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  1. @@KeriT21 I got married in February, so there wasn't too much of an issue of heat. Good luck with yours!
  2. Hi - I got married here in 2012 (I know it's been awhile), but I had my hair and makeup done by the salon that was included in my package, and she did a wonderful job. I'm not 100% sure as it's been so long, but I think I brought photos of the kind of look I wanted for my hairstyle. She actually in fact did a better job on my hair than the salon I used to go to at that time to get my hair done at home. I brought pictures of myself from the wedding in Mexico to have the look re-created for my wedding dinner at home, and he did an awful job. I brought my own make up, just in case there were issues with colour matching (I'm Asian), and I also brought my own false eyelashes, and she applied them for me. I was also nervous about getting it done, but they did a wonderful job and I would do it again with them in a heartbeat.
  3. thanks Akumal bride! your suggestion couldn't have come at a better time! After doing some research we actually found out that both are equal in distance away from our hotel 2-1/2hrs! After finding this out we weren't sure if we wanted to do this anymore, cause we didn't think our guests would want to sit on a bus for that long (nevermind that we don't even want to!). We have actually been to Coba before so to hear your comparison to Tulum is great! We are now looking at tours to Tulum thanks to you!
  4. Hi Ginger, Thanks so much for the reply! I will definitely check them out. Sheila.
  5. Hi, I'm looking into arranging a group bus tour to chichen itza or coba for our wedding guests, and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I'm also looking to arrange a bus to take all of our guests to Playa Del Carmen for a day. All of your suggestions are appreciated whether used or not! Thanks!
  6. hi all, just wondering if anyone has had a beach reception and if they would suggest it and/or have any pics?
  7. wow, I can't believe that such a bad business is still in business. i'm so sorry you had such a nightmare with your photographer. thank you though for sharing!
  8. thanks for the info Chelsea! I know that they still allow outside vendors/guests, I have already confirmed this I just wanted to double check on the process... I have quite a few guests that want to stay at other locations and only come on the wedding day, and I just don't want it to be a hassle if I have to greet them in the lobby each time one of them arrives (or even giving someone this painstaking job). The wedding stress is definitely starting to kick in!!
  9. krmiller thank you so much for your reply! ironically I was just told that their photographer is blue lens caribe, and they actually have some reviews on here. Maybe they recently changed photographers? Their website actually doesn't look too bad. On the other hand calypso really doesn't look good. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with them. At least you had another photographer!
  10. For all of those that have gotten married and had guests or vendors from outside, I know there is a fee to bring in people, but how does it work in terms of when they arrive and have to leave - do you need to greet them and sign them in when they arrive? and are they kicked out at a certain time?
  11. Hi - to those have already gotten married; did you use the hotel wedding photographer? do you have any feedback?
  12. the link that montygirl provided says that the dress is from Allure and actually gives you the style #. Allure is actually the brand. here is the link on the Allure website http://www.allurebridals.com/index.php?id=3&product_id=607
  13. xtenna - congrats on the wedding! just wondering how your big day went, and your feedback on whether you were hot or not in your dress.
  14. June 24th Sorry! (I'm on vacation from June 25th to July 9th.)
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