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  1. http://paolamanzanilla.zenfolio.com/p365749423 Here are some photos! Good luck on the upcoming wedddings!!
  2. I'm so excited! I can't believe the day is already here! I will definitely let you guys know how it goes!!!!!
  3. I'm pretty sure all the airlines will let you. I would try and be on first boarding group and they'll put it in the overhead bin for you, and depends on the plane if there is room in the captains closet or whatever it's called, they'll hang it in there. Plus if your airplane has first class, it's possible that they would out it there if there is room for you. The flight attendants will usually accommodate you the best they can! Then the resort will steam or do whatever you need for your dress! Good luck!!!!
  4. Congratulations! I'm getting married next Friday at EPM Of course make sure and say that Trisha Erwin referred you! You'll first want to make sure that you choose your date/time and choose the beach wedding or Gazebo. The wedding coordinator will put that time and date for you on "hold" but it really isn't confirmed until you book your trip. Then you'll correspond with him to get family & friends booked. Main thing is to get your trip booked so that you can get your wedding date & time confirmed. From my experience and reading the forum's, the wedding coordinator will then work with you in regards to cocktail hour/reception/dinner and all that fun stuff about a month before the wedding, I know that sounds like it's not enough time, but it will be, the WC will be able to make everything you want in a wedding possible! Of course between now and then, you can decide your flowers, centerpieces and stuff. EPM has options, but you can upgrade, you'll correspond with her the closer it gets so that you can make sure those flowers can be provided down there. Same with everything else! Best of luck & happy planning! Let me know if you have any more questions that I can help you with!!!
  5. Thank you ladies for the information on the groom's outfit, that will help me tremendously! I have to say, that I love this forum!
  6. Ladies~ I need help! Grooms outfit- Khaki versus linen- I want him to wear a white long sleeve shirt, with pants & go barefoot.... doing the "smart casual" look, I've heard that linen wrinkles really bad! So I can't decided, any suggestions/opinions & where to order from? (P.S. My fiancé has a pet peeve, & when it comes to buttons on the shirt, he likes them to be more white & not look yellow/ or dirty like he says, haha!! ) thanks beautiful ladies!!
  7. Stefkva ~ This is what was on the Excellence website, hope this helps! How far in advance do I have to arrive for my civil wedding? You must arrive three business days prior to your ceremony to meet residency requirements for a legal wedding. Both bride and groom must be at the resort by check-in time (3 pm) or earlier in order to consider day of arrival as the first day. Please note that Saturday and Sunday do not count as a business day.
  8. curlylove Have you heard anything from the WC on regards to planning the details for August 19th, 2011? Quote: Originally Posted by curlylove
  9. Haha! I haven't, the week is not over though! We aren't traditional at all either, we've done everything backwards, if that makes any sense. We have been together since high school, so 10 years now. We've put off getting married, because it was like something else was always coming up, we knew we would get married some day, but I never actually made the plans. Out of High school, we went together and picked out a small engagement ring, and I had that ring for like 9 years (which I was totally happy with, because it had meaning) and then last August he was able to surprise me with a new ring and he actually proposed to me. So since he did that, it actually felt like a real engagement, so I decided to plan the wedding & since I love to go on vacation, we would make it a 2 for 1 deal! All of our friends have always considered us married anyways, so I sort of think a traditional wedding was not really our thing~! I can't wait until August!! Whoop whoop!!
  10. Well I'm glad I'm not alone!! It really is crazy how it creeps in! Quote: Originally Posted by aeluzu LMAO I thought I was the only one with pre wedding nightmares! I had one that I woke up late and I had 20 minutes in total to get ready for my wedding. On top of it my hair was greasy, there was make up smeared all over my face... Oh my goodness, I was just a wreck! It's crazy that the anxiety can creep into our dreams like that.
  11. Sara Hola! Looks like I accidentally quoted you in my reply to Tish! Congratulations on getting married! I had my date “reserved†with Yamina for like almost 2 months before I could get the right travel agent to get me the price I wanted, so you will be fine!!! She will not give anyone your date and time. What I did was, just sent her an email weekly updating her on my progress and she always told me that I was good! Did you find a TA? My TA is awesome, fast, and they price match, just in case you need anyone! Trish - Quote: Originally Posted by scdoc3 Hi Ladies! Congrats to all of you guys! I think after much research, my fiance and I have decided to have our wedding at Excellence Playa Mujeres April 14, 2012. We are in contact with our travel agent and hopefully by Monday will have our contract all set and done. This forum has been so helpful! I'm just a little worried for Yamina said that she has our wedding date "reserved" but it won't be final till we sign our contract with our TA. I really hope I'll be able to get the 5:00pm time slot and if not, I will be totally bummed. But hopefully we'll be able to work something out. Do you guys know what the weather is like in April? It just seems so windy from the pictures that I've seen. Happy planning ya'll! -Sarah
  12. Yes it’s totally insane! I’m excited just to know someone that is getting married at the same resort at the same time & place! I’m not having a MOH or a best man; we just decided to keep it small & simple. Just the two of us! Then should be 6-8 people! I was a little worried about the heat too, but it’ll all work out! We are going to have a symbolic ceremony and get married here in Oklahoma at the court house, or justice of the peace or whatever they call it. J I just didn’t want to do the whole marriage certificate in Spanish, and worry about the blood test and all that stuff down there. We will go by August 19th as our anniversary date though, and not the date we get married here at home. I’ve heard that when you go to the courthouse to get married, it feels like you’re going to sign a few papers, and is just like signing mortgage papers or something! I’m feeling pretty much the same way you are, but I know that it’ll all work out. I’ve just had some dreams about my make up not being right and then I had a dream about the stylist cutting my hair off( I have long brown hair) and dying it blonde while I was there, and it freaked me out! But, that’s because I’m really big on my pictures, I want them to turn out good, and I’m a picture freak! Other than that, I’m feeling okay as of now! We are staying at the resort for a 7nights/8Days, so it’s a honeymoon/wedding. I would love to stay longer, but got to get back to work! We plan on taking another vacation in February (hopefully) though, and so that’ll be sort of like our honeymoon. I’m so excited though!! We have been together a long time and we are now making it official!
  13. (wasn't sure if you received my first reply) Hi Tish! I’m getting married @5:00 P.M. on the beach! Yes, I haven’t worked out any of the details with Yamina yet, everything that I’ve read about her is positive though! She is just so busy! I have faith that she will get us all fixed up! I’m not as stressed because I’m only having a few people attend! So it makes it simple! What time are you getting married? How big is your attending party? I'm excited that another bride is on here and getting married the same day I am!! YaY!!! Trisha -
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