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  1. Hello Ladies (and guy too!) We leave for DRC 1 week from tomorrow... SOOOO EXCITED! Our wedding day is March 10! I had my final dress fitting yeterday and it fit PERFECTLY (I am 5'5" athletic build, 145 lbs) I feel like if I gain a single inch it is going to be too tight... With flying and salty foods im freaking out!!! Any suggetions?! I got a water pill to take with me... Ashley
  2. You have to pay a fee to be able to download the templates... its like $30 and you have access to everything!
  3. We used Suesan Ryan from Destinationweddings.com she is AWESOME! I highly reccomend her!
  4. Lindsey- Yamina suggested that we have it at the front bar when you first come in? Im guessing that you think Barracuda Bar is better? Thanks so much! Ashley
  5. Where fif you get your pashimas from? I Love them! Ashley Wedding Survival Kit.ppt imodium AD envelopes.ppt imodium safety info.ppt survival kit bag.doc pashminalabel.doc
  6. Anyone have any templates that they want to share? Here are my first aid kits and room key templates. I am looking for a Welcome Letter, Wedding Timeline and Door hanger. Thanks! Ashley Room Key.pptx First aid kit.pptx
  7. Lindsey- Where is Barracuda Bar? We are trying to figure out where to have our Welcome Party as well... Thanks! Ashley
  8. Could someone please email me these templates?! THANK YOU!!! ashleytart@aol.com Ashley
  9. Can someone email me the templates please?! I would sooooo greatly appreciate it! ashleytart@aol.com THANK YOU SO MUCH! Ashley
  10. Check out this link http://www.etsy.com/listing/61433254/tissue-paper-pom-pom-fiesta-blue-or-your
  11. Hello Friends! I spoke with Yamia today, she is amazing! She didn't tell me no to a single thing that I requested. She is very kind and warm-hearted! Our colors are sea green and fuschia... I am having a really hard time picking chair sashes, anyone have any suggestions?! I can't seem to find the right color For our centerpieces we are doing pom pom flowers with LED lights in them... I saw this on etsy.com and loved it! They will be SUPER easy to travel with!
  12. OMG! We are supposed to honeymoon at Excellence... What didn't you like about it?! Im freaking out! LOL! What is the difference between the pool terrance and the pool deck? THANK YOU!!!
  13. I am getting married March 10! We will be there at the same time I am sure! HAPPY PLANNING!!!
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