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  1. Kara, I'm not sure exactly what problems they are giving you but I would be glad to help or tell you my experience if you want to message me! I'm still working on my review. My biggest problems were with their customer service. The front desk service has really deteriorated from last year when I was there. They gave my guests such a hard time! 20 of my guests reserved through travelcity or another webtsite...well they wouldn't allow them to check-in unless they had a printed itinerary. They wouldn't even accept the itinerary on their cell phones! I felt so bad that they guests had to deal with that after long flights. I also had two guests who bought 3 day guest passes (so expensive!) and the desk couldn't find their reservation...they accused them of lying. The manager finally came and found their paid reservation. With the fees The Royal charges, I expected better service. My other big issue was the Spa. I got a pedicure the day of the wedding and she cut so deeply into my toe nail that it bleed profusely. I had pain the entire wedding and was bleeding. My toe got infected so badly the day after when I left for my honeymoon. I spent my entire honeymoon hardly being able to walk. My toe was bloody and oozed pus the entire trip. Its been three weeks and my toe is still nasty and in pain. The employees at the Spa were not trained and very unprofessional. I won't even go into what a horrible job they did with my make-up. Just please avoid the spa! With all this said, it was truly a beautiful wedding. The ceremony outside was breathtaking. I couldn't have imagined anything more beautiful. I guess it's all trade-off. Message me if I can help!
  2. I just got married at the Royal on 12/4. I agree with EVERYTHING you said. About the flowers, I got my bouquet and sweetheart table centerpiece from the Royal and they were BEAUTIFUL! The bridesmaids bouquets and 5 guest table centerpieces I got from Marvin. I paid $55 for each bridesmaid bouquet and they were pretty. I paid $55 each centerpiece and they were nice but they were ORANGE!! They were suppose to be HOT PINK! My poor husband who waited in the lobby for hours (misunderstanding about arrival time of flowers) had no choice but to accept them since our wedding was 2 hours away. Even though the Royal price is higher I would go with them. If there is a mistake the coordinator takes care of it. With Marvin you are stuck with what he brings and you have to have someone wait for him in the lobby and then display the flowers for you. From my experience, not worth it.
  3. I just got back from my Dec 4 Royal wedding. It was fantastic overall but I do wish I knew a few things going into it. I'll post my review soon so that you ladies can avoid the things that happened to me. Everyone had so much fun!
  4. Does anyone have pictures of a sweet heart table at the Royal? Or maybe a chart showing how they set up the tables for groups? If you do then please email them to me at rozayeganeh@gmail.com THANK YOU! I'm leaving for my wedding in a few days and I'm still working on the seating arrangements (and tons more!). -Roza Dec 4, 2011 The Royal @ PDC
  5. Hi brides, I have a few questions I need help with... 1. My wedding is 2.5 weeks away and I still haven’t heard anything from the DJ at Royal. At what point do they contact you to get your music preferences, first dance song, etc? 2. My onsite wedding coordinator has only sent me one generic email telling me that she will meet me once I arrive to take care of details. Is this typical of the prewedding communication? Her name is Denyz. Has anyone worked with her before? 3. Any other Dec brides? I would love to meet some of you there! I hope everyone’s planning is going well! Roza December 4, 2011 @ The Royal, PDC
  6. Hi Ladies, Have any of you had resort issues with the wedding day timeline? Here is what I want but the off-site coordinator is telling me that I will have to pay an additional $400 to have a 30 minute break within the timeline: 4:30-5:30 (1hr) gazebo ceremony (Royal is telling me I only get 30 minutes unless I am Catholic!!) 5:30-6:30 appetizers cocktails 6:30-7pm guest break to go back to room, change, freshen up, etc (Royal wants $400 for this break) 7pm-10pm private ballroom reception 10pm-11pm paying for extra hour of reception I paid a ton for the Luxury wedding and am just so disappointed that they are trying to squeeze so much out of me when they know that I am committed to the resort now...my wedding is Dec 4, 2011. Plus, they are giving me a hard time about a 1 hour ceremony saying I only get that long if I'm Catholic. I just paid my full fee yesterday so now I can work with the on-site coordinator. Do you ladies find the on-site coordinator more flexible? I hope you are all doing better than me with the planning! Roza December 4, 2011 The Royal, Playa del Carmen
  7. I feel like time Dec 4 is coming too quickly! I'm waiting for my invitations, which should arrive next week. My dress and veil are arriving in Nov (Pattis Estee)! I have Elizabeth Medina booked for photography and I'm flying in a videographer. I'm working with Marvin on flowers, but I'm thinking about using pomanders for centerpieces to keep costs down. I have 18 guests booked already and hoping for a few more! I'm way over budget, running out of time, and super stressed but very happy Quote: Originally Posted by deniden Ok Royal PDC brides - what's everyone been up to in the wedding planning department? I ordered my dress a week ago (Allure 8712), and we are finishing up our invitations. We plan on sending out our invites the first week of September with a November 1st RSVP deadline for our April wedding. (Everyone has to be paid in full by February 17th). I've been on Basecamp with Ana and gotten alot of our details hammered out - requested Ivan from Doremixx! Photographer is booked (Juan Navarro), in the process of booking our videographer (Mike from Cancun Wedding Video), and have my bouquet and centerpieces picked out with Marvin. We also booked our honeymoon at Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer!
  8. Hi Ladies, I need your help! I want a harpist to play at our ceremony. The wedding specialist told me that I had to choose 3 instruments and the "union" would send whoever was available between a violinist, harpist, or guitarist. Is she serious?? I don't get to pick the instrument?? Has anyone heard this before? Also, what are you ladies planning for ceremony music? Roza The Royal at PDC December 4, 2011
  9. Are any of you ladies doing colored bracelets for your guests? A friend of mine went to 3 destination weddings last year and said her favorite/most useful thing was colored bracelets that all the guests wore during the trip so that they could identify each other as part of the group. She went alone to all and said it was nice for her to be able to recognize and hangout with the other guests.
  10. Jozee84- June 15, 2011 JHarris - June 17, 2011 Sweetle- June 24, 2011 JenniferKuhr- July 1, 2011 Prettypigpig- July 4, 2011 Heidi82 - July 22, 2011 nikkiscriv - July 25, 2011 RGWedding-December 4, 2011 DeniDen - April 20, 2012 queenoftheu- May 19, 2012 Kate112 - June 5, 2012 Thanks for the TA advice, ladies! Do any of you know a good travel agent who is familiar with the resort? Also, if I go with a TA then do I still have the option to book through the resort? I want my guests to be able to book through a TA, through the resort, or on their own online.
  11. Hi ladies, I need help! How are your guests booking their trips? Is it best to: 1. get a travel agent that guests can book resort & flight through 2. have guests call resort to book room and book flight on their own 3. leave everyone to book on their own (ie travelocity) Thank you for the advice! People are already asking me how they can book and I don't know what to tell them. I'm getting married 12/4/11 so time is running out!
  12. Hope everyone is doing well with the planning! From your experiences, are the photographer prices that are stated in the brochure negotiable or are they set in stone? Thanks for the advice! Happy weekend.
  13. Hi Ladies, I need some package advice. I want a 4 hour private reception with a ceremony in the Gazebo. I'll probably have 30 guests. I don't know which package to go with. I've only seen the details of the packages on the website. Is there a pdf file or something like that with details of the packages and prices. My coordinator on "base camp" doesn't seem to understand my questions. Thank you for your help! I feel kinda lost right now.
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