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  1. Eloping was the best choice I have ever made! Besides choosing my husband, of course. Here's some of the pro pics, there's about 150 of them so I won't bore you guys with ALL of them.
  2. Well ladies, DH (eep!) and I just got home from the coast and I cannot even believe how perfect the weekend was! Anyone who has ever been to the Oregon Coast knows that it's usually dreary and rainy, or at least doesn't exceed 60 degrees when it is sunny. Well, my FIL passed away last November and we are both convinced that he was watching over us this weekend. Not only was it warm and clear skies, we set record temperatures and I had NEVER seen the ocean here in Oregon the colors that it was. DH and I had no words, it really was totally perfect. And now, onto the recap! It'
  3. It may help to actually put the script, eh? *Holding hands for whole ceremony* Opening: Marriage is an affirmation of life, an undying commitment, a spiritual, emotional, and intellectual bond between two people. It is created from the purest of friendship, respect, and love. The institution of marriage should not be entered into lightly, as it is true commitment on every level. Together you will continue to meet the challenges and obstacles of life head-on. For you, Joshua, and you, Halsey, this day does not mark the beginning of a new relationship; rather, it is a
  4. We just finalized our script this morning! I actually wrote it out using just a bunch of stuff I found on the internet.
  5. I just bought some from Chelsea Bond of Red-i by Chelsea. Mine are the blingy ones, and the orange ones are for the girl. The thing hanging off of my barefoot sandals is my headband too. I HIGHLY recommend her!
  6. Love this thread! You all upstage the model of your dresses x1,000,000 Here's the model And here's me!
  7. For the ceremony I'll be wearing these gorgeous barefoot sandals from Red-i By Chelsea And I'll be wearing these for the reception.
  8. Moonbride, I had ordered a Medium and it fit like a small. I wound up having to get rid of it because it was way too tight. I normally wear mediums, so I was pretty bummed.
  9. I honestly can't remember the website. I bought them offline from a seller in China though! Our new puppy has since decided that our aisle runner tasted pretty good, soooo it's back to the drawing board for me!
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