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  1. Boys Tag Front Tag Back All you need is love… Thank you for sharing our And water special day! Girls Tag Front Tag Back Love is like water; Thank you for sharing our We can fall in it; special day! We can drown in it; And we can’t live without it!
  2. I have been going back and forth with the favors and nothing seemed worth spending my money on. I am not doing the OOT bags because our resort is all inclusive and I think the bags could get very expensive. We decided to order Camelbak watter bottles in our wedding colors. We found a website that had them for $9.97. Pink for the girls and orange for the boys. I am going to create some sort of cute tag for them and tie a coordinating ribbon around them. I wanted something the females and males would use and wasn't going to sit in a drawer somewhere. Also most of my guests came as a couple so they didn't need two wine bottle stoppers or magnets or candle holders... Who deosn't need a good water bottle in Mexico
  3. I love these ideas we are going with Name___________________ ___ Yes, save us a margarita! ___ No, we sunburn easily! Save us ____ beach chairs.
  4. Are these the proffesional pictures? Do you have more you could share? I am so hesitant to go with the resort photographer but hiring an outside vendor is not really in our budget either. Thank you and congratulations. You look so pretty
  5. I am so hesitant to go with the resorts photographers rather then book a professional but I too would like to use our bonus rewards towards the photo package. Is there any way you could share some of your photos?
  6. Can you share your photos? I would love to see them as I am so hesitant to go with the resort photographers. Thank you
  7. Is there any way you could share your photos? I am so hesitant on booking the resort photographers but would like to use our credit for the photo package. Thank you.
  8. Is Smile Market Wedding Photography the resorts photographers or is this an outside company? Is there any way you could share the pictures they took if it is not an outside vendor? I am very nervous about using the resort photographers withou meeting them or seeing their work. Thank you.
  9. This is a review of:

    Ocean Photo Studio

    Moment to Remember Contest

    Jason had been In California on a business trip the week prior to our engagement. During his absence he had recieved a notice on our front door of a package delivery. Now if you know Jay you know he gets a lot of packages. According to FedEx the package would be returned to the sender if not claimed within three business days, Jay wasn't due home for another 4 days. I automatically assumed this package was the latest Xbox game and had offered to get the package for him but he insisted it wasn't
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