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  1. I love the idea of having guests "Sing for their Supper." A friend was married and had a fantastic and engaging emcee. They had a lovely buffet style dinner, but instead of doing a free-for-all or releasing tables by order, the Emcee announced that someone from your table had to "Sing for your Supper." No need for an entire song, but a part of a song and it had to contain the word LOVE. He walked around with a microphone and went to the tables with raised hands. It was great fun- I sang Bon Jovi and many of the older guests even participated. Once your table participated, you were released.
  2. So innovative! It really pulls everything together. Unsure about the poster that said the paitnbrushes will be tied together though??!!? Any insight? Thanks!
  3. The shrink wrap idea is lends professionalism to the product. I like it alot!
  4. Great idea! I actually like them better than the stickers. They look very classy... should they be facing the other way for bowing at the altar or are you doing something else??
  5. Those are a riot! I never considered what a pain it is to keep track of your room key when you are in a swim suit!
  6. I will implement this for a housewarming. Seems a little labor intensive to start now!
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