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  1. that is my thoughts exactly! There are such great reviews and responses to going this route. I wish you the best of luck - make sure to keep us posted when it arrives!
  2. how did it turn out??? i was just scooping the site out...they have a great selection.
  3. Hi Laides! Need some advice, and thank goodness for this site and its wonderful commuity of helpful brides and B2B's <3. I have sent out my STD's early this month, the due date for group booking deposits are due in just over a week. I've received some feedback from guests that they wish to book last minute outside of this group booking for different reasons. However, I hope to have at least 3 month RSVP date set before the wedding so I can plan accordingly to accomdate my guests - how do I let my guests know this asap without being rude or pushy? I will be adding a RSVP date to my formal invite but I do not anticipate them to be ready to go out for a a few weeks. I would hate to see my guests miss out on the group rate which in the end they will pay much higher rates or risk even securing accomadation as the resort might be sold out. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
  4. Hey! Help - so we have taken all the initial steps with the Travel Agent to secure group booking which is due in about a week. Many are wanting to book 'last minute' for many different reasons. However, I need to plan ahead in order accomdate a certain amount of guests - 3 months before the wedding sounds reasonable, but how do I get this across to my guests prior to the due date for the group booking without sounding rude or pushy?? Nevermind they WILL be paying more in the end and potentially the resort will be sold out....your feed back would be great! Thanks.
  5. hey! I'm sure you'll be creeping - I mean I did when I went to visit the resort in March! lol Thats what I was there for, to check out the venues and get it all laid out perfectly! The resort is STUNNING! you will be nothing but pleased. I was very impressed with the up keep of the grounds, the staff was very accomadating and interactive with guests, food was great, entertainment was great. All round good spot. I'm getting married at 5pm as well. The pond area is shaded at this time which is great because it helps with the heat. And you can hear birds churping which is so sweeeeet. the area is just amazing, much more private option on the resort. I hope you like it as much as I do! Only we all must pray for other than no rain.......is no wind! In March is was very windy all week. Quite frustrating! But that is the least of our worries I'm sure. )
  6. Hey! April 28th is our day! Have you ever been to this resort? the Garden Gazebo is stunning. My only concern is will my guests be able to see us under the Gazebo? lol. What time are you getting married?
  7. Heya! I guess it truly is a hit and miss - I went to Ocho Rios, 3rd week of this past March and it was extremly windy all week. Chilly winds the last 3 days the overcast cleared up. I ended up deciding to book last week of April 2012 in hopes of getting more of the hot weather. So let's just send positive thoughts to all those having a DW that their week is PERFCT ) <3
  8. stunning! love the green/blue/white combo! thanks for the site, I def will check it out!
  9. I think we highjacked this Riu Negril thread though!!!! ) oops!
  10. they are stunning!!! where did you get your real flowers from????
  11. Exciting! I know this little community is the best thing that I couldve stumbled upon! your the 2nd b2b that will be getting hitched during the same week as us! We arrive on April 25th! We are from Toronto.
  12. Hi Lua, I ended up booking Ocho Rios. Ive already been to visit the resort and feel better I know the venues and am comfortable with the grounds already! I will be speaking to them about a plan b in case it rains! i praaay for great weather!
  13. I'm getting married next year in the Garden Gazebo in ROR - but I havent seen many pics of what the set up would look like. Anyone get married there??
  14. I agree...I could've sworn when I was there speaking with coordinator she mentioned 4pm was an option. I ended up booking Sat April 28th 5pm. I hope this will give us enough time to take pics comfortably. ) I just sent out my save the date....sooooo exciting to finally get things going. Now to find a dress :s
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