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  1. They do not allow any off site photographers at all. You can only use theirs.
  2. Congrats on your wedding!!! I think I was typing too fast before! LOL!! Extra tables are $100 or $150 I think, but if you want to add fans or any other items that you bring, it STARTS at $250 for each. Like $250 for cameras added, $250 for fans added, etc. The photographer is there for ceremony. After that it is $100/hr! It will probably end up costing us $15,000-$20,000 for our wedding! Which is MUCH better than here at home and it will also include our "honeymoon."
  3. I am also getting married at Beaches Negril next year! Our date is June 02, 2012! I wish it were a differnt month since that's rainy season, but my FI wanted to do June... I am obsessed with weddings, so mine is pretty much planned What kinds of things are you guys going to do? I wanted to have steel drum players but $600/hour is a bit pricey for me...
  4. Hello girls! I am getting married there June 02, 2012! I am so nervous about going in June because it's rainy season and we get enough of that here! Also, I just don't want rain on my wedding day! I guess I will just have to deal with it! I am obsessed with weddings, so a huge chunk of my planning is done! We are thinking about doing the 3 hour reception and I woiuld normally have no hesitation doing it, it just REALLY irritates me that we have to pay extra when it is an all inclusive! Ugh! I talked to Renee about a month ago and it was good! I am also a little irritated that they charge STARTING at $250/table to add things and all I wanted to add were cameras and place cards. Well, maybe other things, but at that price I may have to limit myself I am going with the BB package, I like the simplicity of it and I think simple is good for the beach! How many people are you guys inviting and how many do you think will be able to go? We are inviting 80 people, but guessing no more than 30 will come and will probably be more like 20. I look forward to talking to you guys and hearing about your plans