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  1. Thanks Beachbum! I have been playing around on Polyvore and created a few inspiration boards that you might be interested in - one is green and black, but if you're going for black and white, you could just change out white for green. Take a look: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=2534523 I'm happy to create a special one for you if you give me some parameters - it would help me build out my number of boards and hopefully would inspire you!
  2. Are you packing it in a carryon or checking it in a bag? What country are you traveling to? Those make a big difference in how it's handled. If you check it, you shouldn't have any problems. They spot-check bags occasionally, but they shouldn't do more than confirm that there's nothing illegal hidden in the folds of the dress, if you do even get checked. If it's in your carry-on, or if you're simply carrying it, it will have to go through security. You can ask to have it hand-checked and not go through the scanner if you're worried about it - depends on how poofy it is You can also ask them to wear gloves to check it, so that it doesn't get dirty. It will mean that security takes you much longer than normal, but it will mean that you're able to keep an eye on who's touching the dress.
  3. Thanks Beachbum! I've been playing around on Polyvore the last couple of days and I created a couple of inspiration boards that you might be interested in - one is green and black, but you could easily use white instead of green to get the black and white look you were talking about. Take a look: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=2534523 I'd be happy to create a unique one for you if you give me some parameters - it might inspire you and will help me build up the number of boards I have!
  4. This is such a cute trend. It makes for amazing pictures - my bestie just did this at her wedding last weekend, and it's such a cute keepsake from the day!
  5. I've heard of a bunch of brides getting their bridesmaid dresses from J. Crew, but they're pretty expensive. - http://www.jcrew.com/wedding/Wedding_Bridesmaid/dresses.jsp Another option is ModCloth (I work there and we sell to a lot of wedding parties) - http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Womens/Dresses/Party?page=1 but you have to mobilize fast - we only carry a few of each item, so things can sell out quickly. Beachy doesn't have to mean blue and pink. It's your wedding, and you can put a beachy spin on whatever color combo you like best...just be imaginative, and don't be afraid to spray paint! Black glossy seashells or driftwood and ivory candles? Yes please!
  6. What if you went for a natural centerpiece idea like driftwood, local green plants, and candles? I am in love with this picture: http://cache.stylemepretty.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/welcome-party-4.jpg and while it is kinda country-rustic feeling, you could change out the silver for gold and use tropical plants and bleached driftwood to make it feel beachy. It would look super classy with the Tiffany chairs, and be something different than the normal seashells or bright tropical decorations. For the chairs, you could put together a tiny arrangement of maybe a palm leaf and a white orchid or hydrangea, or use the driftwood to anchor some greenery - greenery is always going to be cheaper than flowers, so if you're on a budget, that would be a great way to keep the colors and make it feel really lush. You could just use a little thin wire to tie the arrangement to the back of the chairs. Though I'd say since the chairs are pretty gorgeous themselves, they don't really need any decorations. Here are some other pics I love in this color combo: http://luxedestinationweddings.com/blog/?p=1521
  7. What about setting up a space for your guests to have a casual lunch together after the ceremony? You will probably be busy for an hour or two taking pictures, but they could enjoy some snacks in the meantime. You could arrange for a group activity, like a cooking or dance lesson, that won't make guests hot and tired but will keep them entertained. Another fun option is to arrange an afternoon boat cruise...make it a party with music and drinks, and keep things going into the reception. Let us know what you decide!
  8. I didn't find changing my name too hard. Just look here: http://www.socialsecurity.gov/pubs/10127.html#3 fill out the form, and make an appointment at your local office. They'll send you a new card in a few days. Once you get your new card, you can apply for a new driver's license (each state's forms are different, so look on the DMV website) and a new passport: http://travel.state.gov/passport/correcting/ChangeName/ChangeName_851.html (no fee for the new passport). Each credit card and bank thing is different, but you usually just need to send in a copy of the marriage certificate and they'll change it. So, if you scan it once, you can send it to all your companies with no hassle. The only place I went in person was the Social Security office...I even got my driver's license sent to me after filling out forms electronically. Good luck!
  9. Hmm. I haven't tried personally, but the canvas fabric isn't going to be smooth, like a tshirt, which is probably why they tell you to use a heat press so that it adheres the right way. Could you try buying one bag and one transfer and giving it a go? Good luck!
  10. Don't worry JQ! You can put together a destination wedding in just a couple of months. Just make sure you've got the venue booked asap and the rest comes easy, if you don't sweat the little stuff
  11. The lanterns are a great idea! You'll love how they catch the breeze. I did round paper flowers for my wedding and we loved them so much we left them up for the entire wedding week (we rented a villa, so we were the only ones there). If you need more space when packing, consider taking them out of the box and wrapping them in clothes you're taking. It will keep them protected, but you won't have to allow for the extra bulk of the box. If you don't use the box, you might want to bring those in a carry-on. Congrats on choosing your colors!!
  12. Welcome Amy!! Don't worry - feeling overwhelmed is normal Here's what I always say when you start planning: you start in one of two ways. You either decide the location, and choose a date that works (like don't go in hurricane season), or you choose a date and find a location with good weather during that time. Here are a few other questions I ask brides at the beginning to help narrow down options: 1. How public or private do you want it to be? Renting a house and having a ceremony/reception there is the most private option you'd have, but it also requires you to be more involved. Choosing a resort option could make things more public, but you know they are experienced at putting on events. A good compromise could be a small hotel, but they do tend to be more expensive than a big hotel. 2. What's the biggest constraining factor for you? Date? Budget? Location? What are the things that can't be compromised? 3. When you close your eyes and imagine the day, where are you? On the beach? In a garden? In a ballroom? 4. Are there any places that you know for sure you don't want to have it? Any states or countries you're not interested in? Don't worry...you'll figure it out in no time!
  13. What a beautiful ring!! I'd say go with one of these two options: get 2 curved bands...the gap looks fine, and will look planned and even architectural if you have a matching band on the other side. Since you're already looking at 2-4x the cost of a normal ring for something custom, just get 2 normal rings! Alternatively, I've seen more and more brides choose to only wear one ring. Their engagement ring is unique and beautiful enough that they don't want to clutter it up with another ring. Consider this if you really love the look of your ring and want to save some money. You could always get bands later for an anniversary if you decided you wanted them.
  14. What about pinning something to the back of the chairs? As long as it's not too heavy, you could pin something that matches your theme. Almost like a boutonniere but bigger, and pinned so that it doesn't droop forward. Go for color, if you're having white chair covers...maybe a spiky palm leaf with a flower on top?
  15. You'll probably be just fine. The way customs works in Mexico is that once you collect your bags, you turn in your customs forms (which no one reads) and then you step up to push a button. If the light turns green, you're fine and no one asks you any more questions. If it turns red, they open up all your bags and search everything. I used to live in Mexico and traveled into the country probably 10 times, and I got the red light twice, if that gives you a sense of probability of getting searched. Good luck!
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