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  1. My wedding was at 4P. Our appointments started at 12:00p...we were out of there by 2:30P, and in the room by 2:45P. WC comes 15 minutes before the wedding to push you out of the room. We had a good hour for getting ready photos, and I even put makeup on a flower girl, so go from there. I tried to move my appointments as close as I could because I didn't want my hair to fall. My hair is REALLY heavy, and I wanted it to be curly. I was completely wind blown by the end of cocktail hour, but it made it.
  2. Ok, chicas! I have posted my review. I tried to do my best, but wanted to get it up quickly. Send me a PM if you have any questions. P.S--my wrist is better. I don't have to wear anything anymore, but I have to start therapy because I can't move it that well now. At least you can't really tell my right wrist has been casted for like, 2 months in the pictures. Enjoy!
  3. We originally were going to be on the beach, but there were conflicts with what Miami told us we could do and not do on the beach. We changed at the last minute to the gazebo, and I think it was worth it. It was really pretty, and the ocean is still in the background of all our pictures. It was also shaded, so everyone wasn't squinting, and that was a plus. I think the beach weddings are beautiful...I watched one from my balcony at Sun Palace, but the gazebo is just as good. If you're going to wear an updo, you're probably fine. My hair was out of control and in my face the entire time, and that was in the gazebo. It's like 10 times worse on the beach.
  4. Maybe it was just an off night or our server was horrible...but Arrecifes was AWFUL when we went there the night before my wedding. My whole party was extremely disappointed. We ended up walking out in the middle of dinner. Personally, I would go for Caribeno. Plus, Arrecifes has a salad bar that you have to get up to go to.
  5. Hola, chicas! Finally back at work after the wedding and honeymoon! Woohoo! You may now officially address me as Mrs. Arnote (although it still sounds weird to hear it). I will write a review as soon as a can get done sorting through all these pictures and uploading for family. Everything was beautiful, well organized, etc. I did show Kalena my emails when I met with her, and she told me Miami was incorrect, so plans changed a little once we were down there. Small things, like we changed from the beach to the gazebo. Nevertheless, be patient with them and roll with the punches. As soon as I met Kalena, I loved her, and I did not spend another minute worrying about the wedding after the meeting. There ended up being a note waiting for me at check-in letting me know when to meet with her. My advice, don't even worry about trying to get ahold of Miami. It's a waste of time. Also, we used Photos in Cancun, and I couldn't be more happy. They were absolutely wonderful, and gave me 3 DVDs (we did 4 hour wedding packaged and TTD) with about 2,500 pictures total. It has taken me like, 10 hours to look at them all. I'm done hogging the page now, but I thought I'd put up a few pictures to tide you girls over. Keep in mind these haven't been editted, yet. Oh, and Alberto did my hair and makeup. I didn't even have to request him. I think he did an absolutely fabulous job. And the wind is 5 times worse than everyone says. My bangs blew into my eyes the entire ceremony.
  6. Your onsite will confirm them at your meeting down there. LOL. Everything changes once you get down there anyways. Miami tells you all the wrong information.
  7. So.......I'm taking a break from packing, and thinking to myself "What do I still need to do?". I'm pretty sure I have everything all ready to go. I'm doing my eyebrows, going to the bank, yadda yadda on Monday. Then, I have this thought--I still haven't heard from Kalena to set up an appointment to meet with her when I get down there!!! We are leaving WEDNESDAY. My wedding is in less than 7 days. So now I'm kind of having a panic attack. I mean, we're going to be on the plane and flying at 6A on Wednesday. I know I won't hear from her tomorrow. That leaves 2 days to try to get contact her. Aaahh!! In other news, my wrist is still not fully healed from breaking it in February. They have taken off the cast now, but it's in a splint I'm supposed to keep on for 3 more weeks. They told me I can take it off occasionally now, so I figure I'll just take it off for the wedding and while I'm down at the pool. Unfortunately, the cast just came off, so there went my plans to work out and get tan. That stuff is totally not happening. Luckily, I'm so close to leaving, I kind of don't care anymore. I just can't wait to go down there. We are staying for 10 days, and I feel like hubby is going to have to drag me home kicking and screaming.
  8. Thanks everyone on the Congratulations! It was very informal (I was in my scrubs from work), so it still doesn't feel official, yet. Here's my update: I got a new wrist cast, which is fabulous. I can actually bend my elbow (it went all the way up my arm). We leave for MP exactly 3 weeks from today. They said they will take my cast completely off 2 weeks from today, as long as I behave myself. I think I'm going to have to wear a wrist guard around, and just take it off for the wedding. Either way, I'm excited it will be coming off. I have all of my wedding stuff bought and packed, except I haven't made paper cones for my petal toss, and I am still working on making our bouquets. Those will probably come down to the last minute. I'll post pics when I'm done. Hang in there, girls! I know, I was waiting on an email back from Ivis, too. I guess now I'm going to have to wait until I get down there to finalize things with Kalena. If she gives me any problems, I'll be mad since the wedding department makes it impossible to organize everything. Fingers crossed.
  9. Well ladies, we decided to get legally married at the last minute this afternoon because my man got off work early today. He thought the idea of having our legal/fake wedding was fun to do on Leap Year, so we scrambled to go get our marriage license, and Ta-Da! We're married.
  10. Ooh! Can I have that, too? I remember this last year we had a hard time booking some things because of Spring Break.
  11. Yes! They want it on until 3 days after I am supposed to leave. I work in an ER, though, so I think I'll try to make them cut it off. I can't do my workouts anymore, someone has to wash my hair for me, it's a disaster. Quote: Originally Posted by ChipmunkRN O' NO!! Are you in a cast? How stressful!!
  12. Hey girls! So I'm freaking OUT!!!! I broke my wrist snowboarding on Sunday, and my wedding is in 6 weeks!
  13. I have Ivis, too. She contacted me at 70 days for phone meeting. I have also sent her emails since. I am 48 days out, and I just now got a response back from my emails. Be patient. Hang in there. I was just getting ready to call her today, but I had an email this morning. Hopefully you'll hear from her soon.
  14. Ok, so I'm pretty sure that I could NOT have come up with a harder way to make a template like this. I'm not sure how it works, and I've been spending forever dragging things around. There HAS to be an easier way to do this, but here's what I have so far. I'm in Excel. I was thinking about adding some little pictures to it. I can't do a border in there. I'm stuck. My idea is that everyone will fill these out while they are waiting for us to show up at the restaurant (we're not having a reception). We have a lot of smarty pants going with us, so these should be pretty hilarious to read later on. I figure I'll take them, and add them to a photobook. Let me know what you think. What should I add?
  15. I'm taking a brief sanity break while I try to figure out how to format this stupid madlib thing I'm going to do as a guestbook. I think I'm going to freak out!! I can't get it to work the way I want!! Hopefully, I'll get it done soon and post some pics
  16. ndividul--Yes! I will have to post a pic when I get motivated to try the paper cones out. I'm hoping to go supply shopping this weekend.
  17. ndividul--Yes! I will have to post a pic when I get motivated to try the paper cones out. I'm hoping to go supply shopping this weekend.
  18. Yay!! I'm so excited for you! It's going to be wonderful! You look great!
  19. I was planning on making paper funnels for flower petals, as well. Yours looks great! What did you use to secure it--staples, double-sided tape?? I was getting ready to start messing with it, but hadn't figured out what method would be the best.
  20. I am sorry to hear this. We all have been issues like these. I have been fighting with my MOH for days now over her unwillingness to pack her bouquet of 6 flowers in her own luggage. Haha. Well, maybe I'm not quite to voodoo dolls, yet. She's not even throwing me a bachelorette party or a bridal shower. Geez. I feel like with all the pressure of this wedding stuff down in Mexico and work combined, my sanity might shatter. The funny thing is, people say the whole point of destination weddings is the simplicity, but I think it's actually harder to coordinate something in another country. This is definitely a very strong trend towards the people we care about letting us down on this thread. It is sad.
  21. I guess they changed the structure around a little for weddings. I was emailing Iliana, and then she dropped off the face of the earth. Now I am talking to Ivis, who is working on booking locations and going over my selections with me. Ivis is not the onsite, though. They only give you your onsite coordinator 2 weeks before the wedding to schedule your consultation after you arrive down there. Ivis seems to be able to answer all the questions and take care of everything, but she's still in Miami. Geez! They're crazy! Good luck trying to figure all of that out.
  22. Everyone gets the resort credits, regardless of if they are using memberships or not. They do have to stay 7 nights to get the mani/pedi/etc. They will still get $1500 if they stay 5 nights, and can use up to $300 of that getting hair/makeup/mani/pedis.
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