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  1. Those look great! I love pearls. I wish I had any kind of hand at jewelry-making.... I tried a few times, but I'm just awful at handling tiny pliers and whatnot.
  2. I had a small glass button from my grandfather´s suit jacket sewn into the inside hem of my gown, way at the bottom where it blended right in. I loved the idea that only I (and people I had told) knew it was there.
  3. Spain is really exciting. I´d like to take a minute to gush about my own wedding in case any future brides are considering getting married in Spain - DO IT! Ours was in Granada. We used a wedding planner (AWOL Granada http://awolgranada.com/) which turned out to be a lifesaver, especially given all the complications of an overseas wedding and bringing 81 guests. Everything was so beautiful! The Alhambra looming in the background behind the altar, and afterwards we went hiking in the Alpujarras and sea kayaking. Time of my life! My husband wants to go back as soon as we can afford it again...
  4. Congratulations! Nerja is beautiful!
  5. We got married in Granada, Spain, and I personally think that the Andalucian area really has something for everyone. Majestic mountains (hiking and skiing) - but in an hour's drive there's the beach with the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Excellent food (tapas of all kinds!) and don't forget all the beautiful historic buildings/monuments: the Alhambra, all the Islamic arches and cathedrals...it's a great place for lovers of history and a sense of adventure.
  6. Such an important one! I wanted to get married in August, but since we were getting married and honeymooning in southern Spain we were told it would be BRUTALLY HOT if we did that. So glad we listened! We had a perfectly lovely time (and temperature) in March!
  7. HAHA love these! #23 rings especially true for me.... pretty sure I sleepwalk like a zombie to hit the sleep button on the alarm clock, 'cause I never remember it afterwards - I just wonder why my alarm never went off!
  8. These are such great tips... I'll have to pass them along to my sister-in-law, who's getting married next spring! We got married in Spain in March of this year, and we had to cut back on a few things to afford the costs of flying to the destination itself.
  9. FI and I got married this year, but since we´re both in our thirties and have had eight years of¨dating/engagement/"just us" time, we're TTC ASAP! Thanks for all the great information! And good luck to everyone trying!
  10. Southern Spain is beautiful! I'd highly recommend it. Lots of things to do outdoors if you're so inclined, and plenty of ancient architecture and ruins for the history buffs out there. Just had a stunning time there myself!
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