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  1. Well, the dress came. They did a pretty good job, but let's be honest. Who wants to wear a pretty good job on your wedding? As you can see, (sorry it is side ways) the top center is not ruched like it should be. And the fabric is a heavier satin then the drapey satin we thought it would be and there is under skirting that shouldn't be in the dress. it is a beautiful dress, but not what we ordered. As far as being a true April. We are now DESPERATELY trying to find a True Maggie Sottero April Size 6 or 8 White. (Not Diamond White) Her wedding is in 8 weeks. We are looking every where. And Landy Bridal still has not refunded me the money for shipping the other dress to Japan. I would not recommend them so far. I am so sad because my daughter cried when she put it on. She is so sweet, she calmed down immediately and said, "Don't worry mommy, we will find something." My heart is broken. So sad. But we are going shopping tomorrow to try to find an dress she loves off the rack in case we can't find a Maggie Sottero April. Praying.
  2. Wow, beautiful dresses. I wish I had checked this forum before buying my daughter's dress. So far we decided to go ahead and mail the dress that LandyBridal incorrectly sent to us, on to its correct owner. It isn't her fault that they made a mistake. We are hoping she has done the same for us with our wedding dress that they sent to her. Landy Bridal said that they will refund us the money we spent, we were kind of hoping that when we sent them proof of shipping that they wouldn't "say" they were going to refund our money but they would just DO IT! We will see. Either way, we didn't feel it was right that the lady in Japan suffer for LandyBridals poor businessmanship. We are still praying that the dress actually does come and that it actually is a well made dress. If not we are really up a creek. The dress was supposed to have been here 3 weeks ago so we could do the bustle and any alterations to the hem etc. The wedding is in Mid June..... We will post pictures when and if it comes through. Bad business can be ok sometimes..... if the dress is worth it. Thank you .... The link below... if I did it correctly is to the dress we ordered. April style A3391 http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?style=A3391
  3. Well we decided that this is not the fault of the lady in Japan and she deserves her dress. So since Landy Bridal wouldn't send use a prepaid label we went ahead and mailed the package to her. We used USPS express mail. Just go to USPS.com and put in the number. CP586524235US I sent the proof to LandyBridal.com and they thanked me and said, "We will send the payment to your account soon." I guess we will see what "soon" is. They told me that the lady in Japan mailed my dress. She actually emailed me to tell me she did. So we will see. The question still remains - "is the dress well done?" I will let you know what happens next.
  4. bmadzia1 - That is really a good point... I don't know why I didn't think about that. Why did landybridal give me her info and why are they giving her mine. You are right they should have had her return my dress to THEM. I won't have any trouble getting my money back because it is Paypal and I have email proof that they said they did wrong and I have picture evidence also. So in this case I am protected. I will really be up a creek if they don't protect me for some reason.... sigh..... in the scope of life it really isn't that huge a deal. But if I don't find another dress then it will be a much bigger deal. thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.
  5. So, I sent Landy Bridal an email telling them to send me a pre paid label and their reply was.... "Please send dress to the address we gave you." I don;t know how to get through to them that I am not going to spend my money $45 to mail someone elses dress to them. I hope they send me a pre paid label soon. It doesn't seem like a very well run business to me. But we will see. Brides mom
  6. Well I finally had to figure out a way to call them. It was pretty simple - download skype - figure out how to use it - and call. Well - long story short - they want me to go to the post office and mail the dress to Japan. I am disabled and do not want to drive to nor stand in line at the post office to fill out customs forms. And they weren't going to refund me till after and only for postage not for gas. (Gas is expensive now!) I was a bit nervous that they might not refund me. I finally wrote them today and told them that I will mail the dress as soon as they send me a prepaid label. So it is in their hands where it always should have been. I am learning! They say the lady in Japan is going to mail my dress, but we will see. She bought a $100 dress and got a $350 dress. I hope she will. Oh well. I am already looking for another dress to buy just in case.
  7. LANDY BRIDAL LANDYBRIDAL I think the truest test of a company is what they do when something goes wrong. Let's be honest. If we know their customer service is good then we all relax and feel secure. Isn't that the point. We just want to know we aren't going to get ripped off. I decided to order my daughters wedding dress from Landybridal.com in time so that if it wasn't what we wanted we still had a bit of time to try to buy a used one. So far they were 2 weeks late making the dress, which honestly is not a huge problem. Then they mailed me the wrong dress. Now they want me to mail this dress to its owner in Japan - which i am very happy to do. It will cost me $55.00 They didn't mention when or how they would refund me. They say the lady in Japan has my dress, but haven't said that she is mailing it to me. Very verve wracking. And I am surprised that such a large company doesn't have better service for such problems. I have to fill out customs forms and stand in line just to mail this off. Wouldn't be a problem but I am disabled and money is tight. I thought surely DHL would pick it up or something. Nice dress, but certainly not the white wedding dress we ordered. This belongs to a lady in Japan. We will see what happens. The wedding is in June.
  8. Well I was hoping that "Johnny" at Landybridal might actually be a true business man and that Landybridal might actually kknow how to run a business. I was shocked when I asked them what they wanted me to do to help return this dress to its owner. They asked me to go to my local post office and find out how much it would cost to mail it to Japan. SERIOUSLY.... I was shocked. I can go online from my living room and find our that answer at USPS.com. I really thought they would have an account with some company (like the company they used to ship it to me) and that I could just drop it off and the label would be there. I am disabled, I don't want to be running around doing their work. It will cost over $50 to mail this to Japan. Who is paying for that? I think it is time to get my money back and cut my losses. They are not doing good at communicating. I haven't given up yet but we will see. Sighhhhhhh......
  9. Harkatea! Why wait for a few years down the road and miss out... we are laughing now! Nothing is going to change the fact that we have a blue dress! Actually LandyBridal has contacted the owner of the Blue Dress and she has our dress. I am waiting for them to send me her address so I can mail it to her. And she is going to mail me mine. It is a great story..... the questions I am interested to find out is.... Will Landy Bridal pay for me to ship it to her - they should of course.. Will they offer me any compensation for the trouble? And most important.... is the dress well made and look like what we ordered. So we will find out. Thankfully I ordered the dress in plenty of time for mishaps... and I do not find it worth the effort to lose my temper. I need all the steam I have just to live life!! Why waste it in anger on things anger can change! So thanks for being a part!! And we will see what Landybridal does. For now.... the Bride is off to Disneyland for the weekend! It is a working weekend but hopefully nice just the same. Come on landybridal I am rooting for you... I am also looking for another dress to buy on recycled bride just in case.
  10. Well it turns out the owner of this dress lives in Japan. I wonder if she has my wedding dress? I understand mix ups. I still hold out hope that the dress is ell made - and that we get it in time to hem and bustle. And please God let it be well made.
  11. Well I have had the pretty blue dress that is not the wedding dress for about 2 hours and Landy Bridal has already responded to my emails. We will see what happens. Right now it is just confusion, but I expect that at the beginning of a switch. I hope they find out who the blue dress should go to so I can get it to them.
  12. Does this look like a white wedding dress to you? I will keep you updated on what Landy Bridal does to rectify this situation. It certainly isn't the color, style or even size we ordered. I am so disappointed.
  13. I got notification that the dress has arrived in in Southern Cal, we live in Southern Cal so we should get it today or tomorrow! I will let you know and post pictures!
  14. I ordered my daughters wedding dress from there. It was supposed to have been mailed last Saturday. They said it takes 3 - 5 business days to arrive. (After 20 - 25 business days to make it). I will let you know how it goes. We ordered the 2010 Hotselling Bridal Gown Style LB0799
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