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  1. Hi All-- For those of you that have gotten married in Santa Barbara...How did you get started? Can you recommend any locations/venues? Also, did you hire a wedding planner--if so, any recommendations ? Thanks so much! -K
  2. Hi All- Has anyone gotten married in Cape Cod or in Nantucket? If so, how did you get started? Did you hire a wedding planner? Any information would be helpful...thanks so much! -K
  3. Thanks for all the terrific information! This is really going to help kick start our planning, thanks again! -K
  4. Hi All--We are just starting our destination wedding planning & we were hoping to get some suggestions or recommendations on wedding planners in T&C. Any info (good or bad!) would be helpful! Thanks
  5. I have tried to post a comment on my desktop Mac at work which uses Mac OS X version 10.6.5 . I have tried both safari & firefox. I have also tried my home lap top ( a mac that uses the tiger operating system) both safari and firefox. My fiance tried a PC using Microsoft 95 on google chrome, internet explorer & firefox as well as these same browsers using Microsoft XP. We tried logging in and out, clearing cookies, have no browser add-ons..etc This is happening on this link http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/list/36/the-islands-weddings thanks! -K
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