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  1. Here was my reply back from Janielle 2) What tables are provided at the Port Maria Restaurant for the reception/dinner; Round, Rectangular? You have the following options; Round seat 8to 10persons, Square seats 2 to four persons or a rectangular that seats 5 persons.
  2. Does anyone know if the Grand has a outside entertainment bar? to sit around in the evening and enjoy drinks and entertainment? I want to set up a "Mixer Party" for my guests on arrival. So everyone has a chance to get to know one another....I was told that the bar's at the Grand cant accommodate more then 15 persons- thinking this is crazzy , as I'm sure there are more then 15 people staying at the resort. The Lovely Wedding Coordinator, or should I say- Nickle and dimer- Janielle- indicated that I would have to pay to use a bar at the resort. Any suggestions? April
  3. Hi Leah! Congrats!! My fiance and myself are getting married at the Grand Feb 03, 2012!! We also are going with the Free Wedding package. As per your comment about decorations- No decorations are included! The only things that the Free wedding package includes is; cake, set-up of chairs, music for ceremony and I think bouquet./ corsage for bride and groom. Dont forget you will be charged $20 per persons that exceed more then 10 people for ceremony. We are paying for private reception location- Port Maria, Flowers, Huppa for beach ceremony, steel drums, dj, photographer, etc. everything with this resort cost's money!!! Be prepared......it has been an exhausting experience!!! I wish you all the best with your planning. If you have any more questions, shoot me a message! April
  4. Congrats JenandBrad!!! You will be at the Grand the same time as my fiance and myself!! Our big day is Feb 03rd, 2012, we leave to go to the Grand January 30th!!! We also are doing the "Free Wedding" package, in addition we are booking the Port Maria (Private Reception) which cost around $1,700. We were told from Janielle ( Wedding Coord) that we would have to pay $20 per person for the wedding ceremony. Lots of extra costs to host a wedding at this resort, I agree! Apparently this $20 per person includes the set up and chairs for the ceremony.....load of B.S!! We were going to book Sungold Photography for our photos, but I decided it was a bit over priced, and found a girl named Stacey Clarke Photography!! She seems to be really nice to work with and affordable. My sister got married at the Riu in Ochos Rios (Jamaica) a few years ago, no extra costs for anything!! She didn't over due it with extra little add ons either......her wedding was breath taking!!! The scenery of what the resort provided was far better then decorations! I was thinking of using Tai floral for my flowers ( The Grands Floral comp), but it took them 2 months to reply to several of my e-mails.......not sure I want to go through that stress, come closer to the big day! We also are going to hire a dj for the reception, and steel drums for the ceremony $$$$$ ching ching! I understand that if you want the private reception for more then 3 hours you have to pay an additional $250 per hour!! Let me know what you have come up with!!! April
  5. Could someone help me out please! Does anyone have a picture, or know of what the chairs look like, that the resort provides for the ceremony on the beach? I am debating if I should pay the extra charge for the chivary chairs or the sashes....? Thanks April
  6. Hey Tropical Love! Here is an idea if you still cant get anywhere with the wedding coordinator, as I am experiencing the same lack of response. I went to my travel agent and expressed my concerns, she said to leave my questions with her.....since then I have got back responses within a day. I even had my travel agent look into getting the free wedding package as, Janielle told me I could not change my packages......My travel agent kicked some butt and now I am changing my wedding package to the free one!! Wish I could help with your questions but I am in the same position....... Good Luck! April
  7. Thanks De Angelis for sending me that info via email!! That really helps.
  8. Hi Girls!! Looking for some advice.... I am in the middle of hiring Stacey Clarke as my photographer, and she sent me a contract stating that she would like the remaining of the price 2 weeks before the event. This doesn't really sit well with me considering I am cross country from her, and have yet to even meet her, or know that she will be arriving the day of..... Is this normal, does anyone have the same issue? Normally you pay the deposit and then pay the remaining amount the day of, just in case she is a no show!! Please let me know if this is a normal process, and or if any of you have a suggestion. Thanks April
  9. Hi De Angelis! I would greatly appreciate you sending me those attachements via email. Here is my email address aprilharrison02@hotmail.com I am also having troubles with Tai floral as well, its taken over 5 weeks to get in touch with someone and now another 2 weeks to verbally speak with someone......is Godfrey another floral place? Thanks for all your useful info! April
  10. Lezlie, I am getting married next Feb 03, 2012! I know its along ways away considering yours is in 2 months.....I am asking my travel agent to handle the free wedding package deal! Way to stressful for me......I also said I would pay the cancellation fee if it meant me getting the free wedding package. I just find this silly as I just booked with the Iberostar when the free wedding package went up! Let me know what you come up with for this free wedding package thing. I am planning on renting out the Port Maria for the reception. I am not really picky on the decor as the location of being in Jamaica is beautiful enough! As I said my sister got married at the Riu in Ochos Rios and had her reception in an outside restaurant similar to the Port Maria. She did not bring any decorations, except her bridal bouquets the girls all had and hers, as well as she used the gazebo flowers for the wedding party table. I think the only thing she made for the tables was the name cards with the umbrellas in them and that was it! The place was beautiful!! Little is sometimes more...... Lezlie, I think your wedding will be beautiful at the Grand! Your last final months are coming to the end......once you get to the resort and your in person with the wedding coordinators, you will feel much better! I cant wait to hear how everything turned out for you, and hopefully get to see some pics! I am booking my photographer with Stacey Clarke, who has been so prompt and efficient with me! I have been trying to get quotes from Tai flower for almost over 2 months now.....I think I will be looking else where now! My family and my travel agent keep getting upset with me, because I am stressing out so much with these extra costs, and the shitty customer service! I do believe in Island Time, but I also believe that a paying bride she be treated with a bit more respect and courtesy. The resort and flower company keep addressing that my wedding is not for another 8 months or so.....like I am being a crazy bride, trying to figure costs and things out!! My travel agent said that if I have any further concerns or questions that she will be in touch with the resort for me......I just don't like being out of the loop, I am more of a hands on gal! Let me know what you finally come up with as far as your location for ceremony, and reception? also how things worked out for the free wedding package, I am very curious! PS. You might happen to know this? Does the resort provide you with the bamboo 4 post wedding arch or do you have to pay for this as well? I am planning on doing our wedding ceremony on the beach.... April
  11. Lezlie I agree with your frustrations as well ......I am trying to get the free wedding package and Jinealle? Wedding Coordinator at the Grand, has been giving me nothing but grief! When she does reply back its not professional! It takes a week for her to even respond to my questions, thats frustrating in itself! They want you to pay for a package that includes a wedding coordinator, but the responses back via email take almost 2 weeks for any kind of answers, then you get your reply back and its 4 words long not answering everything from your first email.......ugggh This resort is a rip off! You have to pay pay pay for everything over and beyond, not to mention your paying out your ass to stay at an ALL INCLUSIVE so that you wouldn't have to pay for all these things..... I'm also trying to get in contact with the Flower Coordinator from Tai Flower, Jodi-Ann.....it has taken them over 5 weeks to respond with quotes and pictures to me....and I still can't open up there attachments...... Iberostar Grand may be a beautiful place to stay and get married, but I would never ever refer them to anyone as far as getting married there! My sister got married at the Riu in Ochos Rios Jamaica over 3 years ago and they didn't experience anything closed to what I am going through with the Grand...... I hope everything works out for you with booking with a different venue, keep me updated on what you decide to do!! April
  12. Hi DeAngelis2be My e-mail address is aprilharrison02@hotmail.com , thanks for the info, and thanks in advance for sending me some pics, I appreciate that!
  13. Grand Brides ...does anyone know if the tables at the Port Maria are round or square? trying to determine how many people will be sitting at each table, and get an idea of what it will look like.... Also if anyone knows if there is enough room for dancing after? Thanks
  14. Tropical Love... I would go Petunia! Colbalt is a bold color, if your choosing your colors based on the restaurant color- Light Green, a lighter color like Petunia would be more complimentary!!! Just my opinion!! Good Luck, choosing colors is so hard!
  15. I hear a lot of you talking about only the one package that is $3000.....there is another basic package that is for $1500, its called Promises Basic legal Marriage Ceremony.....just thought I would put it out there!
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