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  1. Mel - trust me . . . your wedding will be BEAUTIFUL! It's in Mayte's hands. We did not have any chinese lanterns so I can't really answer, but I will say that Mayte will take care of anything you request. If you'd like lanterns, she'll arrange for lanterns. We did not have any decor in the restaurant outside of the georgeous tables (nothing hanging from the ceiling) . . . and I don't think it needed anything more. The restaurant is so beautiful as it is.
  2. I saw the gazebo set up for a wedding a couple of times but never watched any of them. It looked very pretty, though keep in mind that the gazebo is in the middle of the resort, it's not in a crowded spot where many people congregate, but many people do walk by to get from the beach/pool to the lobby or restaurants. The grounds are kept very nice at the resort and it is very beautiful, but there will be more poeple around than at the jellyfish. I'd highly reccomend the jellyfish for both the wedding and reception! It will be more catered to you and what you would like and Mayte works very hard to make everything perfect for you and for how you'd like the decorations. It just feels more personalized.
  3. Mimiq, We brought the candy down to Mayte, she provided the vases for threw candy and put it all together. (she did an awesome job). I had sent her a picture of a candy table she had done at a previous wedding and she did the same for me. As for the photographer Michael weiler, if you email him he will send you his priclist. We only had pictures of the ceremony, some family pics after, then did a ttd session. He charged$700, but prices may have changed since we booked. He did an awesome job though, and we had a dvd of 700 shots before we left punta cana (edited) I would highly recommend doing everything at the jellyfish. The ME is nice, but there are so many people around all the time. The beach at the jellyfish was not private but there are much fewer people there and you get a much more personal and quaint wedding! The spot for the beach wedding at the ME is on the beach between the Collonial and the Elegance beaches . . . Lots of people around! There were a few randoms walking down the beach, but no one bothered us. There were also a few people that dined in the restauruant during the reception, but no one bothered us. We had a great time. We did not rent three whole restaurant. Definitely do the jellyfish, you will not be disappointed. (Also, the ME does up to 4 weddings per day, the jellyfish will never do more than one)
  4. I was just uploading pics and lost my entire post! Here goes again! I just got back from my wedding last Monday - it was INCREDIBLE! I couldn't have imagined it any better! Mayte does an amazing job and outdoes herself everytime! We stayed at the majestic Elegance and had a wonderful time - our group of 23 also had an awesome time. We had the ME arrange a welcome cocktail hour at our own bar and a rehearsal dinner at the italian resteraunt (free of charge). We saw several other brides get married at the ME and saw how much of a production line it is, there is no privacy from other resort guests. Even our guests realized by the end of the week how much better it is to go offsite for the wedding. The jellyfish was the perfect spot, nice and beachy but soo much more private and quant. We had a set menu, picked out a few appie's and did drinks during dinner and 2 hours of open bar. For us this worked well, some of our guests didn't drink at all, and some drank a ton, so we thought it offset and made the bar bill easier for us to handle becuase we knew exactly what the final invoice would be. We did the cigar roller and it was awesome - they showed how the cigars are rolled and had different flavors (vanilla ect.), and had mild or strong. They also had smaller one's for the ladies' - that was cool. We also did the fire dancer's - AWESOME! There were 3 of them, they had different things they twirled around, even had a fire breather and a hula hoop lit on fire. It was really cool, and our guests loved it! Photagrapher - we used Micheal Wieler for the ceremony pics and family pics after the ceremony. We also did a trash the dress session and he was really cool. He did an awesome job with the pictures and even lent one of his lenses to one of our guests to use while he was there! He was very resonably priced and took tons of pictures. We had a DVD with 700 pictures on it the day after our TTD session so we could have them before we got home! I thought that was AWESOME! DJ - we used Mayte's house DJ and e-mailed her all the songs we wanted played and when. Then we e-mailed the cocktail hour and dance lists. The DJ had it all and did a great job with all of it. She also provided an MC to announce us as we came in the room and also to move the people around and announce cake cutting and all that jazz. Mayte is amazing. She outdid herself and made it more than I could've dreamed. The decorations were simply beautiful. I also used pastor Rick York to marry us and he was great as well. Thanks to all of you who have helped me plan this wedding through posts on this website! I couldn't have done it without you. Please feel free to ask any questions. I'd love to pass on any info. I'll upload some pictures below as well.
  5. It's crazy how fast the time goes! Mine is Monday; hoping to see Jessica down there to congratulate her as well!
  6. DJ is $200? I'm confused. On the Jellyfish pricing sheet it's $600, and on my preinvoice it's $600. Did you negotiate it that low or did you mistype? For no dj and a sound system Mayte charges $400
  7. That is awesome! Megs - did you actually make it through all of those songs? That list is soo much longer than mine was. Did the DJ play through your list as it was on your ipod or did he mix it up a little and pick through your listing?
  8. Meg's I have a guest tree for my reception back home as well, how did you display it for your guests to put their prints on it? Did you put it in a frame first without glass? Or just attach it to foam backing and lay it on a table? I didn't think about execution until now. Thanks for all of your feedback on the jellyfish & DJ - that really helps. I just finished creating a playlist for our Nov 14th wedding reception there. 24 days 'til the big day!
  9. The barefoot jewelry is really cool. That's what I got my girls, along with a matching pair of drop earrings, and Chelsea at Readi-by-chelsea is awesome at getting it right and quickly for you! I am in the same boat, we leave in less than three weeks and I'm totally stressing myself out with all the little things, even though most everything is done. Just finishing up the OOT bags, finalizing the music, and working stuff for our reception back home.
  10. Do you have any pics? I might be interested. I'm getting married Nov 14th, we leave the 11th.
  11. Looking closer - I think that is $5 per seafood shot. We thought since we are in the caribbean, we should splurge and have seafood.
  12. The wine is good. My Fiance and I both liked their table red and their table white. I have had the same problem at some mexican resorts, that thier "house" wine included in an all inclusive was never good, so we made sure to try it on our site visit. We are planning to use that wine in place of champagne for the toast (or whatever people are drinking). Their white is not a chardonay - it was a semi-sweet table (sorry I can't remember now what exact breed of grape - it's been a while and a lot of planning since our site visit in April). Seafood in shots - they are on the appetizer section of the menu at $5. I can't remember how many shots come in an appetizer order. It's a mix of seafood in a butter garlic sauce served in a shot glass with a little spoon to eat it. It was really good!
  13. Those will total roughly 2 per person or slighly less. (not everyone like's seafood).
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