that I will just wait it out and talk about it once we're there. My general feeling right now is, "everything will work out in the end"
  3. I was checking online for these a couple weeks ago. David's Bridal seems to have a good variety and good prices. Otherwise I'd check some other bridal stores in the area. Department stores in Canada are a bust (sorry for the pun). In the end I decided to skip it. I have cups sewn into my dress and I think it will be good enough because I'm not very busty. I was more interested in the waist cinching aspect.
  4. Hey, I didn't even know this thread existed until today! So far we all are getting married in January. Exciting! Congratulations amjohnson because you've already been married for a day!! Hurray!
  5. Okay, so I know I keep posting about the same thing, but I found the Tide sink packs for even cheaper today! They are at Rexall for $1.49 a pack (which includes 3 little packages of Tide). I also got nail polish remover wipes from Rexall - $1.49 for a pack of ten wipes. I was pretty sure the price on the shelf was $2.99, so I think they were 50% off for a Boxing Week sale. Rexall also had some decent-looking travel sewing kits for $1.99 each and some first aid kits in the travel section for about $2.99 each. Anyone know the best place to buy sunscreen? So far I've checked Wal Mart, Superstore and Rexall. It's always averaging about $9.99 a bottle (I guess this is the problem with buying sunscreen out of season). It's less than 2 weeks until I leave, so I'm getting down to the wire!
  6. I'm pretty excited about my latest find from Costco - a set of 24 LED candles (12 votives and 12 tea lights) for about $24 (I can't remember the exact price) and they include batteries!!!! I was having the hardest time finding cheap LED candles that included batteries, so I was thrilled to find this nice set from Costco.
  7. Superstore also has SPF lip balm for pretty cheap. I think I paid 1.99 for packs of 3. Yesterday they also had some 60mL tubes of St Yves lotion for $1 each.
  8. I ordered my bridesmaid dresses from www.musebridalwear.com They are similar to the Henkaa dresses, but I found there were more colour and fabric options. There are also a lot more style options and they are able to do more customization at a lower cost than Henkaa. The matching tube is also included in the price.
  9. Gorgeous pictures! This definitely puts my mind at ease about using the resort photographer. So thank you for that! Also, I LOVE your flowers. Are they purple roses with cala lilies? Or are the purple ones something else?
  10. I saw this photo a while ago (seashellsinbloom.com), and thought it was beautiful. My floral package includes my bouquet, but the price for bridesmaid bouquets was out of this world! This picture inspired me to attempt to make similar bouquets on my own for my bridesmaids. Now, here are some pictures of the flowers I made. I still have to make them into the actual bouquets and get the ribbon for the stems, but you get the idea. I'm pretty excited about them, but I hope we don'y have any problems transporting them!
  11. @82turtles Thanks for all the information and tips! I hope you have a wonderful time, and congratulations!! I can't wait to hear about it when you return!
  12. How about some water guns, beach balls and/or frisbees? Depending on the kids, you could also try some activity books with word finds, puzzles, etc. Superstore sometimes has their card games (e.g., scrabble slam, monopoly deal, etc) on sale for like $3.00. Do you think the kids would be interested in those? All the kids coming to my wedding will be under 3, so we're just sticking with good old sand toys... but 11, 9 and 8-year-olds might not be too old for sand-castle-building materials....
  13. I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the food at Now Sapphire. My fiance is a foodie, and he will be disappointed, but we're past the point of no return now. Azul Sensatori was #2 on my list when I was deciding, but I had a lot of trouble letting go of my attachment to AM Resorts. Do you have any other comments about Now Sapphire? Can you describe what was bad about the food?
  14. My fiance got his suit last night! It looks good, fits well, and he says it feels nice! Maybe I'll try to get him to put it on again so I can take a picture to post.
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