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  1. Hello Everyone I have been hearing such great reviews about DJ Mannia. Can anyone give me contact information for him and his pricing ? your help is greatly appreciated
  2. Hello My name is Tara I am from New York and my fiance and I are recently engaged. We have set the date for July 18,2012. We saved the date with the Riu Palce Punta Cana but i am starting to have mixed feelings, I've been reading alot of reviews that have many complaints about the resort although i have also heard good things, the reviews from the majestic colonial are much better. i am torn and not sure what to do. we are expecting120 people maybe more if anyone has some information or was married at one of these resorts please let me know. it will be very much appreciated. Thank You
  3. @ bklyngl79 hope your wedding was beautiful please post some pictures and let us know how your wedding went. i am so nervous my wedding is july 18, 2012. i may take a short trip in october. please give us any advice you can
  4. Hello I am also newly engaged. we chose the riu palace punta cana for our wedding as well our date is set for july 18,2012. i am getting a little upset because i just saw some pictures of a beach reception at dreams punta cana and it was beautiful. i am so confused on what to do. have you gotten any more information ????
  5. Hello I need some help, i have been working with the riu palace punta cana for booking the rooms and they haven't been much help. can anyone refer me to a travel agent from the new york area. also with so many guests how do i work that do i just let everyone book for themselves i am so confused please help ?????
  6. Yes they told me the same thing that they would book it two months before and we chose carribian emotions for the photographer. On the price list they added a DJ so I'm not sure if I'm going use them or not because the hotel charges $200 extra for every vender you use. How's this DJ mania supposed to be and how do we know if theses djs are any good. Also do you have any good ideas on favors I don't know what to do because I'm having so many people. We are coming from new York do you know of any Travel agents?
  7. Congratulations on choosing your wedding date. My wedding will be July 18, 2012. Did you choose a private reception? We are having around 110 guest so we will need a private reception. I'm a little nervous about the DJ and photographer let me know if you get any details On the extras and private reception.
  8. Congrats to you !!!!!! Hope your wedding planning is turning out well. I'm going crazy.. So many things to worry about
  9. Thank you for all of your help..... I am having around 175 guest 30 of them are children to buy oot bags for each family is alot of money. Any suggestions ???? Also does anyone have any ideas on favors? Do I give oot bags and favors?? I am so new to this.. Another question is does anyone have any ideas on asking the groomsmen to be in the bridal party??
  10. Hello ladies Can anyone explain to me what oot pages are? I'm new and also I wasn't aware that we had to pay for the bar set up at th reception. What is chuppa
  11. Hello I'm getting married at the riu palace punta cana July 18,2012. i have been trying to get rates for 2012 and everyone says they are not available yet i am from NYC can anyone recommend a travel agent thanks
  12. Yes my wedding is booked for July 18,2012. Brides having a wedding befour me please let me know how everything goes. Thank you Amanda we also booked with carribianemotions
  13. Hello I Just booked my wedding for July 18,2012 at the riu palace punta cana. We are having trouble finding a photographer and videogropher. can anyone help ??
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