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  1. I can't find any information detailing exactly what happens during a symbolic ceremony at ILA. I am marrying a Cuban, so the legal fees will have to be absorbed by us, and we don't want to pay for a ceremony inculding legal fees that don't apply to us. I have e-mailed the resort, and am waiting for a response, but in the meantime, did anyone here do a symbolic ceremony? What was involved? How much was it? Am I able to bring my own centerpeices and a candy buffet for the reception (I think I read we get a dinner....)? Has anyone used the resort photographer? Do you have any sample pictures? Any advice would be appreciated Sarah
  2. b2b2012

    Planning a Havana Wedding

    I should also mention, if you are looking for a hotel wedding, Havana hotels do offer packages. Check the Melia website. I refuse to do a typical destination wedding, but if I had to chose a hotel to get married at, it'd be the Melia Cohiba.
  3. b2b2012

    Planning a Havana Wedding

    I'm getting married in March, in Havana. Since it will be a civil ceremony, I have rented a casa particular for our reception/honeymoon. http://www.cubaccommodation.com/properties_details.asp?id_hotel=9 There are several beautiful, private casas available, and are a nice alternative to typical venues.