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  1. I did and I think it was worth it. I don't think the make-up they use is mac but I personally liked my make-up. It was more dramatic then I could ever do on my own which is good for your pictures.
  2. I agree too, I think the rooms were great, very clean and roomy. I don't think there is bad room to get at Dreams, they all have either a view of the ocean or they overlook the dolphins. I guess they are simple but I wonder what people are expecting the rooms to have that would make them better? You're in Mexico, who spends a ton of time in their room is what I'd like to know! haha
  3. Thank you so much! I just wanted to say I didn't have any issues with bugs either and I would highly recommend Himitsu beach for your reception; it is smaller and more intimate and it is sheltered from the wind unlike the other beach. At Himitsu your reception will be quite close to the restaurant and just a few steps from the walking path so your grandma won't have to walk far at all. The beach is also close to the pyramid so if your guests are staying in that part of the hotel,they won't have far to go.
  4. Yes I got my hair and my make-up done at the spa and so did all of my bridesmaids. I don't remember the lady's name that did my hair but I personally thought they all did a great job (I think there is only 3 of them that work in there anyways). I did book a trial hair appointment two days before the wedding so that took some of the anxiety away too; I would suggest doing that. I would also bring a picture of what you have in mind so they have something to reference and because their english is not that great. I would also watch your timing- My appointment was at 1 and my ceremony was at 4; however I was supposed to be ready to go at 3:30 and I definately was not! My hair took probably an hour and a bit for them to do and then make-up was probably 30-40 mins. I would have liked to have time to get back to my room and have a glass of champagne with my bridesmaids and just chill for a few minutes but I was a bit rushed. My photographer was waiting for me at my room when I got there and so it was a rush to take pictures of me getting ready and get my dress on, etc. So my advice is to give yourself plenty of time; they sprayed the crap out of my hair so it definately wasn't going to fall out lol! And its nice just to have time to soak in the moment, make adjustments, have a drink!!
  5. I don't have my pictures from my photographer yet but here are a few that you can see my flowers- they were beautiful and the ones on the gazebo, I was able to use for the reception too
  6. Sasha I'm so sorry somethings didn't turn out the way you wanted. I wish I could have seen your wedding or at least organized a way to meet you haha!
  7. We got back last week and I want to go back sooooooooooo bad!!! I'm so sad it's over My wedding was absolutely perfect and pretty much everything far exceeded my expectations. I will write a review soon when I get caught up with work and what not and I will make sure to help answer any questions Its such a beautiful resort ladies- I think we all picked the best spot in Cancun to get married! Besides the wedding, the resort and its staff is absolutely fantastic. I've never felt a need to go back to any resort but I really would love to go back to Dreams next year.
  8. Can someone tell me if I have to contact Claudia once I arrive at the resort or will she know to contact me? Also,non-wedding question, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if club promoters came to Dreams at all? Last time I was in Cancun people from the bars came to the resort selling wrist bands that would give you admittance and free drinks once you were at the bar- I think it was like $45 Not sure if they go to all of the resorts down the strip or not but it sure made it easy!
  9. My wedding is less than two weeks away and Claudia hasn't contacted me or has gotten any faster at answering my emails. I'm just hoping it will all work out when I get there, its hard not to get a little annoyed with the lack of communication if I'm being perfectly honest. I've pretty much planned everything based on the feedback from all the brides on this site.
  10. I know its so close! I'm having nightmares every night now, so weird, I didn't think I was stressed but maybe I am haha! I keep having dreams that I forget my wedding band, my dress, I miss my flight... good grief!! Anyways, I have a question for anyone who got their hair done at the spa. When should I schedule my appointment on the wedding day?? My ceremony starts at 4 and I feel so clueless about this. I don't really know how the day will unfold and I dont want to be rushed but I also dont want to have my hair done too early and then it fall out by the time of the ceremony. I guess I'm just curious as to what other brides did on their wedding day? When I've been apart of wedding parties in the past they have been so casual so I just don't know what to expect... Also if anyone has the spa email address could you post it please? I remember seeing it a while ago but can't remember if it was on here or not Thanks so much!
  11. I'm next!! We leave in 19 days, our wedding is on the 22nd!!! So so so excited! I have read so many great reviews not only from past brides on here but also from other travel sites so I'm sure everything will work out fine. I was slightly annoyed with that new terrace policy as well- regardless of where our guests are staying, we should be allowed to use that location; I have 60 guests coming with me so I know I have brought in alot of money for the resort. I think they should consider that before they piss off anymore brides!! But regardless of the location, we'll be in Cancun with all the people that are important to us so really how could it be anything but awesome!!? Even if it rains on my wedding day I'm going to appreciate every moment
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