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  1. Hi Kristin, Feel free to email me at whereyaheaded@yahoo.com and I can answer any questions you may have since I don't get notified that often anymore of any posts to me since I already had my wedding. Yesenia Diaz was my sales coordinator in Miami and Cynthia was my planner at the Cancun Palace. Don't know how they pulled it off, but they made my dream come true down there!!! I'll give you the real scoop when you email me with your questions!!! Talk soon, Jen
  2. That shouldn't be a problem at all!! We brought our own seashells, party favors and silk flowers. They will definitely not have a problem with you bringing your own table linens. You just need to let your coordinator know ahead of time and make sure they get them at least a day before so they are prepared when the time has come to arrange your tables accordingly. The coordinators are there to help with the whole process and will do just about anything possible to make your day perfect!!
  3. Hi Giselle, We had our wedding at the Cancun Palace back in May and had our reception on the infinity Terrace. We couldn't have asked for more!! Beautiful place, incredibly friendly people and the best wedding we could've hoped for!!!! You will love it!!!! Feel free to ask me any questions about the resort, I would love to help you out!!! All my best, Jen
  4. whereyaheaded

    Our Wedding Album

    Photos taken by Gonzalo Nunez
  5. I'm just starting to post some now in my profile. Just taking a long time for this website to download them, but they are getting there!! Gonzalo actually put a video together on youtube that you should be able to view. It includes only a fraction of his photos, but it's a great start!! It's a tearjerker if you're one that cries at weddings. I know I am!!
  6. Hi ladies, My mom is Karan Schreiber and I am the one who was recently married at the Cancun Palace. An absolutely amazing place that I can't wait to return to. Although we're still waiting for our professional photos, here are some of the pics that family and friends took to give you an idea of the dream wedding we had!!! Cintya, our wedding planner, was a dream!! She made every wish and desire come true for us!!! I posted some of our pics that people sent to us on my profile. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. My husband and I did also visit the Beach Palace and stayed a couple nights at the Sun Palace(a sad disappointment next to the Cancun Palace). I wish you all the best and hope your wedding day is a dream come true like ours was!!
  7. This is a review of:

    Gonzalo Nunez Photography


    Pros: Incredible photographic eye, excellent communication and unbelievably friendly and hard working
    Cons: Didn't buy a big enough photo album for all of his beautiful photographs!!
    We just received our wedding pictures from our May wedding in Cancun and are still completely astonished!!! My husband and I can't believe the images Gonzalo was able to capture!!  I have to admit I was a bit nervous booking a photographer so far away for our destination wedding. My mother was the one who actually found him online and fell in love with his work.  I was a little apprehensive about the whole photography situation in the first place due to the many disappointing wedding photos my f
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