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  1. We designed this ring as a one of a kind piece with an amazing jeweler. He said it was a difficult piece to make, because the three eternity bands actually swivel freely around the big base band. We are in love with it!
  2. Wow noelles...these are amazing! Can I ask how long and how much they cost? Amazing...
  3. That is so crazy!! I am still learning how to post on this forum...a little overwhelming but I plan to dedicate more time to investigate! Where are you getting married??!!
  4. Beautiful set ups! (and I am already a fan of your page I will definitely be in touch....what is your thoughts on how far in advance I should start to plan the space design? Thanks!
  5. llcampbell- Those were also my two final pics! I went back and forth for what seemed like forever. I scoured for info on Zoetry and it was so so hard to find,. I would love to hear your thoughts after you visit! We didn't have time to do a site visit, so we did our best! I am in the process of planning at Ceiba so haven't had my event yet, but here is what I gathered from my pre-planning experience. Zoetry was amazing to me for the ultra-all inclusive feature. The catamaran ride, private transfer etc... however when I researched extensively it seems that the boat ride is always booked that many times people can't take advantage of it, and the private transfer really means (for group wedding events) no stops at other resorts (not private car ride for two people- with the exception of the bride and groom- IF you book a particular wedding package). While Zoetry seemed they would work with us in terms of customizing the wedding, they also were EXTREMELY slow (took about 2 months to get everything figured out.) To be fair, I customized some stuff on the contract and the coordinator was really working with me (she was slow but very cool), but prior to any customization of the contract it took about 1 month for a response and then any question I had thereafter seemed to tack on weeks at a time. While not a huge factor, when I searched for info on Zoetry (Orbitz, Tripadvisor) there were hundreds of amazing reviews as it is an awesome spot...but while you can't please everyone, there is some truth in numbers - it seemed that of the bad reviews, many were recent and many said the same things (ants, bugs, air not working, cold food, slow service...) Last, I am not sure if you have any (even 1) child in your wedding party but both resorts don't necessarily "cater" to children, but Zoetry by far seemed least accomodating on this subject. We do have just a few children coming, so that was a consideration. If you don't have children coming and think this is 100% adults, you should also know that it is not. On to the good stuff! Ceiba del Mar came recommended from Del Sol photography (who btw was SO helpful with this aspect and countless other things - amazing people, company and of course, photography!) I personally investigated and found abundant info on the resort- almost all positive with whatever limited negative reviews existed were so spaced out and subjective that I allowed myself to ignore them. No consistent complaints. FYI- side note....Del Sol's photos at this place are amazing...amazing.... Diana at Ceiba was top notch to work with- so so patient, always available, accomodating, called me back (Zoetry seemed to never respond!) Everything about Ceiba just made me feel very confident. Diana really knew her stuff and I don't know how she does it- but she makes me feel like a top priority. (I am SURE she has lots going on besides me hehehe ) I am so excited that the resort has no pre-set wedding packages, and you can tailor the entire event how you wish. All this said, I am still so curious to hear your feedback of your site visits!! It is so difficult to judge from research only, but I feel pretty confident in the decision. Either way, I am sure BOTH places are fantastic. Keep us posted and happy planning!!!
  6. YAY- So happy I found this thread! I am new to the forum and still learning where/how to post (wow- holy information overload!) We are getting married May 5th 2012 (Cinco de Mayo!) at Ceiba del Mar...choosing a place was the MOST difficult part (I hope!) looking forward to all the next steps and planning!! Any BTB from NYC or Salt Lake City? I lived in NY for 12 years and will be back living there at the end of the year but my FI is from SLC, so we are here now. Happy to connect with all of you 2012 Brides!
  7. I hear you!! I have been looking around at places and it is so overwhelming! Where are you based out of? My family is from PA/NYC and my Fiance's is from UT! Its hard to not consider everyone... Where have you looked thus far? I have looked at Zoetry and Dreams...I suppose I am focused on Mexico but who the HECK knows! lol Our Save the Dates also have to go out soon too- part of the reason we went with a DW is low stress....hmmmm.....lol talk soon, ! keep us posted where you choose!!
  8. Hi all- happy I found this newbie thread! We are newly engaged and on the look out for our DW location! So far I have looked at Dreams, Zoetry, Azul...and when I came here on the forum I found that I was not alone lol. We are looking to May/June 2012...excited to be a part of the group here... take care all- "see" you on the threads!
  9. Hello Everyone! I am a total newbie (this is my first post) so forgive me if this isn't in the right spot...We are looking into Zoetry for our wedding...I emailed the resort (Paraiso) but haven't heard back! I am curious about how I am reading they charge per person for the wedding (eek!) is there anyway around that? If it is an all inclusive that doesn't seem to be fair or make sense! But I suppose they can do what they want! I don't want my guests to be bonked over the head in costs, however I am looking for something super unique...I suppose I am in a goos post here on the forum! xo thanks everyone! Congrats to all of you
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