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  1. I had about 31 people I think. We got married at Beaches Negril as well October 2011. Our rehearsal dinner was at a restaurant outside and we technically didnt have a DJ, but there was another DJ playing very close by. I dont think the DJ is necessary because everyone was just getting there, we were going around greeting our guests and just talking in general. The time will fly. We did dance a little at the end because the DJ was at the hamburger hut place. I can't help you as far as the video. I got my uncle to video. I didnt mind non professional video, I just wanted to be able to see the wedding. He got footage pre-wedding, wedding, post wedding and other activities. I put more money towards photography, because thats what I really wanted. My friend is a professional photographer, so she took the pictures. I didnt have to deal with only having a certain number of prints, or coverage for only a certain amount of time. Hmmm, my sister is a cosmetologist and she was my maid of honor, so she did my hair and the 4 others in the wedding. However if they were doing my hair, I would have either gotten a trial or had it done very early to make sure it was right. I originally scheduled them for makeup and trial, but I cancelled it. Before hand I went to a MAC masters class to learn to do makeup. Once I found the look I wanted, I took the picture to the MAC people, and asked them how to recreate it. My mom and I videoed them while they did it. They do one side and let you do the other. I went home and practiced. I was a novice at doing makeup, trust me, but you wouldnt have known it. I wear gel nails and got my nails done before hand. So the complimentary manicure did me no good. I got the pedicure, just because, but wished I hadnt because 1) my toes were done already 2) you have to pay taxes on it. But I enjoyed the conversation in there, so it wasnt a waste. Definitely get the trials in my opinion. Also, I know you didnt ask but dont pay extra for a sunset wedding like I did. Just have the wedding as close as possible to the sunset time and save $600. I wish someone had told me this. I moved my wedding up an hour, because we were scared we wouldnt have any sun for pics, and boy was I right. So glad I moved it up. But they dont refund you for that sunset slot. Hope I helped a little
  2. The bouquets have been sold. Thank you for all of our interest. My dress however is still for sale. View my profile to see the thread for it
  3. Yes Laurelyn, they are still available and waiting on a new home Thank you brittmcfarlin, If you are in need of flowers Judy @ bloombridal.com is available to create you something. Tell her Trenise sent you
  4. For all that are interested... I ended up going with Cakes By Noida They can be found on facebook, my contact was Leanne Cooke 1-876-883-7183 They did a wonderful job at recreating my husbands Chevelle.
  5. This Gorgeous Chiffon fit and flare gown has removable spaghetti straps, and a chapel train. Features of this bridal gown include: Sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps Beaded accents on the bust line Vertical pleating on the bodice Zipper back and chapel train I wore this for my wedding October 15, 2011. I wore the dress for only a couple of hours and changed for the reception. The dress has been cleaned. Please note: The price does not include shipping. The size on the dress reads 12. With the dress on I measured 36-30-40 with the dress off 34-28-40
  6. Hi I am looking to sell 5 bouquets. 1- 10'' Bridal and 4- 7'' bridesmaids. The were created in Canada by Bloombridal and they are absolutely stunning. We used them October 15, 2011 for my wedding. Please contact me with offers or for additional information. Please note the price does not include shipping.
  7. I wish i got to 25 rooms. I guess it would be double. Since i booked through a travel agent, they would not break the formula down to me. They relied on her to do it. She didnt even know about the credit, i had to tell her. I have a little bit of control freak in me i think, because when I hear 'we cant discuss that with you since you booked through a TA' i get pissed. I mean im the one getting married people lol Have some one break the formula or a sample formula down to you on paper. Also I email my WC so I can have everything in writing.
  8. You have the same questions I had I hate that you can only choose one as well. There is a upgraded/ premium menu ask him about that. It is more $ of course. You could do a buffet if you want more choices but it will go back up to $75 per person. You lose the $15 discount. The welcome dinner is chefs choice and from what i understand its buffet. You cant choose the menu and I guess you wont know until that day. Im going to PM you for the menu i want to make sure its the same as I have. Ask me as many questions as you like. Of course confirm with your WC. Krystina on this forum has helped me a LOT.
  9. Chloe called me today and she said she sent me a newer copy. I have to check. My current brochure said 1-25 guests = $2k, that was cut and dry. But they have changed the pricing to say that it starts at $1950 I guess. So nope, I'm no help for you there. Wow thats a lot for makeup, you must have a lot of girls though. The One (1) complimentary person credit based on first (12) paid double rooms.... part. I had a million questions as well. The explained it to me several times and I thought I understood, however when I got my comp, it was still less than I expected. Here is the way it was explained: They look at the way the majority of your guests booked and how much they pay for the room. For example I have 18 rooms total, 4 couples are staying at sandals, the rest are at beaches 5 double rooms, 9 single rooms. So although the brochure said double rooms, Connie in the groups department explained that the majority of my guests stayed at Beaches, so they didnt look at the Sandals room amount, and the majority of my guest booked as singles. Which was about 750 a room. So I was thinking I was going to receive 750, but I got about 590ish. My TA said they dont give you back the taxes and stuff. Connie said they were going to send my TA a check, however they just took it off of what I owed. S/N wish I made it up to 25 rooms Clear as mud?
  10. Hi, Congrats. My wedding is October 15 @ Beaches Negril. I'm ready ready ready lol. I'll try to help you as much as I can. The $75 reception is discounted to $60 all the time, once you have the 10 rooms booked. Something about the complementary cocktail being $15 so they take $15 off. 1. I'm still stuck on whether or not to do the DJ, mento band or both. I read somewhere on here that someone got a 1 person mento band and 1 hr DJ. They said the mento was nice. 2. My brochure says the Katt cruise is 1-25 for $2000. My brochure is dated 2/18/2011 maybe its old. Which one do you have? 3. I'm taking my own glasses. I got them engraved. Found them on sale on the knot. 4. The brochure should have the different menu choices. There is also an upgraded menu, which is more per person. 5. I have that same question. Cant help you there. 6. Another great question. I dont fully know the answer, however to my understanding the reception is outdoors and you can rent a dance floor. 7. They dont allow outside vendors, but will allow yuor guests to perform services. Once of my guests/friends is the photographer. I asked the W.C. about that and she said its fine as long as she is a guest and uses no equipment. A makeup artist is different I assume. She will be in your room I guess so she will need a day pass. Or are you going to her? If thats the case you will should be fine. Hope I helped a little
  11. MyMy, no, I have not talked to her in quiet some time. I called this week and her message stated that she was out of the office for some time. When she gets back you may want to try what another thread suggested... Call the main number and have her paged.
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