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  1. Turquoise Betsy Johnson heels size 9. These were never worn, just used for pics . $75 for shoes and buyer pays for shipping.
  2. I have already had mine cleaned and ready to sell. There really isn't any need for me to keep it. Try recycled bride.
  3. Thank you for the advice. We definatley want to take this kids ans I was so pleased with Karisma, I didn't want to look elsewhere! Do you mind sending me some pics to Stina9562@yahoo.com? Thank you! We are looking to book at our year anniversery.
  4. Murel, what do you think of Azul? I see you were married there. I was thinking about taking our kids there. Have you been to both locations?
  5. We did Xeha, shopping trip to Playa De Carmen and a Catamaran to La Isla Mujeras. Xeha was not what I expected. We did Xeha with the whole group and had fun because we were with all our friends and family but kind of boring. It was a lot of walking so be prepared. It cost a $100 and all the food and alcohol is included. The food was pretty good! Shopping I did with the girls and it was only for four hours. I wish we had more time because I love to site see and shop. That was only twenty I believe. The Catamaran was awesome! My hunsband and I did this after everyone left. It was all you can drink and eat as well. Food was okay. We snorkeled for about 30 min which was okay. I felt rushed because we had to follow the group. We stopped at one part of the island for lunch and had enough time to play in the water or just relax. I actually took a nap in the hammock which was amazing! Then we headed to the main tourist part of the island where we had about an hour and half to shop and do whatever. The Catamaran was our favorite! I suggest for a group if you are planning a trip. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Sorry to hear about your hair. My hairstylest and I (of 6 years) had been putting red in my hair for the past few months and it works out perfect. I was suggested to not do to many highlights because of the your hair might be done it might not look the same as if you wore normally. Good luck!
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