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  1. I love your whole bag. Thank you so much the breakdown and where you got everything. Big help.
  2. Wow, I just finally finished reading through all 66 pages of this thread. I'm so excited to do our OOT bags. I've definitely nixed a few items off the list so thank you everyone for helping us save money (my FI is very greatful) Here's what we're putting in ours... Survival Kit (advil, tylenol, pepto, bandaids, aloe) Gum Mini hand sanitizers Chap stick Cards bookmark (we have alot of readers in our group) key chain (a little starfish to remind them of their trip) postcards puzzle book (sudoku, crossword, ect) travel mug (no personalized) shout stick or wipes 1 or 2 snacks tissue packet I had so much difficulty finding canvas bags cheap so I ended up getting really nice paper ones from Hallmark. They are heavy duty so they survive a bit longer and the handles are really strong weaved fabric ribbon. We're gonna do an info book (Thanks to khomac, she had a great link for an info book with almost all the info I needed on Punta Cana). I'll probably hand deliver them to people right after Christmas so they can really take advantage of all the info in them.
  3. Are you booking through a TA? ME only does a year in advance BUT if you really have a specific date in mind here is what I suggest... if you are using a TA get in touch with them in late spring 2012 and get them to contact the ME WC's to put the bug in their ears and keep your TA on it. The more you bug the better chance you have of getting that date. We had a very specific date (Feb 29, 2012) that we wanted and we started the whole process of bugging ME Dec 2010. The judge opened his booking for 2012 a month early just to get us off their backs and we got the date. We were told the judge only does about 6 weddings or less a day for the whole resorts area of Punta Cana. Doesn't leave a whole lot of openings. Hope this helps
  4. Hi Bettina, I'm getting married at ME Feb 29, 2012. Our wedding is at 2:30pm and we're having dinner at Sea & See restaurant. I'm am staying in my dress, I've been so excited about wearing it and I'm gonna take every moment I can to stay in it. Regarding the orchid bouquet when I asked the WC about the cost she said its one of the upgraded bouquets and costs an extra $100 US. I found this awesome florist in Guelph, Ontario who's doing all my flowers with Floramatique faux flowers so my bridal party can use them down there and then use them for the reception back home. She's doing everything through email and Skype with me. For favors we're doing OOT bags. For decor paying for the ceremony decor but for the reception we're bring down the centerpieces (2-3 is what we need) and table cloths from walmart. My mother and bridesmaids are helping to transport stuff down in their bags. Hope this helps. If you have any more question msg me.
  5. Anyone getting married February 29th, 2012 at either Majestic Elegance or Majestic Colonial? We getting married at the Elegance gazebo at 2pm.
  6. These bags are awesome. I love the price break down and where you bought everything. You guests are lucky.
  7. This list is the best, I was starting to make my own list but this covers it all.
  8. This is very helpful. I'm starting to collect/buy this for OOT bags for our wedding in Punta Cana.
  9. I love this kit. Anyone know where to get the plastic storage container in Canada?
  10. Hi Ladies, I"m getting married at ME Feb 29th, 2012. We just booked the trip and got the dates confirmed. We're getting married at gazebo and doing diner at Sea & See restaurant. My travel agent has done over 30 weddings there and I've gotten many emails from past brides with their reviews of different things from the resort. If anyone would like me to forward them along msg me.
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