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  1. Just like she said! a year later :-) I am unable to open the document, can you send it to me? bodas1.xls
  2. Hey Nicki 83! I haven't bought any liquor yet and haven't made any reception decisions yet... I'm hoping to get more info on the open bar options and I you are allowed to bring your own liqour into the resort for the reception. The resorts look beautiful and Ive seen and heard a lot of great things about them!!
  3. thank you so much torilynnsmith! I hope my TA can help me change to Pastor York. We don't mind making the marriage offical here in the U.S. first so that shouldn't be a problem, but we already booked our time with the Judge @ ME! It is really important for it to be in English for us as well and I didnt think to ask before I started reading some info on this site. From what Im hearing, it will be well worth it to have Pastor York perform our ceremony. So exciting! I hope you have an amazing wedding @ MC, post lots of pics! the resorts both look amazing!! Are you getting your hair and make-up done at the resort?? Im seeing great reviews about the hair, but no so much about make-up. and are you having a private reception?
  4. hey ladies and congrats on all the engagements!! I am already booked for a civil marriage at ME for october, 2012 and am seriously contemplating switching to pastor york. Does he perform the ceremony in english?? And do we already have to be married in the states for him to perform our ceremony?? I made a "rookie" mistake not realizing we booked a judge who only speaks spanish. I'm loving this website and all it's info. :-)
  5. Hey girls! and congrats to all! We are getting married October 6th, 2012 @ Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana!
  6. Hey ladies! congrats on all the exciting engagements!! I was wondering if anyone had more info regarding bringing your own alcohol. it seems much cheaper, but when i asked my TA about it, she said it is not allowed. We are getting married @ ME in October 2012 and we're still trying to work out all the reception/ceremony/cocktail hour/etc kinks! aka struggling to make decisions!! I know we have a lot of time, but i want to figure it all out sooner than later. Im so clueless about what to bring regarding favors/decorations/menus/centerpieces/etc. Any info you girls have would be awesome. :-)
  7. Congrats girls! Getting married @ ME on October 6th, 2012 @ 5pm. Haven't worked out the reception ideas and times yet.
  8. Congrats on your engagement!! My Fiance and I aren't getting married until 10-6-12! we pushed up the date from 2013. Just want to give our guests enough time to plan accordingly for a destination wedding! We are struggling deciding on a resort. We orginally fell in love with Moon palace/hard rock punta cana, but found it to be a little too pricey for our guests. Now we are looking at RIU palace, Majestic elegance, and Melia. Ive also looked at etsy for Save the dates! Im loving the plane ticket idea. Good luck to everyone with their planning! Looking forward to getting some great info from this site. )
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