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  1. I just went for a site check and spent an entire week and I did not suffer any form of sickness. I did however brush my teeth with the bottled water provided by the resort.
  2. I just did a site visit and while the hotel is not the most super modern resort it is clean,comfortable and the staff is amazing.....plus it is very budget friendly. I wanted a place that was affordable so my guests would not have to spend an arm and a leg to see us get married and I believe that we made the right decision with Dreams Cancun.
  3. I believe Juan Navarro is the in house photographer, or used to be but is still affiliated in some way with the resort - I really liked what other brides had to say about him so I am using him as he knows where to get all the good pics at the resort.
  4. Thank you soooo much for your review. I am doing a site visit next week and it has seriously been the worst trying to make a appointment with a WC- I just got a reply from Claudia to just call down to them when we arrive....that's it. No appointment....so i was a bit scared. Thankfully you just eased me fears about everythinng
  5. This a such a find! Thank you so much for sharing. It seriously has everything a bride would want or need!
  6. No, they do not have a disco - but they are a very short walk or cab ride from all the clubs and hot spots that downtown Cancun has to offer.
  7. They look super good! I definitely want my save the dates or even invites to incorporates the location.Where did you go for your save the dates? Did you find them online or local place? Thanks
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