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  1. Hey ladies!! Its been a long time since I have come here and posted!! I was posting about 100 pages back in Nov 2011.. I have decided to use Jasmine's Bridal as my dress maker....now onto finding the right dress...My wants for a dress have changed so I am going to go dress trying on again and see what I like now! Everyone's dresses look beautiful so far! I need to see if I can find Bride2012 to see her final product from Jasmine's has anyone seen it?
  2. this dress that I posted was the Kleinfield dress. I am purchasing this one from Jasmine's as my wedding gown. I want an ivory dress because I come from an "ol school" family that believes if you aren't "pure" you don't wear white....I am far from pure with 2 kids lol. I like the look of ivory and champagne dresses though. I like the one strap one too but I am thinking of having a really formal wedding so I think the Kleinfield one will look better
  3. oh wow that is HOT! I absolutely love it! I can't wait to see what your pics look like! Keep us posted!!
  4. Thanks! Out of all the dresses I have looked at and tried on the Kleinfield dress was my FAVE!! I know that I am going to tell them that I don't want the flower made out of the ruffles (or wahtever you call it) on the train in the back. I have spoken with quite a few people and they said premium was good. I know I want an ivory dress as well. So now the next question I have is do you all think it will be weird to have my bridesmaids in ivory dresses with colored sashes...I dont know what color scheme to go with because we now have to move our wedding back...our house has chinese drywall we FINALLY won our part of the lawsuit and have our final walk through on the house on the 29th of this month! So being that we are going to be out of our house and in an apartment for a while we decided to push the wedding back...so now I am looking at Jan 19, 2013..Ok off my soap box lol! Thanks for all the help!
  5. That is great! What does your dress look like? I am anxious about what it will come out to look like! Either way I will like it I believe!
  6. Don't be jealous....they watch you like hounds in there...no I didnt get one that we would see on TV but the lady I had was nice! I tried on that dress and my mom and sister were like wow! They tried to sneak pics with their cell phones but that was out. The dress is a Pnina Tornai and it was literally 15k. It costs more than my wedding budget too. I have decided to go with Jasmine's. They gave me a really good quote on it if I get premimum grade fabric and designer craftmanship for $860...can't beat that!
  7. I did find them on FB. I have received quotes from them and they are all under $1,000..well if I go with designer grade...If I go with premimum grade they will all be under $700. The second dress I realllllllly love. I had no business trying it on due to the fact that it is $15,000 and way out of my budget but I just wanted to see what it looked like on me...this dress is at Kleinfield's in New York and I wanted to take pics in it but they really watch you like hounds over there...Oh well it was beautiful on and I sent that picture to Jasmine's and they quoted me $ 529. 19 if I choose premimum grade fabric and $859.94 for Premimum Grade and Designer Materials. I am hoping that they could get as close as possible to the bottom of the dress that they can!! Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I actually have the first dress idea from pictures off their FB page. I was wondering what the premimum grade feels like? Is it heavy or is it lightweight. I think that both dresses I chose seem like they will be heavy because of all the material at the bottom of the dress. I totally understand that it will not be a 100% replica and that is why I want a dress that I can choose what it looks like! Thats the fun part. Thanks again and I will keep you all posted!
  9. Hello ladies, Its been a while since I have posted. I have really just been looking for the perfect dress. My wedding is next year in September. I am not having a destination wedding but I am getting a knock off dress. I have been in great contact with Jasmine's BridalShop and I have received quotes on 4 dress. I just dont know which one to pick...I am 5 1 and 1/2 and wear a size 4. These are my options so far what do you all think. Also who has a dress from Jasmine's and how do you like it? What grade fabric did you get? This a the top of Gaudi top with the Lazaro 3050 bottom This is a 15llk dress that I tried on in Kleinfields when I was in New York...Jasmine's quoted me 1k for designer fabric and the rhinestone work. I think I may want to find a different one to go there. What do you all think? Thanks!
  10. Thanks. I have plans on going to a bridal shop to try on dresses and see what I like best. I am truly nowhere near 6 ft tall nor a size 0. I am 5'1 and a size 2 or 4 depending on the cut of the clothes...but anyhoo I will have a better idea of what looks suitable on me once I visit the stores!
  11. good evening! Has anyone used goodgoodschina.com I am interested in finding out if anyone has and what the experience was! Thanks!
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