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  1. Hi Ladies! My wedding is booked for Feb 2012 at Barcelo. =) We decided on this resort over Dreams and Riu Palace because Dreams was just too pricey for our guests and Barcelo seems to be in a class all on it's own- it's gorgeous and New! We are going with the Strawberry Passion wedding package. The reason we did not choose the mint breeze was because we definitely wanted an outdoor reception- we're in Cabo afterall! Let me know if you have any questions about planning so far- we're just in the details but we've done our deposits and contract, etc.
  2. Hi Everyone- I need your help again. I've been looking everywhere for Raffia fans, but finding it hard to find places that ship to Canada. Oriental Trading company had some, but when I went back to order them the next day they were gone off the site! Does anyone know where else to find these? Thanks in Advance!
  3. Wow! Thanks for all the great input you guys! I've been trying to think of more projects so I don't have to pick just one photo... I'm definitely thinking of flying in our photographer for the wedding too- he did a great job!
  4. Yay! I finally got in touch with Riu. Turns out I have Adriana helping me with the questions I have. I'm impressed with the costs for a private buffet dinner. Have to say I was expecting worse damage. =) Does anyone know if you book a private reception and pay the fee for the venue, does that include the set up costs as well?
  5. Lol. I know what you mean. My FI is pretty good about humoring me, but when I keep coming home with craft stuff for more DIY projects he looks at me like I'm a little crazy. The he kinda catches himself and goes "Oh. Thats a great idea..." A whole year! Think of how much stuff we can have done in that time!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm Krystin and am just starting to plan for my April 2012 wedding in Cabo! Just starting to gather quotes from hotels now and it's finally starting to seem real And at this point leaning towards the Riu Palace. Have to say, I love all you guys cause I can finally talk about weddings as much as I want to without worrying about making anyone sick of it! (Oh and you have the BEST ideas too!)
  7. Im just starting mine now on weddingwire. I like it because it's FREE! and still has all the options like RSVP online, lets guests request songs, etc. And very user friendly with a TON of different themes to choose from.
  8. Hi Everyone, Just got our engagement pics from our photographer and now I need some help deciding between which to use for our postcards! I have to say I love this site because I feel like I can ask you ladies as much wedding stuff as I want (need!) to and I know I'll get answers and not make anyone sick of hearing about weddings =) Please let me know what you think of the pictures- there are some very different looks... Thanks!
  9. This is my first DIY Project for my wedding- cards to ask the girls to be in my bridal party. Most of the supplies were bought fromMichaels, and the verses I borrowed and modified from other BDW Brides! =) The pics aren't the best quality because I snapped them with my phone. This one is for our "BLING Girl". We aren't having a ring bearer but a ring girl instead. Next is the one for our flower girls:
  10. These are awesome! Where do you buy rub ons from? I'm a bit clueless =)
  11. I've read people take the file down to the store (Staples) on a memory stick and get it printed there.
  12. I love how each page even has a passport stamp on it. Very cute and I love the colours.
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