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  1. Haha- my name is Jennifer. And I have a different middle and last name than that- it wasn't even close!! It wasn't the official part, thank god- they give you an English translation of your vows and it was on there that it was different. I've decided to think of it as amusing and a story to tell far in the future! In fact, maybe I will get it framed! But still, I think it shows a lack of attention to detail for the envelope to be addressed wrong, and for such an important piece of paper to be wrong!
  2. Can anyone give some advice on what the heck I am supposed to do with the Mexican marriage certificate in Canada? And FYI- they put the wrong name on the envelope AND on the marriage certificate- says my husband is married to a Alyson Jane Croft (which is NOT my name). For this reason ALONE I wouldn't recommend GBP- serious ERROR!!!!
  3. Wow Abbie! I loved, loved, LOVED your pictures! You looked beautiful! And your colour scheme was amazing- nicely done! Where did you get those beautiful bridesmaids necklaces (and the matching starfish in your bouquet-- nice touch)?! I have been searching everywhere for something like that! Sposa- your dress was awesome! You made that yourself?! I am so excited to get there- leaving 15 days from today!
  4. Crystalz, why do you need to bring fabric at all? Isn't decoration of the wedding site included? Would fabric not fall into this category? Do you have unique colours or something? I never even considered this... if I don't bring fabric, is it just plain brown wood?! Now I'm worried. 24 days to go!!
  5. Hey Crystalz- sounds like a great day! One thing- the disco only opens at 11:30/ 12, so you wouldn't be able to go straight to the disco. I'm paying about $690 for a private cocktail poolside party because I also thought we could go straight to the disco and never planned for an activity from 8-11:30! When is your wedding? And who is your wedding coordinator! I didn't get hair thrown in... Has anyone who has been there recently know if this resort is taking USD? Got our tickets this week, and they are advising that many places in Mexico are no longer taking USD, and I am wondering if this is one of them. One month today I will be a Mrs.!! Very excited.
  6. I've seen some pictures of the cakes... does anyone know if they will add some coloured flowers on the side or something? They looked pretty white and plain... This is my cake topper, so the cake has to match somewhat! (ps. I got it from < http://www.etsy.com/shop/Garden4Arts > they have a tonne of cute ones!) I think I am going to explode in the next 6 weeks. How is everyone else feeling?
  7. Melady, I've never been to this resort, but have stayed in all inclusives in Mexico and have seen pictures of online of the folks at GBP drinking online, and I think they all serve their cocktails in plastic cups (probably 6.5oz) similar to this image. Not sure if you can get koozies in that size. I could be wrong though! I hope I'm wrong, as I always need to make dozens of trips to the bar because the cups are so small!!! Good luck-- and great idea. I still have the cozie I got at my cousins wedding, and I think of her everytime I use it You could always get personalized plastic cups for people that they can ask the bartenders to use to make their drinks in... which would be larger and cut down on trips to the bar! Hmm... I like that idea. I'm giving out beach bags and (knock-off) ray bans in our colours! Maybe I'll add some large cups too.... Have fun!
  8. CanadianKim, you are officially the guru for me! Thanks for the insight. You're from Vancouver? I'm from Kamloops! Do you know about the birth certificate? I thought I had everything I needed, but I've read somewhere on here about a long form birth certificate? Translated?! I have a small one, not a large one, and I didn't think we needed to translate it. Now I'm very worried! I've never been married, and since my passport and birth certificate have the same name, that I was aok.... Thoughts??!!
  9. Hey Jody, you were right actually. The cheapest bar option is $5 for the first hour, and $3 for subsequent hours and the WC told me that the DJ was $190 per hour- so your math was correct. They recommended 3 hours, but I worked it out with my FI today and we decided to go for the two hours. It's important to us to have the first dance and speeches and to spend time with our guests which we can do in two hours.... plus according to CanadianKim and many others on here, it seems like it was definitely worth it!! It seems that there is another DJ (Bijan?) that other brides on here have used, but I think it'll be easiest to just go with the one they provide you at the resort even though pricier. For us, the extra $644 for two hour poolside cocktail party is totally worth it! And apparently they may just give you all the booze, but charge you the cheaper option!! So here's hoping they screw up. And I am six weeks away, and I am pretty sure that you don't have to tell them right away if you want it or not. I'll let you know if they tell me it's too late! Though I am pretty sure I would go bridezilla on their asses. They want to make the money though, so they wouldn't say no to you adding more costs! The judge fees are included in the package, but if you look at the price for the "fake" wedding, it is much cheaper, because they pad the "real" wedding price to include these. So really, you end up paying more. I'm doing it though-- I want it all done same day! klc30- good to know about the hair! Now I'm freaking! I'm getting a trial done before I leave with my hairdresser and I am taking pics and giving to them to reproduce. Which shouldn't be too hard. I hope. GAH!! I am getting a veil for sure!! Completes the dress- and cheezy floating sea-breeze is necessary for sure!!! Although I am taking it off post-haste after the ceremony (to show off the flower in my hair of course) CDunn- The WC told me the disco opens at 11:30, but online it says midnight. No clue how close another bar would be-- although triple fisting and coming back to the party is always an option! It can't be too far! Anyone going to be there between May 8th and May 22? My wedding day is Friday the 13th of May. Scary! Good thing is, if something goes wrong, there is copious amounts of tequila close by!!
  10. Hi Jemma! I'm from Canada (British Columbia)- you? I can tell you the price Eugenia quoted me: A private cocktail after the dinner beside the pool or at the Coba room (with air conditioning) from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm, as it is private it will have the following cost: DJ 190USD + tax per hour and he may play only your music (bring it on IPOD or CD) or mix it with the one that he has or only play his music. For drinks you have the following options: National Bar: Beer, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Cocktails, Gin, Whisky 17US$/pers/hour extra hour: 12 US$/pers International Bar: Beer, Tequila, Rum, Vodka Absolute, Whisky JW, Chivas Regal, Cutty Sark, Cocktails, Gin Beefeater, wine of the house, sparkling wine 24 USD/pers/hour extra hour: 18 US$/pers Special Cocktails: Beer, Piña Colada Cocktail, Margarita Cocktail & Sparkling Wine 5 USD/per/hour extra hour: 3 US$/pers CANAPES Mixed Canapes 5 pieces 8 USD/ person Mixed Deluxe Canapes 10 pieces 10 USD/person 1) we are going all inclusive, so why should we pay extra for booze? 2) If the DJ is going to play off my iPod, why the heck is it $190 USD per hour! This seems insane! I am trying to find out from her what the options are. I don't mind hanging out with everybody at the resort~~ I'm very social anyway, and think it would be hilarious to dance with random guests. I just want to have a first dance, the cheezy father/daughter, mother/son dances, etc... and I would like to have speeches where we can thank our guests for coming etc. I wonder if we do this at dinner? I wouldn't paying a bit extra, but this would be like $2500 extra, since we have 32 guests. Can anyone share thoughts on what they have done? I am trying to look through the backlog of posts on here.... which are super helpful btw!
  11. So, new to the site and really happy I found this because I HAVE BEEN STRESSING! Getting married May 13th at GBP Akumal and having touble finding out any information from the WC~~! Specifially, what the heck do we do for music, dancing, and speeches?! Is the only option the poolside cocktail hour that costs extra? Honestly, we thought something would be included with the wedding package so we didn't budget for the poolside cocktail hour as we didn't think it would be necessary, but now I wonder... I want to have a first dance with my new husband! Do they let you rent equipment to play music?