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  1. Hey! I got my flowers and all my services through the hotel. I know it might be a little more expensive but it is less of a hassle and easy just to deal with one person on everything! Just send a picture of my flowers to your coordinator and I asm pretty sure they will be able to replicate it! Flowers were a little pricey but worth it since they were used during the ceremony and reception.
  2. Thank you!! I don't know if it is always reserved but it is good to have a back up plan with your coordinator just incase.The size of the ballroom was perfect for the amount of tables we had! It fit comfortably 3 tables of ten but they have other ballrooms that vary from size. The uplighting and the draping in the room was a big surprise! I did not pay additional for it and it looked amazing! As far as the spa services, I recommened scheduling all your appointments before you arrive so you make sure you get the time you want just incase there is another wedding going on. The Romantic dinner on the beach was just that....Romantic and delicious! It really was the only time my husband and I had alone time at the resort. I would take advantage and book this the day you arrive. I recommened doing a checklist of all the things you need to book and schedule prior to your arrival at the resort so you take full advantage of everything offered in the package. I hope this helps.
  3. Ladies, I cannot rave enough about how AMAZING my wedding came out. As a wedding coordinator/Event coordinator, I am very picky when it comes to all the little details that make a BIG difference.. I recommend doing an onsite inspection and booking your date and locations before leaving back home. That way you make sure you get what you want! Communication with GINA prior to wedding: A Ladies don’t stress out if Gina doesn’t respond right away, they are REALLY busy down their but they know what they are doing. Luckily for me, I had the same coordinator the entire time I was planning and Gina was very good with responding to e-mails in a timely manner as well as answering my calls. I made sure to send a summary of all the things we had discussed prior to our final meeting and she had everything written down and organized. I also created a timeline and sent it to Gina, Anel, and Mauricio and they all used it during the wedding. Transportation: A We used AMSTAR DMC since we had used this same company in Dominican Republic and when we went down to do our onsite inspection. I worked with Lupita and she took care of us. Most of our guest used this company and they were super reliable. This is the same company in the hotel lobby that organizes tours. Hotel/Check In: A++ When My husband and I arrived at the hotel, we were escorted to check- in in their VIP area since we got upgraded to the preferred area. We originally book a plunge pool and got upgraded to a BEAUTIFUL Ocean view room (room 2351). It was amazing! I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the room décor but they really know how to make you feel special. Almost everyday, there was a surprise in our room. J Final Meeting with Gina: A+ We had our final meeting with Gina the day we arrived. I had booked it well in advanced to make sure I got everything done before our guests arrived. We met with her, went over all the details in DETAIL, gave her the timeline, and a list of all the items I was handing over to her. I wanted to have the lanterns, but since it was raining, I decided to hold off on those because I didn’t want to pay for them, if we decided to move the reception indoors. She agreed we could play this by ear and we signed our breakdown of the total costs including 5 people that needed day passes. She then instructed us to pay any time after the wedding in the reception area and so we did a few days later with Travelers checks. It was our first time using traveler’s checks and I highly recommend using them. It is easy, safe, and you don’t have to pay a fee for the currency exchange. I am a HUGE control FREAK and let me tell you that I felt so comfortable handing over everything to Gina. I gave her detailed instructions as to how I wanted everything set up and her Jorge did just that! DJ Mauricio: A++ I kept in communication with Mauricio very briefly prior to our wedding and also had a meeting with him the day before our wedding and he had everything down. I even provided him with a CD of the music for our ceremony and reception and he played it exactly as we wanted. He was awesome and had all our guests on the dancefloor the entire time. Just to let you all know we paid $999 for the DJ and this included the lightup dancefloor too. It was well worth it! Any song requested by our guest he had! Anel and Adventure Photos: A++++++++ Words can’t express how talented this lady is!! She is super nice, friendly and so easy to work with. We had the complete wedding package and this included a trash the dress session. Since we didn’t want the trash the dress session, I sent her an email a few months before the wedding and requested to have a mini engagement session the day we arrived so we could use one of the photos as our sign in picture. This worked out perfect. My husband and I took some pictures around the hotel and later that night we went back to the studio, choose the picture we wanted, and within minutes, she had the picture printed and in the sign in frame. (We purchased the sign in frame at Michael’s.) Aside from the engagement session, we also had a welcome dinner at El Patio and used the 50 pictures that were included in our package toward photographing this event. Anel wasn’t our photographer for this but the staff member that assisted us, was also REALLY Great! I’m not sure of his name but he is from Uruguay. I recommend him if Anel is not available. The day of the wedding Anel started taking pictures at 3:00PM. She started with me and then she went down to my Husband’s room and took pictures of him getting ready. I also sent with her his wedding gift and she captured his expression as soon as he received it. Anel was with us till 9:00PM and she was awesome!! Her pictures say it all. The day we were leaving, my husband and I choose the pictures we wanted and right before we left, we went back to the studio and picked up our CD. The photobook should be ready in 4-6 weeks and we gave her the full authority to pick the 80 pictures for the book. Spa: A+ The day I arrived I had scheduled a hair trial and I got my hair done with Ana. She was great and even changed the style a bit so I could have my hair done differently for the engagement pictures. Since my friend who works for MAC was doing my makeup the day of my wedding, I took advantage and used the free makeup included in my package for the engagement session. I had also scheduled the massage included in our package for the day before the wedding but since we stayed in the preferred area and stayed for 7 days, we also got the honeymoon eternity package which included another message session and we did that the day we left in the morning. Ladies, if you are staying in the preferred area for more than 7 days, make sure you take advantage of the honeymoon package that is free and also includes a romantic dinner on the beach. Wedding Day Service: A++++++++++++++++++++ The weather the day of the wedding was not so great. The wedding was May 19th and I was so nervous about having to move everything inside. No one flies down to Mexico to have an indoor wedding but the weather was out of my control. We had a short rehearsal in the morning and after the rehearsal, Gina and I decided that we would make a final decision on the reception location at 1:00PM. As I was getting my hair done, Jorge and Gina came down to see me and as much as I wanted to cry about the unexpected weather, I decided to take their word for it and move only the reception indoor. The Ceremony went as planned and Linda was great. I contacted her a few weeks before the wedding and she did exactly as we wanted. Luckily the weather held up for the ceremony. Cocktail took place at the North Jacuzzi area and we had the Caribbean trio. This area was so intimate and the set up was just perfect; simple and elegant. After my husband and I took our alone pictures, we went to meet everyone else in the cocktail area and asked Jorge If we could see the reception location since it was moved to one of the ballrooms. One word….WOW!!!! it was that beautiful. I honestly think the set up looked better that it would have outside! The room was draped at no additional cost and the buffet was nicely set up.We had 26 guests so we had the Caribbean buffet and everyone raved about how good it was. We had the tres leches cakes and just asked Jorge to decorate it with some of the flowers from the bridesmaid bouquets. The cake was so delicious that I event asked them to take the remaining cake to my room and I picked at it every day. Flowers: A++++++++ I knew I wanted my flowers to be PERFECT but I didn’t think they were going to turn out as good as they did. The florist will replicate exactly what you want! For the ceremony I had hanging rose balls and after used them as centerpieces for the reception. Video: A The wedding video included in the package actually is pretty good quality. The video wasn’t ready before we left but I asked one of my guests to check if it was ready before they left and it was! I can’t wait to watch this every year on my anniversary! Overall, the service is phenomenal and worth EVERY PENNY! From my experience in planning weddings, I don’t think it worth spending $30,000+ on a four hour wedding when you can spend half the cost and make a vacation out of it.. I know this review is long but seeing all the help I have received from this blog, I knew I had to return the favor. Below is my slideshow, if you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to answer. http://190512lozada.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/lozada-1/
  4. I'm officially done WitH my planNIng!! I leave in 8 days and get married in 10 days! So excited!!
  5. Does anyone know the cost for people coming to your wedding that are staying at another hotel?
  6. Hi ladies haven't posted in a while and catching up with reading the posts. My wedding is May 19, 2012... So Close!! 2012 Weddings 2/24/2012 (Bud and Jackie) 2/25/2012 (Mariah and Jens) 3/3/2012 farnaz (Farnaz & Alex) 3/4/2012 busterandsheri (Sheri & Buster) 3/4/2012 faeriesxist83 (shelly and Jim) 3/18/2012 (William and Kate) 3/24/2012 (Eric and Tracie) 3/26/2012 MarryMeMexico (Jenny & Aaron)Â 4/21/2012 Ankswt03 (Amanda and Jeremy) 4/22/2012 SweetMelissa (Melissa & Nick) 4/22/2012 Ariane1126 (Tessa and Ryan) 4/24/2012 (Amer & Charlotte) 5/10/2012 WPGBride (Chelsea and Mike) 5/12/2012 Dimplesandsuga 5/13/2012 Day_rog (Dana and Damien) 5/16/2012 Corio342 (Corey and Andrew) 5/18/2012 Sarah80 (Sarah and Luke) 5/19/2012 soon2Bmrslozada (Vanessa and Jorge) 5/21/2012 CKNMVS 5/23/2012 Aimeelaco28 5/24/2012 weddingprincess (Shannon & Brad) 6/3/2012 Mrskatieperry (Katie and PJ) 6/6/2012 Tiny6812 (Destiny and Jalon) 6/9/2012 Ssapper 6/14/2012 torilvv12 (Victoria & Yura) 6/18/2012 juliej84 (Julie and Ash) 6/22/2012 blondgoddesstif (Tif and Tony) 6/30/2012 rachallen18 (Rachel & Allen) 7/20/2012 LindseyM (Lindsey & Kevin) 7/26/2012 JulyDrcBride (Sophie & Rafael) 7/28/2012 Mnunez 8/4/2012 RollerBride (Kip and Kate) 8/7/2012 Nj2012 (Nikki & Joe) 8/10/12 (Annie & Jon) 8/24/2012 Sarah-Jane (Sarah and James) 9/1/2012 Cbandemer (Colleen & Brian) 9/2/2012 Ktcblue2012 (Kariane & Nathan) 10/27/2012 Tkb08 (Taren&Collin) 11/8/2012 ahall5665 (Ashley & Ethan) 11/19/2012 melinmontana (Melissa and Kael) 12/01/12 mcree (Christy and Brian) 12/17/2012 Savs1027 (Savanah and John) Â 2013 Weddings 1/19/2013 marilili (Maritza and Sal) 4/19/2013Dominique161 4/27/2013 Vika Yakovleva (Vika & Anthony) 5/3/2013 Kthorpe 5/18/2013 Eyeball17 (Aislinn & Bob) 5/25/2013 Robynkelly (Robyn & James) Â
  7. Hello! I haven't posted in a while but I am less than 6 months away and I have to start making some selections. Are you ladies having a hair trial?? Also, any recommendations for appetizers, cake, and dinner selections??
  8. Does anyone have the 2012 prices? If so, please email to me at vserna08@gmail.com. Thanks.
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