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  1. Hey girls' we just got back from our wedding week at Now Jade + honeymooning at the Moon Palace. We took the middle package (divine ?) and Ana did plenty of extras no charge and without us asking. We could not have wish for a better place to get married, even after honeymooning at the Moon Palace we ended up liking more the Now Jade ! We had the right to choose the DJ that we wanted because their DJ did not speak french so we hired Discomovil Cancun which was A+++ for the money! Reception went by so quickly! We did ask Ana to do an extra hour for the reception and she did not charged it... I think it can go high pretty quickly, like 15$ /person + 11% tax + 15% service I think. We also had our own photographer so I could not tell for the one on the resort. We had a luggage full of decorations, we had pictures of what we wanted for everything and it was perfect. Everything was made to our wishes. About 1 hour before the reception, Ana came to get me so I could approuve the reception set up so she still had time to make any changes that I may wanted. I did not needed any changes everything was way over our expectations. Seriously, I was not stressed at all before leaving and don't be !!! It all goes smoothly and there was 4 weddings the day we got married. Relax and enjoy the ride. I f you have any questions, PM me !
  2. we are leaving in 5 days for the Now Jade... only 10 days before the wedding... It seems like we have been planning for months and it's finally here ! Everything I can think of is done... I am pretty sure we forget something...but oh well!!! only 2 days left to work then it's luggage time any last advice from any of you guys ?
  3. Hello everybody, We are leaving in about 3-weeks for our big day. We are brigning with us some decorations, not too much...25 lantern lights, starfish place cards, table numbers, chair bows and table overlays, fake candles and some mini led lights to put in the lantern... we might do OOT bag, our minds are not made up yet on that. Do we have to declare anything at mexican customs ? do we have to declare our wedding bands also ? thanks to let me know !
  4. We are getting married on january 18th, 2012, leaving from Ottawa on the 14th and we paid 1375$ (taxes included) with AC. We booked in september with the early bonuses rates. We had also the promotion 6th room free and we saved about 100$/person. I tought it was a pretty good deal for January.
  5. there is a band included in the 2012 package ? Eternity or divine ? I am getting married on January 18th and never heard of that ? We are having a DJ because we don't want to ask any of our friend to be in charged of the ipod and sincerly we don't have time to do it all !!
  6. does somebody minds sending the template ? i don't have enough post to dowload it. pm me if you can
  7. OMG girls ! Only 2 months for us before we get wed at the Now Jade (January 18th) and I just found out I am pregnant...for our second child.... Anybody here got wed while pregnant ? My dress was a bit too large so I should be ok for the dress at least for the wedding in Mexico. (probably not for the AHR) Any advice would be great !!
  8. but how do you make the label on it ? you print on cardstock paper ?
  9. Went to Dollorama today and they had pretty nice jute tote bag ! 2$ each... they had some brown with aqua or beige with pink. Also, where did everybody found there little plastic baggies to organized things in the OOT bags ?
  10. anyone knows what is the size of a round table at the Jade ? I have ask Ana but no answer,,, I would like to buy the organza this weekend to make overlays
  11. At first, I was dealing with Pilar, I don't know if she's gone are anything but I am not dealing with Ana. She has been very good and fast on communications.
  12. Regarding the flowers, Ana told me the same thing, I could send her something and they will try to reproduce it... BUT of course everything has a price tag...and it's coming quite expensive ! I've have asked for 2 quotes from local florist in Cancun... i'll see how I can have more for my money...
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