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  1. I like the second one! That color would look so beautiful and stand out in pictures
  2. I would also like to add to my review that we used Maya Floral for our centerpieces and bridesmaids bouquets because they were much cheaper than the resort. They were recommended on this site and they were great to work with. My flowers were beautiful I LOVED them! To avoid having to pay the $150 outside vender fee I had my husband and a groomsman meet him at the front entrance of the hotel and pick up the flowers which was no problem at all.
  3. We didn't have to pay anything to reserve the Seaside Grill...I know some people have had to pay to reserve it since they are closing down a restaurant for a night but when we put our deposit down we said the only way we would have our wedding at that resort is if they gave us Seaside Grill for no charge and they did. Ive seen other brides on this forum get it for no charge as well. Once I get all of my pictures back from the photographer I would be happy to send you some. I highly recommend having a reception there, I really liked that it was more private and I liked that it was covered and protected from the wind.. while we were there it was pretty windy some nights so the outside receptions had to deal with that. The only table option is the ones already at the Seaside Grill so you have to have rectangular tables instead of round but I was totally fine with that...I sat 6 people at a table and it was perfect. The entrance into the Seaside Grill was perfect for announcing the bridal party and my husband and I and the set up was great the tables were all around the outside edge of the restaurant with the dance floor in the middle. Regarding renting a car Im not sure about that but they do offer tours to Tulum and shopping trips to Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos and Cancun at the resort which a few of our guests did and enjoyed. Hope this helps!
  4. My hubby and I were married November 8th at Dreams Riviera Cancun, we had 30 guests and this resort was perfect! The resort is beautiful and exactly what we were looking forward. The grounds were nicely kept and the service and food we excellent. The beach was beautiful, its great for long walks, a few of our guests even walked to Puerto Morelos to do some shopping which was about 40 min walk each way. Every night the lobby had live music which all of our guests enjoyed, several nights we went to Desires Lounge which wasnt too exciting but we made it fun. All of the restaurants were great and so was the room service which we used on several occasions. We used Olympus Tours for our guest’s airport transfers and our travel agent prearranged them all beforehand. I definitely recommend doing this as some of our guests had never traveled out of the country and it made their transition to the resort very simple. Olympus was on time and professional. My husband and I had private check in since we booked the Honeymoon Suite…the rest of our guests checked in through the lobby counter and none of them seemed to have any issues. Even though the resort was almost completely full majority of people’s rooms were ready upon check in. Most of our guests booked oceanview rooms, which was definitely worth the upgrade IF the location of the oceanview room is good. A few guests were unhappy with the location of their room and they were quickly changed to a room that provided a better oceanview. The resort was very accommodating to this. The rooms are very nice and all of our guests complimented on our nice and clean they were. We booked the honeymoon suite for ourselves as we wanted to be oceanfront and hoped to get upgraded to the next lever (master suite) for free as most wedding couples do. The honeymoon suite was nice, had a great oceanfront view. After a few days we got upgraded to the master suite which was wonderful and really big. It was perfect for me and all my bridesmaids to get ready in! My hair was done by my sister, shes a hair stylist, but my bridesmaids had their hair done at the resort salon and most of them were happy with it although they used a little too much hairspray. I hired Fernado Fuentes to do my make up, he was recommended on this site. I was worried about having the resort salon do my make up so I gave my hair/makeup included in the ultimate package to my mom which she loved! Fernado was great to work with, he’s a little expensive but it was worth it. We got the Ultimate Package as it made the most sense for us. Lorena our wedding coordinator for the most part was great to work with. We met her for the first time on our site visit in April and although email responses often took a while once we got there for the wedding we were able to meet with her and discuss all the details. We bought our own chair bows and tablecloths as well as some other decorations and gave them all to Lorena, there was no extra charge for them putting these out. Even though they generally don’t allow different style chairs at Seaside Grill for our reception they made an exception and let us have the white garden style chairs which I was extremely happy with! Lorena was great on the wedding day and made sure everything was flawless. We were extremely happy with how everything turned out, it was better than I could of ever imagined! We had our ceremony on North Beach at 3:30pm as recommend by Anel our photographer as this would provide the best sunlight for pictures. To future brides getting married this time of year, I would recommend doing the ceremony maybe at 3-3:15 instead just to ensure you have enough sunlight and don’t feel rushed, we sort of felt we had to hurry to get all our pictures before it got dark. Overall Anel was great to work with except she was late getting to my room and then never made it to my husbands room to get pictures of him and his groomsman getting ready, which I had discussed with her before hand and told her we definitely wanted. We are pretty disappointed about this. She also didn’t get any pictures of our ceremony set up until guests were there and all seated, which I would of liked to have. During the wedding she was good to work with and got any pictures we asked for. We got photo package 4…we wanted to do the TTD included with this package a different day than the wedding day which she was very accommodating about! We honeymooned at Zoetry and Anel recommended doing our TTD there as the resort would be a change of scenery. The beach at the Zoetry had TONS of seaweed, the sand by the water was covered and tons of it in the water to the point we didn’t even want to go in the water. But the rest of the sand was beautiful so we took most of the pictures there. Anel did a great job of taking the pictures so the seaweed wasn’t in the pictures. The only thing I wish Anel would of gotten more close up pictures of my husband and I, they are all pretty far away. But I am hoping once we get the cd with the images we can crop them to be a closer up. We used the videographer included with the ultimate package, after hearing some bad reviews of the quality we decided to upgrade the video to HD for about $300. We haven’t gotten our video yet so can’t review the quality. We had our cocktail hour at North Jacuzzi which was perfect, everyone loved the food and the mariachi band! We missed 90% of it as we were busy taking pictures. Our reception was at 6:30pm at the Seaside Grill and we paid an extra $15 pp to extend it an extra hour which my husband didn’t want to do before the wedding but afterward he is SO happy I talked him into it. It was totally worth the extra money, we were having the best time ever and would have been disappointed to have it end at 9:30pm. The Seaside Grill in my opinion is the best location to hold the reception…its covered but still open air so you get a nice breeze but its not too windy. We weren’t too hot or too cold it was perfect all night! It was a good size for the amount of people we had (32 with my husband and I) but could definitely accommodate a larger group as well. We didn’t pay any extra for having the reception at Seaside Grill. We choose to do the buffet as it offered the best variety of food and would be quicker than a sit down dinner. Everyone complimented on how great the food was! We picked the Caribbean Buffet and made a few changes which was no problem and it turned out great. The wait staff at the reception were excellent! We used the DJ at the resort and he was great! He did our ceremony as well as reception and did a fabulous job. He played the songs we wanted and also made sure not to play the ones I didn’t want. He kept the party going all night it was great! Everything about the reception was perfect, we have a bit of a rowdy crowd of friends and everyone danced the night away. After the reception we all went to Desires Lounge and kept the party going which was a lot of fun! Overall the wedding day was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of and the wedding team at Dreams really made everything perfect! I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone and we will be going back for sure! Below is our slideshow! http://081112carter.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/
  5. I decided to go with an outside vender Maya Floral, they were recommended highly by other brides and their prices are more reasonable than the resort. My bridesmaids bouquets are $50 each....I went with a more expensive centerpiece (white roses and hydrangeas with 4 candles) which are $75 each (through the resort I was quoted over $100) but for the centerpieces you are looking for I'm sure they would much cheaper than mine...I have been working with Marvin he is very responsive to emails, you can just send him pictures of what your looking for and he'll send you pricing marvin@mayafloral.com. To avoid the outside vender fee charged by the resort a few of the groomsman are meeting Marvin at the entrance to Dreams to pick up the flowers at 1pm the day of my wedding. Hope this helps!
  6. Hey Girls- I have a question regarding bridesmaids hair and makeup. We are paying for all 7 bridesmaids dresses, shoes jewelry, clutch and a beach bag filled with other goodies. I would really like all of them to have their hair and makeup professional done, the spa at Dreams quoted me $102 per person for both hair and makeup (we get 15% off for booking the ultimate package) So my question is who pays for their hair and makeup...are my fiance and I expected to or should the bridesmaids?? I know with weddings I've been in locally I've always paid for my own but being destination wedding Im not sure what the etiquette is...Let me know your thoughts and what any of you plan on doing. Thanks!
  7. Regarding the 3g my TA said the same, you actually get a credit for the price of the free rooms which can be used towards the bride/groom room or you can split the credit between your guests to make each of their rooms a bit cheaper.
  8. Whats the website for the resort videographer? I planned on just using them but now I'm worried I will be dissapointed. Thanks!
  9. Thank you SO much for the information! I really don't want to bring my own for the same reasons you didnt but $100 is kinda steep so I'll have to see if I can fit it in the budget. Would love your recommendation on etsy for flowers.. Thanks again!! Ashley
  10. Hey Lindsey! Did you bring your own centerpieces or did they do it for you?? If they did your centerpieces do you mind sharing how much? I'm trying to decide if it's worth bringing my own or not. Thank you!!
  11. Hey Lindsey- I'm a little concerned about my make up being done in the Spa for my wedding. What type of make up did they use and did they do a good job? I use good make up at home so I was thinking of bringing my own and having them use it but I'm not sure...any insight you have would be helpful! Thanks!! Ashley
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