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  1. Couples must complete an application form, obtained in Mexico at the Registry Office. They must also have results of a blood test (done in Mexico within 15 days) and have their tourist cards, originals and copies of their birth certificates, and their passports. Two witnesses over 18 with identification are required for the ceremony. Just thought I'd add that last part in. Mike Now Destination Weddings NowDestinationWeddings.com
  2. Shots of the beautiful Destination Wedding services we can provide :)
  3. I put together a quick read on the top 10 reasons why destination weddings are the modern trend...enjoy! 1. IT FITS THE BUDGET Destination Weddings can be far less expensive for couples than a traditional wedding at home. This all depends on the size and requirements of the groom and bride. 2. PLANNING IS EASIER The stress of planning your wedding falls to your Destination Wedding Specialist and your resort wedding co-ordinator. You envision it, and let everything else fall into place. 3. QUALITY TIME You get a chance to spend more quality time with the family and friends in a more intimate setting for a longer period of time – not just a day as with a traditional wedding at home. 4. THE LOCATION Barefoot on a beautiful white-sand beach, surrounded by the lush tropical gardens or surrounded in a gazebo overlooking turquoise waters or even exchanging vows in an Italian Villa..these are just a few of the breath-taking setting choices in collection for destination weddings. 5. EVERYTHING IS IN ONE PLACE No time wasted travelling from the church, to a park or garden for pictures, then to the reception. From the walk down the aisle to the last dance, everything takes place at your resort. 6. IT’S A VACATION TOO Not only do your family and friends get to witness and celebrate your vows, after the ceremony everyone gets to relax and enjoy a vacation too. 7. SMALLER GUEST LIST Due to monetary reasons or time constraints, attending a destination wedding may not be for everyone and those that attend are usually the ones that are most dear to you 8. NO FAMILY FEUDS A destination wedding provides an equal playing field between the families and more importantly, no uncomfortable decisions for couples to make that may cause a sticky situation between families. 9. THE GUYS LIKE IT TOO Guys seem to get more excited about a destination wedding and even the groom becomes more involved in the planning process. Organizing smaller events such as golfing or sailing with his buddies, makes him happier than picking out table centerpieces and décor. 10. AND THE HONEYMOON BEGINS If desired, you can begin your honeymoon immediately after the ceremony. No early morning planes to catch, no time wasted travelling and no additional costs.
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