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  1. Oh yeah, I am using Juan. I did a personal 5 hr package and he (or probably an assistant) is also coming for rehearsal dinner and beach bonfire nights. I made sure that HE will come for the wedding, but I don't really care about the other two nights. He is giving me ALL printing rights of all photos, but I do not want any printed photos so they will be edited on CDs.
  2. I am getting married April 29. I have met Cecilia and did a site visit in Aug. I also visited Grand Velas (just south of SMB). I am excited for the wedding. I am using Planner 1 for MANY things (add ons). I am having my rehearsal dinner on Saturday outside, but my wedding reception in the ballroom. I am bringing a lot of stuff down, but also using the resort for many things. I am having private mexican buffet poolside for rehearsal dinner-with slideshow set up outside and mariachi band. For wedding ceremony, beach. Cocktail hour, beach. Reception, ballroom. I am using the resort DJ for the wedding reception and having Planner 1 come in to decorate the ballroom. I am having a photobooth come in the night of the reception to make a photobooth scrapbook- Love the Booth in playa del carmen. I am having welcome bags delivered to everyone's rooms with personalized cinch sacks, personalized chapsticks, hand sanitizer, personalized bottle openers, pepto tablets, aloe vera 2 oz bottles, 2 oz sunblock, emergenC vitamin packet, ....I think that is it. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me. Also, any April Brides out there?
  3. Thanks, I usually do my own hair for events like this and I might do that because I will have control of it. I want to do a practice up do but not sure if they do that.
  4. Where are you reading the secrets maroma salon reviews?? I haven't seen anything and am concerned after reading your response.
  5. My wedding date is April 29 2012, any other girls getting married at Secrets Maroma Beach that weekend? I have 60 guests already booked! I am getting so excited that everyone is coming!!!
  6. any word on used sashes? I am looking for navy blue....
  7. has anyone used the 'resort' DJ? AVL-SPM?? If so please let me know how they are.
  8. Anyone ever use the resort recommended DJ, AVI-SPL? I would like some feedback/reviews.. please
  9. Has anyone used the resort recommended DJ, AVI-APL?? Wedding is in April and not sure about them...please help.
  10. Here is the Save the Date postcard that we used, we decided on the first one. We took this picture when we were in Mexico for site visits. SproullieDesigns from etsy is who did them, she did a great job!
  11. My website is: http://www.mywedding.com/ericwilliamandemilymarie/ I am trying to post the save the date.
  12. I did try the surf and turf - it was good...not your upscale filet but good for the masses. The shrimps that were served with it were very good! DJ MANNIA - how are they? I have read a few posts and they seem to be good but any other opinions. We were just going to have a 'play list' instead of a do not play list so we weren't sure if we needed the whole DJ/ just an emcee and sound system. We are having our reception in the ballroom because we want to party longer than 11 and we are having our rehearsal dinner (the night before) outside. So we thought we would change it up a bit. Ceremony will be outside and cocktail hour after (outside). We are expecting up to 110 (reasonably). We sent save the dates to 180 people. I will post the save the date if anyone cares to see it....
  13. Your situation sounds similar to mine. I am in the middle of tacking down the contract and itinerary as well. Are you using Planner1Events for any extra stuff? Are you using the resort DJ? I did a site visit at Secrets and met with Cecilia and Ismael (the DJ) they were both so accomodating, they even let us do a menu tasting! We also did a site visit of Grand Velas RM and the property was nice, but service was lacking compared to Secrets. I am getting married April 29....I just emailed Juan Navarro to see if we can just have all the pics on discs and work something out separately, I also emailed to Cecilia to see if we can use that credit towards something else....
  14. I am getting married at Secrets Maroma Beach April 29th! We did a site visit this past August.
  15. I haven't been able to find any GVRM brides. It seems like there are a lot of GV Puerto Vallarta brides but that is a totally different resort. I am planning a site visit soon but wanted to get some perspective on the resort. Thanks!
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