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  1. Zoe, I imagine your wedding planner will help. Ask her when you meet with her. You're going to have a great time!!
  2. Hi there... I'm happy to share my thoughts. My best friend and I did my hair and makeup, but I know several people who were very happy with the service. I did hear, though, that you will want to make an appointment for even earlier than you think you should as they run a little behind. I liked the photographers very much. They are very open to what you want. This is important because they have pretty standard photos they take so let them know if you want anything different. They took a ton of photos. They are very expensive as I am sure you know. I had several friends taking pictures also and I also had it videotaped which I recommend. Best Wishes, Sarah
  3. Hey SGA brides. I just got married there in June and will be happy to answer any of your questions. It helps to have someone put your mind at ease. Let me know if I can help. Sarah
  4. For the record, I also thought Dania was useless. Alex, who was your on-site coordinator?
  5. I had 10 guests so there were 12 people total. We did the 1 hour reception and that was plenty long for us. It gave us a chance to go back to our rooms and change and go to the beach bbq (we got married on a Monday). My honest advice is that it's an all-inclusive resort and the party can go on wherever you want. I think a 2 hour reception sounds really long and expensive. Those are my thoughts on it.
  6. Hi there...Thanks very much. I loved the steel drum band! It's $300 for an hour which made it the most expensive part of the entire thing, but I really liked it. My advice is to maybe make a list of requests because they can play just about anything. I didn't do that and, while it was fine, they did play "Hot Hot Hot" for about 15 minutes. The conga line got exhausted It didn't ruin anything at all and steel drums just say Caribbean to me so, even though my husband thought I was crazy, I thought it was totally worth it. I had the hour long reception which was plenty. I thought the photographers did a fine job and took a ton of pictures. They work on commission so they want to take as many as possible that you will like so you will end up buying more so I found them very thorough and we ended up buying several even though I have a ton my friends took. I love my beach pictures. Anyway, that's the scoop. Glad to help with anything else. Sarah
  7. I know what you mean. Mine were kind of like that because we were going for the sunset. If you want to forgo the sunset and get blue water, I would do it before 4. My wedding was at 4 and we took pictures on the beach around 5 or so.
  8. Connie, we got married in the large gazebo by the reflecting pool. We had 5 other couples with us and they all got to sit down for the ceremony which was nice. They also set up our reception in there so we had shade and the steel drum band set up right outside. It was really wonderful. We still had some pictures taken on the beach at sunset. I didn't choose a photo package beforehand. We actually didn't choose a package at all- we had several people taking pictures for us so we only chose a few of the Sandals photos which were wonderful. I don't know if you are taking anyone with you, but this is a nice option. Either way, I didn't let Sandals make me choose until I saw their photos. We did have the ceremony videotaped which was $500 but I felt it was very worth it since not very many people got to go with us. It is really a beautiful place and lots of great areas to take beautiful photos.
  9. Hi Connie, I just got married at Sandals Antigua and it was fantastic. I didn't get married on the beach because all of the beaches there are public and I wanted a little more control over who was in the pictures and what music was playing right next to me. That being said, it seemed like most people on the beach were pretty respectful of weddings going on so don't necessarily be discouraged from it. I found this site so helpful before my wedding, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Sarah
  10. Thank you We didn't get married on the beach because of Caroline's warning also. There were times when it didn't seem very busy so you might want to check it out before you make any decisions. We got married in the pavilion by the reflecting pool and I absolutely loved it. We had 10 people with us and everyone could sit comfortably and that was where we had the reception right afterward. We stayed in the Honeymoon Oceanview Suites in the Caribbean side and the room was fantastic (though we did not have an ocean view). It was so centrally located and very close to everything, even the restaurants on the Mediterranean side. Let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to try to help. Sarah
  11. Teara, I just got married there on June 6 and loved it! It really is as easy as it sounds. I'm excited for you You're going to have a ball.
  12. Hi everybody! Vickie, you look fabulous! Your dress is just gorgeous and you look great in it. Alex, it looks like you had lots of fun at your hen night. Married life is awesome to answer your question from a while back, Vickie. Marcelo works out of town so we see each other on weekends right now which keeps the honeymoon going. I am perpetually confused as to what my name is, though . Every time I have to sign something or introduce myself, there is a pause which I'm pretty sure looks like I don't know who I am. I am looking forward to getting used to that. Changing my name was so much easier than I thought it would be as far as banks, social security and drivers license. I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to hear what you think of the resort and everything. Yay!!!
  13. That's cool! I saw a bunch of people out on their balconies. I hope you were one of the people I waved to I know I didn't get asked what kind of ceremony we wanted. Maybe Marcelo did while they were waiting for me. I hope you had a great wedding and congratulations!
  14. Here is the butler request sheet: Butler Request Sheet October 30 – November 6 Drinks – please keep our refrigerator stocked with bottled water and Diet Coke, also Diet Dr. Pepper if you have it Snacks – we like a snack delivered on the beach each morning (around 10:30 or 11am) and in our room each afternoon (around 4 or 4:30pm) Our favorite snacks include: Fruit Shrimp cocktail Cheese and crackers Chips and salsa Anything chocolate Lunch – we like lunch delivered on the beach each day (around 12:30 or 1pm) Dinner Reservations – we like to eat dinner early each night (around 6:30 or 7pm), also please RSVP for us for the Sandals Select dinner Spa – please book an appointment for Eric for a sports massage and for Shannon a hot rocks massage on Sunday afternoon (around 4pm) Tours – we have an all-day tour booked for Tuesday, November 2 (7:30am til 5pm) and we would like to have our breakfast in our room that morning and dinner on the balcony of our room that night Departure day – we prefer a late check-out if available and would like to have access to our bags up until the time we leave
  15. Vickie- So exciting! 30 days will go by so fast. You're not going to believe it. We were in a butler suite- the Oceanview Honeymoon Suite (we had no view of the ocean, though the room was wonderful) on the Caribbean side. We didn't use our butlers as much as they probably would have liked, but our room was so close to everything that it was easy to pop back in for something. We did have them bring us pizza to the pool a couple of times and once to the ping pong table while my in-laws were having a tournament. We often came back to our room to find snacks and champagne and lovely bubble baths. They also made a "rehearsal" dinner for 12 at Mario's happen. Not sure how we would have swung that on our own. I had asked the advice of someone who uses butler service every time and she sent me a list they always give the butlers when they get there. It was a little structured for me, but I'll be happy to track it down and I can send it to you on Facebook, I think. I'll send it to Alex at the same time.
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