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  1. How smart of you using the sewing machine! I was thinking that the preferated thing is the only thing I don't own out of all those supplies!
  2. Love your STD! I'd love to know what font you used as well it's really pretty! How many trials did you do? I guess that's probably the best way to jump into it!
  3. These are awesome! I have my own side business with stuff like this but I never thought of that! It's such a great idea I don't think I could do it though!
  4. No they are allowed in La Luna told me it was $500 fee but it looks like it has been $300 and you need to pay ahead of the wedding or they won't let them in.
  5. I'm right there with you I'm planning my wedding for April 23rd and I want the Strawberry Package. From what I've learned from a friend who was married there she had to suck it up and pay the extra per person.
  6. Just pay the $30 bucks it's much easier! I am in a crunch for time so this is just enough for me instead of trying to post everywhere for my 150..
  7. I am so excited for your wedding lol! I am a Barcelo Bride too! I'm just about to sign up for the final info with them for April of next year!
  8. My fiance just bought these for our wedding after watching the Vanessa and Nick wedding show!
  9. I'd love to see your photos if you don't mind I'm interested in using them but I want to see more of their photos they take.
  10. I'd love to see your photos if you don't mind! I am most likely staying at the Barcelo and want to see how they shoot their photos.
  11. There was a time that these two crazy kids decided to start a relationship.... Once the relationship progressed we decided it was time for us to have a place of our own... We built our own house...But with new homes, they don't have backyards.. We were left with something like this for over 2 years.. Somewhere in between he told me "We'll get married when the backyard is done" Slowly but surely we decided to start on our backyard on our own.. Last year we had concrete poured and then started laying sod out... Then my honey built me a garden with a trellis.. Then after the garden was built, he built a shed... But after the shed, we were kinda done. Out of funds and waiting for more ideas to pop into our heads. The yard had grass for the boys, I had a soon to be garden.. (But still had no ring) Then a few months went by... Then this night came where we found out some amazing news... What was that amazing news we found out?? We were going to take this... And give it to these guys!! Yes that's right... Tune in or set your DVR's/TiVo's for Monday, July 25th at 7pm PST or 10pm EST Little did I know that his promise was about to become our new reality. After the turf war was done and over with, he ended up keeping his promise to me that he made so many years ago. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!
  12. I have to know where did you get your invitations?!! Those are gorgeous! I'm totally in love with Del Sol's photography! I'm really planning my wedding around the idea that I must go to the Mayan Riveria so I can get them to photograph my wedding!
  13. I had no idea that this was going to happen. We just participated in a Turf War for DIY Network. My fiance always said once the yard is done we'll get married. Well he kept his word! Our yard was done by Turf Wars and right after he proposed to me! I was absolutely speechless I had no idea he would actually follow through with it on TV! Our episode airs on July 25th on DIY Network at 7pm PST and 10pm EST.
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