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  1. I knew i wanted to do luggage tag save the dates for our wedding in spain but i wanted them to tie in with our spanish lace and pearl theme however any i saw online were more for a destination wedding theme so i came up with these...what do you think?
  2. oh my god i absolutely love these, they are exactly what i had in mind only i didnt have the creative artistic mind to try and put it down on paper. I have spent ages on the internet looking for tags but they all looked a bit cheap and tacky but you have combined luggage tag idea and made it look classy and so good. I think i am gonna have to steal your ideas I'm so not creative, would you mind sending me more info on how exactly you did it or any tips/templates you may have?
  3. Ok so i went back to view this dress for a second time for our wedding in Spain and i fell in love with it even more! Bare in mind it was too big and too long so my one will be more fitted and better shape and wont be trailing on the ground.
  4. well the dress is now bought! went back and had a second viewing and fell in love with it even more...cant wait for it to arrive now!!!!
  5. Has anyone tried/bought this dress??? I think its the one for me...having second try of it on monday but its a relatively new dress and i havent seen any 'real brides' in it. I'm from Ireland and getting married in spain and just think the whole lace element and veil is very Spanish http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?style=A3524 many thanks Lisa
  6. wow!!! i love these!! we are confirming our venue in sept and i have had idea in my head for awhile of luggage tags as save the dates however any searches ive done have just brought up the plastic type tags with inserts which i didnt want but as i lack alot of creative imagination i just couldnt get on paper what i had in my head until i saw your design! they are simply stunning - thank you for helping me visualise in reality what i had in my head
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