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    Anyone have a review of The Wedding Holiday?

    If I had to bet I'd say that "Roses are Red" probably is employed by the Wedding Holiday, perhaps Loraine herself. Bottom line is that they both are idiots. I'm 100% sure that I would have been able to achieve the same level of service or assistance without the Wedding Holiday because I did in fact have to plan my wedding ON MY OWN! They were only the middle man who only made it more difficult to get results. I eventually contacted Karisma directly and accomplished the entire detail sheet on my own since the Wedding Holiday's wedding coordinator never contacted me after I provided the deposits. So much for first class wedding planning services! Also, they will confirm you in one room type then pay the resort for a lower room type and use their free upgrades to get you the room you booked while pocketing the difference. This seems dishonest to me as I paid for an upgraded room type but that room was not available when I arrived at the hotel. Again, creating issues that we had to deal with one our honeymoon. I disputed the extra charges on my credit card and just received a $500 credit, so please if you were unfortunate enough to have already booked your wedding with this company please keep good records of all your communications. I also have a pending complaint with the Better Business Bureau to warn others about this company. BEWARE OF THE WEDDING HOLIDAY!!!
  2. frenchy007

    Anyone have a review of The Wedding Holiday?

    BEWARE of the WEDDING HOLIDAY!!!!!! I don't even know where to start, I just returned from our wedding at the Azul Sensatori and the wedding holiday has been nothing but trouble ever since I placed my deposit with them. They told us a certain reception location was available and we confirmed it, then 2 weeks after they received payment, they then said it was not available and we had to choose an alternate location. They quoted us a discounted price for our room then 2 weeks before the wedding charged us an extra $400 after we had already paid in full saying we owed them more money because our rate was based on more guests than we had booked, even though I had only agreed to block out 5 rooms and we had far more than that book! All of my guests have had issues and are still waiting for them to refund their overcharges. I have had to dispute more than one incorrect charge due to their incompetence. They are impossible to get a hold of, always in "a meeting" or out of the office and the staff is totally clueless, Lorraine is the only one who has any authority to do anything and she is dishonest, makes promises but then doesn't follow through. I would have been much better to have just booked directly w/ Karisma and took out the middle man. I eventually had to do that with the wedding planner since the Wedding holiday's planner Chanel never once contacted me about my detail sheet and I had to work directly with the Karisma planner. If you want headaches, frustration, and extra charges than go ahead and book w/ them but my recomendation is to STAY AWAY!