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  1. OH... and I added some photos to my profile.. I don't know if you all can see them or not? let me know.... megz
  2. Megz

    Wedding Photos

    Here are a selection of our wedding photos from the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum in the Mayan Riviera
  3. OK... I finally had a chance to do up my review of our wedding.. I am not sure if I posted this in the right place, but here is the link I THINK this can be found at... http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/gran-bahia-principe-tulum-all-inclusive/reviews/5487 Let me know if you have any questions.. I will see if I can find a way to post some pictures.
  4. I had my hair and makeup and manicure done at the Spa, and my wedding was at 2pm... definitely had more than enough time! I didn't have a trial, and really didn't need one. The hairdresser was amazing, and did it exactly as I wanted it. I went to my hairdresser at home before going down to have her do it, so I could see what I wanted and take pictures to bring down. Complete waste of my money.. not only did I not do my hair anything like how my hairdresser had done it, but the hairstylist down there did it a million times better than my "at home trial"...
  5. Just quickly... because I knwo everyone wants to know about photos... We received 101 edited photos, plus all 609 photos taken during the day on disk for $1200.... I dunno if that's a good deal, but it seems so to me.. and the quality of the edited ones is amazing. For people trying to decide between mexican and Brazilian at Tulum... I highly suggest Braziian. ALL my guests LOVED it, there wasn't a single complaint from anyone!
  6. Hey everyone... back from our amazing wedding at Tulum and incredible honeymoon in the bahamas!! The GBP Tulum was amazing, and Maria was an excellent wedding coordinator. The whole wedding went off without a hitch and the weather couldn't have been better. I will post a review when I have a minute to take it all in, but I just wanted everyone to know what an unforgettable experience it was. We were married at the Tulum Palapas location, and it is gorgeous. Arricife did an amazing job with our photos, and we loved them all, and ended up purchasing them all, for a much lower price than I thought! I'm jealous of all of you who get to go through this still, it was such an amazing day!
  7. Well guys... we leave on Sunday, so I probably won't be back on here before we head down!! I can't believe after the months of waiting the time is almost here! Our actualy wedding is a week today, and I have a fiance who is stressing about weather because he saw some rain in the forecast. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather! We finally finalized out music last night, and I couldn't be happier with it - it's all meaningful to us, and most of it is unknown songs found on youtube! Happy planning, and I promise a detailed review upon our return!
  8. Couple last minute questions for people.. Are we supposed to tip our wedding coordinators when we are down there? I just want to be prepared if it is expected, or know protocol.... Also, anyone have any suggestions for brands of makeup that are conducive to the humidity? I am having mine done at the spa, but I want some back up just in case I don't 'like it, and want to make sure it would be something that will last the day. Thanks everyone!! ***19 days till we leave!!!!!!****
  9. That's a good question... I don't think it does - she didn't say anything to me about an extra charge, but then again I never asked. Since we aren't really getting them to do anything except put some tables together, I don't think it is going to cost us anything..
  10. Our brochure is being handed out the first morning, so it has a welcome message and photo of us on the front... inside there is a "brief history" of my Fiance and I, some activities people can do while at the resort and in mexico, and a bunch of english words and phrases translated into spanish. on the back inside panel, there is the schedule of events for the day of the wedding.
  11. We are having a welcome Breakfast. I just asked the WC if she could put an area aside our first morning there for all 35 of us, and she said no problem. I have everyone meeting there at 9am for meet and greet and also to hand out a few things before the week kicks off. I have a welcome brochure for everyone I am trying frantically to get finished....
  12. When I booked, I didn't need my booking number right away. I picked a date, had them schedule me in for it, and then sent them my booking number once we had actually booked the flight. There was no problem with it. Also, I got the date and time I wanted, and only booked 9 months before my wedding, so for those of you stressing whose weddings are over a year away, your dates should be fine, and take it from a stressed out person as myself right now, with one month to go - enjoy the planning! It really is a pretty simple process. And don't stress if you don't hear from the wedding coordinators for a few weeks when you wedding is so far in the future. I would go weeks without hearing, but now I hear every other day or so, and they really are on top of the game, and have everything under control! Happy planning!
  13. hey everyone! 35 more days till we leave for our wedding!! I can't believe it's so close now! I just heard from Maria, and it seems like she has everything in order for us - we even have a welcome breakfast at the Tulum buffet planned for our first morning - they will have tables set up for us. I emailed her a photo and type of flower that I want for my bouqet (plumeria) and she said the florist is checking to see if they can get them. I sure hope so since I think they are gorgeous!!! For our wedding favours, we are keeping it simple but different.... at our welcome breakfast, everyone will get a welcome brochure from us, with info on the resort, a plan for the wedding day, a brief history of us and some english words and phrases translated into spanish. They are also getting personalized luggage tags for the trip home, and starfish bottle openers they can use in their rooms during the week. The day of the wedding, on the chairs for the ceremony, we will have personalized blue silk fans for everyone which will help keep everyone cool and I think will look really pretty, and bubbles for everyone for after we are married. We also have some shells to decorate the tables at the reception (poolside) that we are having. My hair and makeup are being done at the resort spa.. I am a little nervous, but I don't want anything to extreme, so hopefully it works out. The spa has been amazing at getting back to us about booking our appointments. So yeah, I think we are pretty much ready!!!! Oh yeah, and today we ordered my garter yesterday: it's a toronto maple leafs garter, and we will have the hockey night in canada music going when he does the removal - I think it will be really cute. We are also ordering our guestbook. We are really into asian art, so we are having a double happiness chinese symbol on a wall scroll that can be signed. www.orientaloutpost.com sells them, and it is an amazzzzing site - for this or for just any asian artwork. Long post, but thought I would let everyone know everything we have done, cuz I am just that excited!
  14. Hey all - Just thought I would let everyone know --- if you are Canadian and getting married at the Gran Bahia Principe, you do NOT need your birth certificate to get married, in Spanish or any other format. All you need is your passport and travel card. Here is exactly what I received from Maria, my WC: "Regarding the documents if you are single and no change your names just need your courrent passports and tourist card (get at the airport at your arrival)." So it sounds like it is only if you are divorced or something that you need additional documentation. Also, for table sizes for Gran Tortuga, She has let me know the following: "We set up tables of 10, 8, 6 at the restaurants." 67 more days till we leave ofr our wedding!!!!! (followed by a week in the Bahamas at Sandals Emerald Bay!!!!!)
  15. Can anyone tell me what table sizes are at Gran Tortuga? I would like to also have table seating arrangements, but I don't know how many there are at a table. We are up to about 35 people coming down for the wedding now...